Authors Note:

First of all big thanks to everyone that voted for me in the Twilight Post Secret Contest- we got 2nd place! Hey-o. In honor of that, but also because I happen to have them lying around I'll be adding fifteen more drabbles and posting daily. All of these drabbles/chapters were inspired by post secret, specifically, secrets found on this blog. See if you can guess which secret goes with which drabble.



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I see a lot as yearbook photographer: duck-faces, smoldering eyes that end up looking squinty, chins tilted just so, peace signs, bunny ears, stuck out tongues, kisses on the cheek, ass grabs, smiles—so many smiles. The only thing I have more of than smiles, are secrets.

I'm sorry. Let me introduce myself: Edward Cullen, senior at Forks High and owner of a magical, mind reading camera.

Why don't you sit down on the stool near the scrim? Feet on the X, tilt your head and turn your shoulders just a little. There we go. Perfect.

Don't be nervous. I know they say a camera will steal your soul, but let's think of what light does: it illuminates.