Disclaimer: Versions of these characters belong to Stephenie Meyer in another time and place. I am making them have lesbian sex with each other.

A/N: i've gotten a few PMs from people who haven't been able to access the twilighted forum thread so i decided to just tack on the extras i've posted there.



Chapter 1: More Than Friends – Estelle

Chapter 2: Sweetest Taboo – Sade

Chapter 3: Lions, Tigers & Bears – Jazmine Sullivan

Chapter 4: Can We Talk – Tevin Campbell

Chapter 5: Best I Ever Had – Drake

Chapter 6: Strange & Beautiful - Aqualung

Chapter 7: Crazy For You - Adele

Chapter 8: Stellar – Incubus

Chapter 9: Time Flies: Lykke Li

Chapter 10: Cry – Crème and Godley

Chapter 11: Come Back To Bed – John Mayer

Chapter 12: Pensio En Ti – Shakira

Chapter 13: I'll Be Waiting – Lenny Kravitz

Chapter 14: '03 Bonnie and Clyde – Jay – Z

Chapter 15: I Can't Make You Love Me – Bonnie Raitt

Chapter 16: Pictures of You – The Cure

Chapter 17: Love Me Still – Chaka Khan

Chapter 18: Sweet Thing – Van Morrison

Epilogue: She is Love – Parachute, VA

Interview Series with Bella and Leah (following chapter 18) questions from Harlow P


*knocks on door at St. Andrew's Place* Hello? Bella? Leah? *both girls come down stairs with sly grins, and take respective seats on the couch*

*walks to ottoman and sits down on top* Um, hey...so Lips said I could ask you girls some questions. Is that still okay?

*B and L look at each other and nod*

Alright then...

1. Girls, I know you're both bi, but so far we've only both heard about your *cough* experiences with each other and Rose and Alice. What's you favorite man experience? Please use details.

(Leah looks at Bella, smirking)

Bella: What?

Leah: Nothing. Please you first.

B: (sighs, shaking her head with a smile) Lucky for this one, I only had so-so experiences with guys. There was one guy my Junior year High School. He wasn't that good. Actually he was terrible, but he was really sweet and nice. Slow kisser, good hugger. He just didn't really get how his anatomy really fit together with mine. But yeah, he was really sweet. (looks at Leah) Happy?

L: Yes. That's so cute, baby. Let's see. Jake, of course. We were 17 - a few months before we broke up. (shrugs casually) It was good.

B: And? Harlow asked for details, remember?

L: (sighs deeply) We skipped first period and went to my house. We - ah had sex in my parent's bed.

B: (feigning shock) LEAH MARIE! I'm telling your mother.

L: What? You freaks wanted details. It was pretty hot - skipping school and praying to God my mom wouldn't come home all of sudden. Do you need more detail than that? Piece D goes in Slot V, repeat, flip over, repeat.

2. Leah, what's better - being bent over the kitchen counter, or being laid out on Bella's bed?

(Bella can't help, but giggle. She knows the answer.)

L: Counter. Definitely. B and I don't make it to an actual bed very often.

3. Bella what are you better at, carpet munching, or giving head?

B: Uh - why are you hell bent on reminding me that I used to fuck guys. Let's see. I think I'm better at (raises quotey fingers) munching carpet. (Leah bites her lip, trying not to laugh) I don't think I'm bad at giving head, but it's been a while and I've never asked for a verbal evaluation so-

L: She's good at eating pussy. Trust me.

(Bella turns bright red)

4. Would you girls consider including say...Jake in your sex life?

B/L: No.

L: Would you invite your ex to come fuck your girlfriend? I didn't think so.

5. Leah, random here...how'd you get into the make-up business?

L: Oh you don't wanna know anything else about my sex life? I'm just fucking with you. Uh - well I guess my mom. She does so much stuff with the kids on the Res and one day when I was like 12 or something, she got a bunch of the girls together and taught us how to do our make up. I thought it was really cool, so I asked her teach me how to tell what colors would look best with different outfits or different people's skin tones and stuff. And then I just started experiment. And if you're wondering Bitch McCunty-face used to make clothes for her dolls and shit and then she started dressing her grandmother - who just turned 90, FYI. (Bella gently squeezes, Leah's hand. Leah kisses her sweetly on the forehead. It's really fucking cute.)

