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"BLAINE HAVE YOU BEEN IN MY ROOM AGAIN?" Rachel screamed from where she was standing in the middle of her room wrapped in a towel as she had just got out the shower

"NO!" Blaine shouted from downstairs








"KIDS! STOP INSULTING EACHOTHER. BLAINE GO AND SEE WHAT YOUR SISTER WANTS AND BOTH OF YOU STOP SHOUTING!" Their dad yelled from where he was making coffee in the kitchen.

"What? She's going to decapitate me Dad!" Blaine said walking into the kitchen and taking his Dad's coffee

"Should of thought about that before going in her room." his dad said as he took his coffee back off Blaine.


"RACHEL, STOP SHOUTING! Blaine go, now, she won't hurt you. Too much." Rachel's Dad winked

"Really? Didn't you see the scratch I had going down my chest last week?" Blain replied lifting his shirt to show where the scratch had been.

"Yes. Well even Brittany knows not to take the microphone off Rachel when she's singing."

"But it was my go!"

"But it's Rachel." their dad said making it seem like it was the most obvious thing in the world

"Oh whatever! I suppose I should go, see if I can get out of the wrath of my sister." Blaine said as he made his way up the stairs.

Blaine was dressed in his normal clothes; black skinny jeans, Converse, white V-Neck T-Shirt and Black leather jacket, when he arrived at Rachel's room he walked straight in and went and sat on her bed

"Right, make it short Rach or we will be late for school." he said looking at his sister who was now only dressed in her bra and pants. She was doing her hair

"Give me my CD." Rachel stared blankly at her brother

"It's in the car ok?" Blaine said as he played with a thread from the duvet cover he was sitting on

"You should ask before you come in my room."

"And you should get dressed before you invite me into your room." Blaine replied as he looked up and scanned his sisters body

"I'm in my underwear Blaine; we used to take baths together. Naked."

"Please don't remind me, I think I'm mentally scarred." Blaine cringed at the memory.

"Oh funny." Rachel said as she slapped Blaine's chest

"Ouch! That hurt!" Blaine whined rubbing his chest where his sister just slapped.

"Shouldn't insult me then."

"I shouldn't have to see my sister in her underwear."

"Blaine, you're gay." Rachel said blankly

"Exactly!" Blaine replied throwing his hands in the air.

"It shouldn't matter if you see me in my underwear."

"I. Don't. Like. Boobs." Blaine said slowly and loudly talking to her like she was stupid.

"Oh whatever."

"Oh by the way we are leaving in 20 minutes." Blaine said as he got up and made his way to the door

"Are you actually coming with me today then?" Rachel said as she started getting dressed into the red dress and black pumps that she would wear to school today.

"I have to." Blaine replied as he turned in the doorway and leant on the doorframe.


"Bike's broken."

"Isn't it fixed yet?" She said as she finished brushing her hair and putting her makeup on


"When will it be done?"

"I don't know dad took it to somewhere, Hummel Tires and Lube? I think that's it." Blaine said whilst racking his brain for the name of the place it was getting fixed

"That's Burt's shop"

"Who the hell is Burt?"

"Burt Hummel, Kurt Hummel's dad" Rachel said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world

"Kurt Hummel? Do I know him?" Blaine said racking his brain again trying to think if he knew a body to that name

"Erm, you may have met him before I don't know. I think you have been out every time he comes over, but you will meet him today"

"Oh I'm so excited." Blaine said sarcastically

"Shut up, it's your first day at McKinley, aren't you excited?"

"Not really" Blaine shrugged.


"Means I have to work."

"Didn't Dalton Reform teach you anything?" Rachel said walking out of her bedroom pulling Blaine with her

"I didn't really pay attention; anyway I was only there for three weeks."

"Only because Dad's lawyer could get you out. You could have been in there for much longer you realise."

"Yeah whatever, let's go, Dad, Dad, we're going! Bye!" Blaine said opening the front door and making his way to the locked car.

