Each chapter title will be a line in my recipe poem, Recipe for a Broken Heart.

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In a Small Bowl...

Add 2/3 tablespoon jealousy...

Amanda strides past the hallway of classrooms with a brisk pace. She has places to go, people to see. Peering into one of the classrooms, she spots her ex-boyfriend talking to a group of girls.

I don't give a shit. I don't give a fucking shit. She tells herself. She keeps walking.

Eventually she reaches the library. She waltzes in and slows down once she reached the counter. For once, she was actually nervous.

"Name, please," groans the ancient woman behind the counter.

Amanda gulps. "Rebecca Long," she replies in a steady voice.

The librarian consults her list of honor students. "Okay, Rebecca. You're on the list. You can stay here for a while. But no mischief, got it?" Amanda nods and walks quickly away.

She walks straight to the back set of tables, where her friends were already waiting for her. She sits down at the head of the table. "Okay, guys. You know what to do. But I think we should just go over the jobs real quick so we all know what we're doing. Okay. Reilly and Kelsey, you have to east wing to check out Hannah, Gigi, and Maria. Becca and Katie, you're in charge of the west wing girls, mainly Sarah, Florence, Danica, and Kenzie. Paige, Sylvia, and Lauren, you're tracking down Mahzi and Kira in the north wing. Which leaves Lonnie, Delia, Megan, and Claire searching the south wing for Maura, Natalie, and Bri. Everyone else, come with me, and we'll search the outer perimeter for anyone else that's left. Our job is to keep people not only in, but also to keep people out. No one that we don't have tracked is to communicate with Andrew. Medicases, you know what to do to any new girls who throw themselves at him."

"Use the Tigris Malayan Doublefisted Taser. We got it." replies the leader of the Medicases.

Amanda nods. "All right, everyone, let's move out!"