6. Bella, do you think you'll ever want kids? How many? With who? Do you want to have them?

B: (wide eyed) Slow down. Yes. I think I will want kids some day. I have no clue how many. Um- hopefully with Leah. (turns to L). I mean I guess depending on how things play out - we could adopt, right babe?

L: Yeah. We just haven't really talked about it yet. We've kinda just been so focused on each other. Let me lock her down for good first and we'll get back to you about spawning.

7. Leah, where do you shop for your clothes? Who inspires your fashion?

L: I inspire my fashion. (flashes Harlow big sarcastic grin). I don't know - I just like black. It's easy. It matches everything and you can get black stuff anywhere. I'll grab things on Melrose or H&M, whatever. I'm not a label whore.

8. Bella, have you ever had any dirty thoughts about your students?

B: (laughs loudly as Leah's smile disappears completely) No. I mean I am sexual creature and I can appreciate when someone is attractive, but my kids are still so young, you know 14 and 15. I have a few 13 year olds right now. It's hard to be attracted to a kid when you've got a real woman at home.

L: (nips Bella on the neck, making her squeak a little) Good answer.

9. Do you ladies plan on staying in CA?

B: (peers at Leah with affectionate concern) I think so. I mean, we're both happy with our careers, we have friends here.

L: I don't see us leaving the state.

10. If you girls do decide to go it together, does that mean you'll stop sleeping with Rose and Alice?

L: Harlow, I think you've gotten to know me a little bit over the past several weeks. Do I seem like the type to share what's mine - with anyone? (winks are Harlow) That's what I thought.

Okay...I have to go to spin with MY Rosalee...but I'll be back with more. Thanks ladies. *gets up, turns around and pushes ottoman back to the corner of the room*

B: (waves) Have a good work out.

L: Later, Lowp.

Beks: Harlow - After you left, Bella may have commented that you are crazy cute. Leah agreed, but still isn't willing to share.

Later ... Somehow Harlow has weaseled her way back into the house. Too nice to boot her out and since she's an Arizona girl, B and L let her crash on the couch.

Upstairs Leah is face down in bed - naked. Bella sits up next to her, pretending to read, but really watching, Sex and the City.

There's a knock on the door.

B: Come in.

(Harlow Pokes her head in)

L: (murmurs into the pillow) Beks said u wanted something else.

Harlow: Yeah, um. (tries not to stare at Leah's naked ass) so I understand you wouldn't share each other with anyone else...like for instance, me. But, how about just one small kiss, from each of you, just, you know as a reward for me being the first to ask questions. Whaddya think?

L: (lifts her head up and rubs her face, then leans over to kiss Bella's arm) Is that at all you wanted?

H: (blurts out) Can I watch you fuck?

(Bella covers her mouth, trying to hide her snicker)

L: (clearly not amused) You are not watching us fuck - but you can have a kiss I guess.

H: Damn. I'll take it...where do you want me? (praying to god Leah gets up naked for the kiss and that Bella is naked under the covers.)

L: (sits up a bit, fully aware that her breasts are exposed.) Sorry to your forum friends, but this isn't an bit for Girls Gone Wild. Close the door behind you.

Bella puts her book on the night stand and gets a little bit more comfortable, smiling at Harlow...

Beks: Sorry ladies. Harlow closed the door in my face. She'll have to tell you who's the better kisser and if she got a little tongue.

A few minutes later …

Harlow comes stumbling from door, which abruptly slams shut...

Harlow: Oh, hey Lips...um yeah. That was...yeah. I got my kisses...but I think I made Leah mad. *smiles*

Beks: what exactly did you do? i just wanna know before i try to get close to bella again. i dont wanna lose a finger or something. i do have interview them again and i want leah to let me spend the night.