"Bye, bye guys, I love you." Rachel ran to her Dads and enveloped them both in tight hugs.

"We love you guys, Blaine have a good first day at McKinley. Try not to get into too much trouble and Rachel? Look out for him, please." Their dad asked as they both walked away.

"Me? trouble? Never." Blaine replied in a sarcastic tone

"Stop being sarcastic, your bike should be here by the time you finish school." their Dad shouted after them

"I will look out for him" Rachel replied as she made her way to the front door

"Awesome" Blaine said leaning against the side of his car.

"If you want to get to school you have to get in your car and start driving." Rachel said as she got in the passenger side of the BMW convertible

"Whatever" Blaine said as he got in the driver's seat and turned the engine on

"I still can't believe you got a BMW convertible and a motorbike"

"You got a Mercedes convertible and a week in New York with the giant AND tickets to see Wicked" Blaine said as he pulled out of their driveway and drove down the street, much faster than is legal.

"I wish you would stop calling Finn the giant and stop going on about the Wicked tickets, just because you're jealous."

"What if I am jealous? You will not tell anyone or some of your secrets may make their way around the school."

"Shut up, I won't tell anyone. I know you have to keep this bad boy act up" Rachel said sarcastically

"Shut up"

"Would you drive a bit slower, I feel like we may take off. You must have broken every road law that has ever been made and I think we nearly ran over an old lady back there."

"If you don't like it you should have made your own way to school and I didn't run her over did I? No. So its fine"

"You are so obnoxious."

"That's me!" Blaine said with a stupid grin plastered across his face

The rest of the drive to school was silent. When they pulled into the parking lot of McKinley, everyone was there and standing around talking to others. All of their heads turned when they car sped into the parking lot and abruptly stopped. Blaine and Rachel stepped out of the car and Rachel walked around the car to talk to Blaine whilst Blaine leant against the car door relishing in all the attention he was attracting.

"Oh my god! I can't believe that." Rachel said as she turned up next to Blaine

"What happened? Do I need to smash someone's face in?" Blaine said as protective brother mode kicked in, even though he was 'badboy' he still loved his sister and would kill anyone who said or did anything bad to his sister. He would always stand up for her

"No, people are saying were dating!" Rachel said cringing

"Eww! That's rough! No offence Rach, you're hot, for a girl, but you're a girl"

"I totally understand! And people are saying you are hot!"


"Those girls" Rachel said pointing to some girls that were leaning against the car parked next to them

"Eww, girls"

"God, you are so gay!"

"I know, I like dick"

"Enough information, look Kurt and Finn are coming over." Rachel said as she saw her boyfriend and his stepbrother walking towards him.

Blaine scanned the parking lot looking for 'the giant' when he saw him. The he looked next to Finn and there he was, Kurt Hummel, he was beautiful. His hair was perfect, his jeans were so tight, his arms were defined from what you could tell from the grey t-shirt he was wearing, his neck was perfect and you could tell that from him wearing a scarf and his eyes, they were piercing blue, he looked amazing.

"Hey Rachel, Blaine." Finn said as he kissed Rachel on the cheek.

"Finn" Blaine nodded at 'the giant and then quickly turned his attention back to the other boy. "And you must be Kurt." Blaine said as he racked his eyes over the slender boys frame.

"You would be right, but my eyes are up here."

"Sorry but I can't seem to take my eyes off your ass. It's amazing."

"Blaine, stop talking. Kurt, this is my brother Blaine, Blaine this is my best friend, Kurt" Rachel said.

"Pleasures all mine." Blaine said putting on that charming grin that could make anyone fall to their knees for him

"It sure is." Kurt replied, trying to avoid Blaine's gaze because who was he kidding? Blaine looked like a god, he was so sexy and Kurt always had a kink for bad boys.

