No one's POV

"….And do you know what the best part is? We never have to grow up, we can do whatever we like, live by our own rules with no adults here to teach us. This is our world, pure and fair. No I'm going to look for a secret camp, all who's with me raise you're right hand and shout Neverland" Peter said "Neverland" the boys shouted, Curly noticed something strange though "Peter, where's you're shadow?" he asked, Peter looked down to see his shadow was in fact gone "Must ave left it in London, oops" he said sheepishly, the boys laughed and stated to make their way through the camp "I can't believe I forgot"

Peter exclaimed, the boys gave him a confused look "Baby" he said, their faces changed to one of realization, they ran back to her hut and went straight in, they found their younger sister lying piece-fully on her bed, she wasn't screaming, thrashing or coughing, she didn't even seem to be breathing "Is she alive?" Curly asked, Peter walked forward and placed a hand on her chest, he sighed in relief "She's alive" he said, the boys cheered and an Indian woman came in "She hasn't woken up since she slept" the woman said, the boys stopped "She will wake up though?" Curly asked, the woman shrugged

"We don't know, she really worked her head, I warned her but she did it anyway" she said, Peter nodded "She never did listen" he said sitting at the foot of her bed, he turned to the boys "You go find us a secret camp, I'll join you soon" he said, the boys nodded in understanding and left the tent "I need you to keep her cool if she burns up, there's a spare quilt underneath the bed if she goes too cold" the Indian woman said before leaving the hut, Peter felt Baby's skin and found it was a bit warm, he took the rag and squeezed a bit of the water out before dabbing her skin with it

"Oh baby, you promised you'd hold on, why did you have to go and fall asleep, I don't want you doing that, not even for me" he said to her, she didn't move but he had a strange feeling that she could hear him "You know, if you wake up I'll tell you what I was gonna" he said, she didn't move, worth a try he thought "I got rid of the orbs, and you're brothers still alive, well that's how I left him anyway" he said shrugging, he sighed and took on of her hands in his own "Please wake up Baby, you still gotta tell me you're name remember? You promised me, the boys will be lost without you, I don't wanna ave to go back to London and find another girl to amuse us" he said jokingly,

she didn't move and he let the tears out "Please come back Baby, I love you" he said resting his head on her chest "I think you should've opened with that" her voice said, he looked up and saw her eyes open "You're awake" he said happily, she nodded "Apparently so" she said sitting up, he pulled her into a hug and she hugged back "So you love me huh?" she asked playfully, he nodded "Yeah" he said, she smiled "Good thing I love you too then init" she said, he chuckled and hugged her again "So about this name business" he started, she tilted her head "Samantha"

she said, he smiled and repeated it "It suits you" he said, she nodded "Yeah I know, but it's way too posh, that's why Jimmy used to hate James, so we changed it" I explained, he nodded "How did you manage to lose you're shadow?" I asked amused, he chuckled "I ave no idea, but I'm gonna go back to London an get it" he said nodding, I pulled back my blanket "So how do you feel?" he asked, I shrugged " I feel okay I guess" I said shrugging, he nodded "Good, cuz I don't wanna let you go again" he said putting an arm around my shoulder

"You know the boys are going to find a secret hide out, fancy comin?" Peter asked her, she smiled "You go, I'll catch up to you" she said, he nodded and left the hut, she finally released the cough she had kept in and a lot of blood came with it, she grabbed a pen and paper and wrote a letter to Peter before lying down in her bed "Imba wimbo Wa upepo Wakati unajiwa na Imba wimbo wa upepo Wakati ndoto tamu…." Her voice faded into gasps until she had no more life left in her.

Later On In The Night

The Indians didn't know how to tell Peter, so they asked Aaya to do it, she agreed "Aaya have you seen Baby?" Peter asked with a smile on his face, Aaya shook her head grimly and his smiled fell "Where is she?" he asked, Aaya handed him a note..

Dear Peter,

This is going to be so hard for you to understand, I don't know why but I feel as though my life is final, there is no more left for me, I will miss you so much, but don't stress over me please, I beg for you not to, if needed you can go straight to London and find someone else to bring back, hopefully they'll keep you happy, I will meet you again, if you do find myself reincarnated then don't panic when I don't remember you, it will take time for me, all I ask is that you don't forget me, I love you so much


Baby (Samantha Hook)

By the end of the letter he had tears falling down his cheeks, Aaya handed him the necklace before heading home, he glanced at it and found it was Baby's, and from that day on, Peter vowed to never speak of Love ever again, because the girl he did love, had left him for good.

The End

Authors Note: May do a sequel, like based of the 2003 version of Peter Pan...anyways hope you like my story and please Review xx BABYLIBBY96