H: Well...Leah sat up on the bed and I tried really hard not to stare...but yeah, pointless. And I looked at B, just to make sure she wasn't pissed, and she was all grinning...little minx. So I climbed up on the bed-you know, criss-cross applesauce-and Leah scooted closer to me, at which point I did look down...*cough*

*clears throat*-hmmm. And then she looked at B, who just nodded-still grinning like the chesire fucking cat-and leaned in and real slowly pressed her lips to mine, at which point my mind went blank-but I SWEAR to fucking god she swiped my bottom lip with her tongue...I mean I am almost positive, but it was so fast...argh.

Anyway-so she sits back and I am all stuck in my position-still kissing thin air *smacks forehead with palm of hand*-super cool you know. I open my eyes when B clears her throat, and then I crawl over to her on hands and knees...she meets me in the middle, with a very soft, very sweet, chaste kiss...she pulls back, still with the covers up under her arms. I leaned back and then and crawled off the bed, standing next to her- and …

Lips I couldn't help myself, I said thanks, like a good girl, but just as I turned to leave, I yanked the covers down off B-I just had to see the rack-I HAD too. I don't think Leah could believe I actually had the gall to do it, cause she hesitated a second looking between me and B (who was giggling by the way)...and then I ran.

Sorry Lips. Really. I couldn't help myself, you KNOW I'm a boob girl.

(Harlow has since been forgiven.)

Interview Series with St. Andrew's Place Jake (following the epilogue). Questions from Harlow P

1. Jake, what was it like seeing the girls (Lily&Mary) for the first time?

(huge smile spreads across his face) If I'm being honest I was shocked. I came down the day after the delivery with Seth. We met Sue and Charlie at the hospital. Shit there was a ton of people there. Bella's mom and her man. Rosalie and Alice where there, but once I saw the twins I was just in my old world. I know I sound like a total punk, they just owned me. I got to hold Lil first. She opened her eyes and I was waiting for her to start screaming, but she just looked it me. It was pretty awesome. (laughs) Mary on the other hand lost her freakin' mind when Bella handed her to me. I handed her right back. They are so beautiful though. I'll give Bella the credit for that.

2. How much of a part do you play in their lives?

For now as much as I can. They're still so little and Bella is like their life source so its not like I'm taking them on camping trips or showing them how a crankshaft works, but Bella and Leah have definitely let me take on some uncle duties. I have to fight for time with Emmett and Seth when I come down though. The girls have a pretty serious fan club. I wished I lived closer though. I'd love to see them more.

3. Be honest, what was it like fucking Bella for a good cause?

(looks around to make sure Leah isn't nearby) I'm gonna try and not be crude cause I love and respect the hell out of both of them, but it was pretty fucking nice. Not that I wasn't getting any female attention at the time, but it had been a while since I slept with anyone. Let's just say Bella was a nice way to break the dry spell. She has a banging body. Would have been nicer if I got to play with Leah a little too, but whatever.

4. Did you get your own happy ending?

(glares at Beks) good question. I'm just kidding. I'm not seeing anyone exclusively at the moment, but I'm also not worried about it. Between the shop and helping my dad on the Res I got a lot going on right now.

5. How did the Chief feel about the whole process? Will the girls be seen as Quileute?

Definitely. EVERYBODY in La Push loves them. (laughs) I think there's a secret plot to get them together with Michael and Adam once they're older, but we'll see. Quil was a little fucker when we were growing up, always getting into shit. We'll see what kind of men they turn into. And as for my dad, he was cool with it. He's old school so he was a little confused about me getting my ex-girlfriend's wife pregnant, but once he saw that I was really okay with things and definitely once he got see the girls he was glad I stepped up.

6. What was your best birthday present to the girls?

I wouldn't exactly say there was a best gift. Leah just asked us for practical stuff like diapers. I had little Quileute Customs onesies made up for them and they both have little plush wolves that I got them. When they get a little older I get a little more extravagant with gifts

7. What will you say if the girls ask who their "real" father is?

Well that's up to Leah and Bella exactly how to explain it to them, but so far Bella and Leah have been pretty straight forward about letting people know I'm their dad. I'm not trying to interfere with their home life. I just fit in where and when I can. It's been going pretty smoothly so far.