"Come on lets go" Rachel said pulling Finn with her "Blaine meet me here after school, I will text you if I don't need a lift"

"Yeah whatever." Blaine said, never removing his eyes from Kurt's face. When Kurt went to move away Blaine put a hand on his arm to stop him.

"Hey, stay and talk to me"

"Why should I? you seem like I pervert that just wants to get into my pants"

"You got the last bit right, but I'm not a pervert. I truly think you are sexy and have the best ass I have ever seen." Blaine said stepping towards Kurt

Kurt stepped away and started walking towards the school, swaying his hips a little as he went

"You have to earn this"

"I will. Don't worry" Blaine shouted after him, leaning against the side of the car again watching those perfect hips sway as Kurt walked away.

First and second period were usual, Blaine sat there and didn't do anything, playing on his phone, listening to music or just simply sleeping through the whole lesson. The teachers quickly learnt that there was no reasoning with him so they just decided to leave him. When lunch came, he made his way outside and lit a fresh cigarette taking a long drag to relieve the stress of the first day,

"Blaine seriously, when are you going to stop that?" Rachel said as she made her way over to her brother

"When I find something better to do with my time, anyway, what's up with you? You look like your dog has just died." Blaine said taking another long drag,

"Oh its nothing don't worry"

"Rach, I know I may not seem like it all the time, but I do care about you and I want to know what's upsetting you" Blaine said putting his free hand on her shoulder, he was truly concerned.

Rachel burst straight into tears and Blaine pulled her into his chest, he may be a 'bad boy' but he would always have a soft spot for his sister, and she knew that as much as he did.

"It's just some boys on the football team, Karofsky, he's being a dick and taking the piss out of me, he called me a frigid bitch because I won't put out for Finn, then he threw a slushy over me and then he called our Dads and you fag's." Rachel continued crying into Blaine's chest.

Blaine got infuriated with what he was just told and started making his way to find Karofsky keeping his arm around Rachel's shoulder for comfort at all times. Once they got into the cafeteria he saw him, sitting on top of a table with his football 'friends'. Blaine made his way towards them, keeping his arm around his still crying sister

"Oh look, it's the faggot family." Karofsky said getting up from the table he was sitting on.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing? Can't you see how upset you made my sister?" Blaine said as he approached Karofsky

"Oh look, little faggot bad boy Blaine goes all soft for his sister"



"YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW?" Blaine said taking a step towards Karofsky and taking his hand from around is sister

"YEAH I DO" Karofsky said taking a step towards Rachel,

Blaine turned around to face Rachel

"Go stand with Finn and Kurt and let me handle this." he said

Everyone in the cafeteria had made a circle around the three of them watching what was happening and Blaine saw Finn, Kurt and a few other people that he recognised as part of that circle.

"Blaine don't do this, I'm fine." Rachel said

Blaine stepped towards her and hugged her once more as she was still crying, he didn't care that everyone saw, she was his sister and she needed comforting.

"No you're not, and he is a fucking asshole, just let me sort it please." he said as he brushed some hair out of her face and pushed her towards her boyfriend where he enveloped her in a hug and started comforting her along with her friends and Kurt but they were all also keeping an eye on the situation.

"Right, so you called me and my dad's fags right?" Blaine said as he turned around and took his leather jacket off. He walked over to Kurt and gave it to him with a wink, Kurt took it, and Blaine turned around walking over to Karofsky. Blaine's arms were defined and looked really good in that tight white v-neck t-shirt. Karofsky was a lot bigger than Blaine, but Blaine didn't seem to care; no one takes the piss out of his family and gets away with it,

"Yep, and I don't regret it" Karofsky said taking a step towards Blaine

"And you called my sister a frigid bitch because she won't put out for Finn?"

