E/O Challenge

WoW : Pour

Word Count : 100

Disclaimer : They aren't mine, but I've written a lovely letter to Santa.

A.N. Felt like doing something different to my usual stuff this time, hope you don't mind!


Rain poured down, soaking fauna, flora and the motionless figure laying, face up, on the forest floor. Coloured rivulets carried blood seeping from open wounds, turning the grass around where the man lay into a palette of crimson through palest pinks.

Another man crashing, uncaring, through shrubs and low branches. Disrupting the peace as he exploded into the small clearing.

And now the rain fell on two.

The newcomer knelt, tried using his own body to shield his silent brother whilst he searched for life. Raindrops and tears intermingled.

The rain continued in it's efforts to wash the body clean.

P.S. I am on the lookout for well written, full length, supernatural fanfics that follow the series concept of the boys & friends as Hunters out doing the hunting of fuglies to add to a newer community titled "The Spirit of Supernatural." You've been warned! :D