Okay, that's all for now...P.S I think you're hot in a voyeuristic lesbian way. :)

(blushes a little, shaking his head) Thanks but I think I need to stay away from lesbians for a little while.

Harlow P : Lips...as always boo, you have left me VERY satisfied. I will say that I still feel bad for Jake...he still seems...sad. And that makes me sad. Perhaps he deserves one-shot (pun intended) of happiness just to give me and the other girls who feel bad for him too, some peace of mind…

Beks: Okay fine, Harlow. Jake and I are fucking. Are you guys happy now? I lost my S.O. Jake to Nessie and this Jake and I just clicked. He's fucking amazing in bed and there's no way i'm letting him cut his hair. And yes his dick is huge and he knows how to use it and I enjoy going down on him. He's happy trust me. VERY VERY HAPPY. And naked in my bed right now.

Jake: (rolls on his stomach) And she told me she was skeptical about MY ability to keep a secret.

Interview with Rosalie and Alice (following the epilogue). Questions from Mila and Cookies1190

Rose, are you lesbian or bi, like the other 3?

Rose: I think Beks mentioned this in the story, but I'm a lesbian for sure.

How good was Emmett? Be as detailed as possible.

Rose: (glares at Beks) You have a big fucking mouth, you know that? (deep sigh) It was really good, okay. I've slept with a few guys in high school and college just for the hell of it, but Emmett was the only guy to ever make me come. Yes, he has a nice body and yes, he's hung and now I'm married and he's with Ashley who I like a lot. So I'm gonna stop talking about fucking her man in front of my wife.

Alice: (whispers to Mila) Its okay. I don't really care.

Would you be willing to have him over again, if Alice was game?

Rose: No.

Alice: And I'm not game. Sorry.

Do you want children?

Rose: Yes, we do. I think we're going to adopt though. We'll see. Right now we're having fun playing Aunts to the girls. They are so adorable.

So Alice This will only stay between us, nobody will get their feelings hurt, but what and with whom was your best lay?

Alice: Rose. (giggles) If she wasn't I would have been really upset when Leah and Bella dumped us.

Do your massages ever have a "happy ending"? Who do you do it for?

Alice: (bust out laughing) NO! I know that sounds like a great idea, but you'd be surprised how many people you don't want to touch period when you're giving a massage. Besides that's actually kinda gross. I like fucking. I don't like stranger spooge on my hands, but thanks for asking.

Is there some fantasy you've not yet made real?

Alice:(looks at Rose) We've never been skiing before. I think it would really hot to go up to the Vail or something, spending the day getting cold on the slopes and then fuck all night by the fire. We've done everything I've wanted to do physically. Everything.

Mila and Cookies want to know ...are you willing to help out a girl who is ready for some experimenting?

Rose: No

Alice: Yes

thats all for now.

i just wanted to thank Harlow, Mila and Cookies for indulging my psychotic willingness to interact with my characters like they are real people. i WISH Jake and i were sleeping together.

i am working on the larger interviews now and i'm pretty jazzed about them. come by the blog and check out the organized porn and chapter goodies.

Chapter 21: The Super Epi: Fallen

Disclaimer: Versions of these characters belong to Stephenie Meyer in another time and place. I am making them have lesbian sex with each other.

A/N: these interviews turned out to be really fucking long so i split them into two parts. this first part is basically generally questions people had for me and my stories over all and my interview with Leah and Bella. WARNING: If you plan of reading my other stories, just be warned there are some spoilers in here.

This is was kinda hard to slap together so I hope its not too shitty.


... i cant believe it, youre a dream coming true ...

GENERAL QUESTIONS: Some of you actually wanted to know about me. Thanks!

BethBluth: I was just wondering which of your stories was the most fun to write?