"Yes I think I did, and guess what I don't regret that either"

"Well I think you should" Blaine said as he stepped towards Karofsky and punched him hard in the eye. Karofsky fell straight to the floor and Blaine sat of his chest and carried on punching him

"My sister is not a whore and won't put out for anyone, you don't take the piss out of my family or you will get much worse." Blaine said as he finished punching Karofsky and got up, Karofsky had a bleeding lip and a bleeding nose, Blaine leaned over him and spat on him

"You fucking scum" he said as he walked away. He put his arm around Rachel and led her out of the cafeteria, everyone was a bit shocked at what had happened, but Kurt, Finn and the rest of the new directions followed, when they were outside, Blaine sat himself and Rachel on a bench and surveyed how badly his fists were ruined,

"Oh my god! Blaine, are you alright?" Rachel said as she took Blaine's hand, reached in her bag, pulled out a tissue and started wiping the blood off his fist

"I'm fine, how are you?"

"I'm fine; you're the one that just got in a fist fight with the biggest guy in school"

"He's nothing; I think he learnt his lesson though."

"Oh my god Blaine, that was amazing" Finn said as he walked up to Blaine and patted him on the back

"Man, that was seriously awesome, you showed him whose boss" Puck said taking a seat next to Rachel "but your fist is pretty fucked, maybe you should go see the nurse"

"I know, I think it's broken, but it was worth it, no one fucks with my family" Blaine said clenching and unclenching his fist

"Thank you Blaine, I mean it" Rachel said putting her hand on her brother's leg

"Don't apologize, I would do it all again" Blaine said as he got up "I'm going to see the nurse to get an ice pack, I will see you later"

"Hey, why don't you come to Glee club later instead of just waiting in the parking lot for me, you don't have to sing, you can just sit with us." Rachel asked her brother

"Yeah okay, I will see you there later, text me if you need me." Blaine said as he started walking away, Kurt rushed to catch up with him

"That was really awesome what you did for your Rachel back there." he said when he finally caught up with him

"Yeah well she's family and I will always do that for family." Blaine said simple entering the first aid room "I think I broke my fist in a fight, can I have an ice pack?" he said to the lady that was sitting at the desk doing a cross word, she didn't even look up she just pointed to the freezer at the corner of the room

"Sit down for 20 minutes then I will take a look" she said blankly,

Blaine made his way over to the freezer, got an ice pack and took a seat on one of the hard chairs placed and drew the curtain around him to get some privacy, Kurt stepped inside the confined area and took a seat on the other chair

"Stop looking at me like that Blaine" Kurt said as he noticed Blaine's gaze

"Aren't I allowed to admire a piece of beauty?" Blaine replied inching closer to Kurt

Kurt blushed at the comment

"Don't say things you don't mean Blaine, they may do damage someday."

"Who said I didn't mean it?" Blaine said as he got a bit closer to Kurt.

"But I know you don't" Kurt replied, not moving, he was lost in Blaine's eyes

"I do." Blaine got a bit closer, so his face was just millimetres from Kurt's

"You're beautiful Kurt." Blaine said as he closed the gap between them. Kurt started kissing Blaine back and it was passionate and hard, they had been waiting for that. They finally had to pull away for oxygen

"That was seriously hot babe" Blaine said putting his hand on Kurt's thigh,

Kurt stood up after a couple of minutes of sitting in silenced and Blaine stood up with him

"Like I said you have to earn this" Kurt said to Blaine as he picked up his bag

"Oh but I thought I had" Blaine said putting his arms around Kurt and placing his hands firmly on Kurt's ass. Kurt turned around not removing Blaine's hands so now Blaine's hands were placed at the front of his trousers and his ass was placed against Blaine's crotch, Blaine squeezed his hand over the front of Kurt's trousers and ground down on Kurt's ass as he moved to kiss Kurt's neck.

"Don't you like this baby?"

Kurt stepped away and walked out of the confined space.

"You're not even close to getting any" he replied as he walked away with a bit more swagger in his step, moving his hips more than he usually did.

Blaine was left alone in the room and the front of his jeans was getting gradually tighter, he had to make a plan to get Kurt, and fast, he needed Kurt and his ass.