1/3 cup regret…

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Samantha gathered her things. She wanted to be out of the classroom before she ran into...


Great... she thought to herself. She took a deep breath. "Hey, Devon." she said casually.

"Hey, Jenna," he replied, nodding at her. "Hey, can I, uhhh, talk to you outside for a minute?"

Samantha pretended to check the schedule that was in her backpack. She really didn't want to be caught alone with Devon by Devon's girlfriend, Jenna.

Okay... REWIND!

Samantha and Jenna are sisters. No, they weren't just sisters, they were legit identical twins. But a week before, Jenna had been kidnapped. Yes, seriously kidnapped. No joke. The next day, Samantha recieved a ransom note telling her everything she needed to do if she ever wanted to see Jenna again. She was to take on the role of Jenna.


"Yeah, sure. Let's go," Samantha replied to Devon. He slid his arm around her waist, making her really uncomfortable, but since this was a typical Devon move, she knew he would suspect something was up if she broke away from him.

The two of them strolled outside and into the school gardens and stood next to on of the benches. Samantha was nervous as hell, as she didn't know anything about Jenna's relationship with Devon of how far the relationship had progressed. Suddenly, Devon leaned in and started kissing her, shattering her train of thought. Before she even knew what she was doing, she started kissing him back. She ran her fingers through his shaggy hair, and she hated it when they finally had to come up for air. She started to pull away so she could sit down on the bench, but before she knew it, Devon had pulled her down on top of him on the bench.

"Devon..." she murmered.

"Jen, baby, are you okay? You aren't... acting... like yourself. Baby, you know I just want the best for us, right baby? But, if you can't give me your all, then, well, i don't know, baby..."

"Dev, what are you talking about? You know... you know I love you."

Devon's arms slithered around her waist again. "I don't know what I'm sure of, babe. I think you're gonna have to prove that you love me before I can be sure of it," Devon started kissing the edge of her jaw. "Baby *kiss* are you *kiss* sure *kiss* you're *kiss* all right? *kiss* Maybe you *kiss* should come home *kiss* with me *kiss* tonight."*kiss*

"Devon, I really can't..." Samantha stuttered. She broke free of Devon's arms and lips and stood up.

"HEY! No one refuses me! You bitch, you're gonna come home with me, and you are going to like it! Now, get over here! That's right, baby, come to daddy. All your stupid little troubles will be over after a nice, long, night..." he started to stick his arm up Samantha's shirt.


She pushed Devon off of her, and jackslapped him across the face, then kneed him in his crotch. She ran away, screaming, 'Don't touch me, I'm not Jenna! I'm not Jenna!"