I can say right off that Baby Steps was my least favorite to write. It was so hard to pay such close attention to keep Bella and Edward in character and I have never done that much cutting and pasting in my entire life.

I think my favorite would be a three way tie between New School, Lost Then Found and St. Andrew's place. All three of those stories flowed easily for me. Even though New School was supposed to follow the series the way Baby Steps did, it was set so far after Breaking Dawn I was free to do more. I loved writing an innocent yet insanely horny Nessie. Lost then Found was fun because I got to just make shit up. The Wonder Woman comics don't going into detail about what the women on the island do for sex, so it was fun to just invent. And St. As was just easy. I knew what I wanted to do with it and it basically wrote itself. I had decided to stop writing before St. Andrew's Place, but I couldn't get it out of my head. I'm glad I was able to put it down. Plus its hard not to enjoy writing that much girl sex and half naked Alice.

TwiOthGirly: How much does music influences your writing?

I'm not sure how much it inspires me, but it helps me focus. I'm a huge music love and I really do appreciate the stories that a good song has to tell. I always find songs that fit my stories or characters after if written them down. I found songs to fit the chapters in St. Andrews Place. after the story was writing with one exception. I heard The Cure's Pictures of you in the car one day and it gave me the idea to have Bella take naked pictures of herself to send to Leah and then have Bella realize that Leah was essentially hording them. At first Bella was just going to get into a texting war with her that would turn into dirt talk. The pictures seemed like a better idea.

If you could have any two of YOUR characters in your life who would they be?

I'll go ahead and state the obvious and go with my Jake. but I will add that in a way that's a cheat to the answer. Jake is base 92% on my actually boyfriend, so technically I have a Jake.

If I had to pick two characters that I don't have living with me I would have to go with any one of my versions of Alice. I think she makes sure a good friend and such a good sex buddy. You can't really go wrong with Alice. I would also have to go with Emmett. As a friend and a bed buddy. I had some really great plans for him in the next chapter of So Obvious and I will say although its contrary to the way I usually behave I would have no problem switching places with Rose from then on. And then I would pick I also wouldn't mind having Sun or Moon chained up in my bedroom.

Thats enough about me ...


Lost then Found

MobiusVarient: How'd you come up with the idea of crossing the two universes?

If she can find them I'll ask my mom to send me the pictures of a 3 year old Lipsmacked running around in a Wonder Woman bathing suit. Wonder Woman and Twilight are the only two things I've ever really geeked out over, besides New Kids on the Block and Nsync. I wanted to write a Bella/Alice story and in my head Bella would make a good Wonder Woman for Halloween soooooo why not push Bella into their world.

Okay here's what really happened. I was in a chat room one night with all the girls from the PP. There was a some "joking" about how nice it would be if there was a place where pussy eating ran rampant and there were no men - A Land of Awesome if you will. I just had to run with the idea. I AM a Wonder Woman fan. I have the comics and tshirts and the Wonder Woman Barbie to prove it. Themysicra was the first ladies only place that popped into mind. Diana always seems like she could use a good fucking. The story started out as a porn with a plot tribute to the PP and morphed into an actual love story. Oops.

SxyBrwnEtz: Ln LOA did bella get her own messenger bird

Bella has Luna and Cru at her disposal. She and Alice will also always have a manslave with them which they can send off to do their bidding.

Other than sexin' each others brains out and their jobs contributing to the island what do the women in LOA do

Nothing. It's called Paradise for a reason.

Would you consider doing an epilogue at least for Lost then Found?

If I ever get the time I'd love to finish it. The problem with Lost then Found and few of my other stories is that I didn't really see a definitive ending. I could have drawn LTF out forever. Bella was new to the island and the lifestyle so there was so much for her to discover besides the joys of group sex. But maybe on day I'll add a little something to it, give a little glimpse

Flormi asked me like 7 questions about relationships and conflicts in LTF. This answers all of them... I think.

I wasn't planning on their being any relationship problems between Alice and Bella. Bella wouldn't leave her, there wouldn't be any jealous lover issues. The rest of the angst would have come from Bella dealing with her relationship with the Queen and learning more about Rosalie.

To go hand in hand with the novel, I thought it would be good to have Rose be some what of an outcast, not completely resigned with her life on the island. She's the only one of the gals of "legal" age who doesn't have a match. She also has a child, the four year old with her that is mentioned during the supper in chapter 4. Earth/Emmett is the father. I was going to stick with the whole abusive fiance back story as her reason for leaving Earth. Tanya, Rose's rightful match, refuses to leave Esme, so the Queen let Rosalie have the baby with her choice of manslave. I had planned for Rose to take on a more permanent role with Alice and Bella in the bedroom, but not in a way that would cause any problems. I think eventually once Bella was settled I would have introduced Leah has a new addition to the island and coupled her with Rose.

Bella and Alice would have eventually had a baby, but it would have been a ways off. I had a lot I wanted them to do before they got pregnant. In my head Sky/Jasper would have gotten Alice pregnant and this is a ladies only population so of course it would have been a girl.

So there you go. A huge spoiler. Now I don't need to write it.

Naughty and Nice

SxyBrwnEyz: Was Nessie and Alice a one time thing or did they make a relationship out of it?

I wrote this with Erica so I asked her what she thought. The following conversation was the result.

Erica: they would get married and raise schnauzers obviously

me: lol i hate u

Erica: what? am i wrong?

me: lol what is with u and ugly dogs (Erica wanted B and Lto have a labradoodle.) (erica thinks labradoodles are very cute...and they don't shed. n and a are practical girls. they would appreciate this fact)

Erica: i like schnauzers...i could have said westies or scotties. and they could take family pics in matching plaid sweaters

me: on christmas?

Erica: pssh, christmas. everyday

me: so ill say yes they'll end up in a relationship?

I hope that answers your question.

St. Andrew's Place

Photogirl: Did Edward & Jasper ever have kids? Alice & Rose?


Erica: and to all a good night! sorry, it sounded like a proclamation or something. i find it interesting that people really want every couple to get married and have kids. I mean, not every couple wants kids and while they can be great so can taking trips to Europe spur of the moment. I have no control over these characters but I could totally see Edward and Jasper as like the doting uncles, like buying the girls matching LV backpacks for their first day of school or something.

Beks: Although trips to Europe for Alice and Rose would be a good idea at some point there would be babies if I were to keep writing. I LOVE BABIES! EDIT: I think that Alice and Rose may remain kidless. Maybe

INTERVIEW With Bella and Leah - (Please just go with me on this. I tried. I really did)

I had planned to interview Bella and Leah last week, but Nessie called me and let me know that her and Jake were coming to the west coast, on a brief trip to La Push. After a few quick calls and slightly longer bit in a group chat we decided it would be best for me, with Erica in tow, to meet the four of them at Bella and Leah's house. The ladies only live a few blocks away from me. I was anxious to see them and Lily and Mary, now six months old, but having Jake and Nessie there was exactly something I wanted to pass up.

Erica and I arrived a little while after Jake and Nessie. Leah had offered them a room for the night, but Jake was in somewhat of a hurry to Washington. When we reached the house I immediately noticed a familiar Black Jetta parked in front of the house. I poked Erica, chuckling a bit and pointing towards the car. We both know that Sue is in town, helping out with the twins.

Walking up the front steps I was suddenly over come with nerves, unnecessarily, but they were there nonetheless. It had been a while since I had seen to Leah and Bella and even a longer and more difficult time since I had seen Nessie - and Jake. My relationship with Jake is complicated and extremely simple all at the same. I had mixed feelings about seeing him. Feelings that were clearly forcing me to linger at the door too long.

After receiving a very solid poke in the ribs from Erica, I swallowed and rang the bell, looking nervously at my feet. The front door swings open and Leah, looking as gorgeous as ever stands in the doorway. She's wearing her signature outfit, a tight black T-shirt and jeans. We can see her "B" tattoo reaching up the length of her forearm.

Leah: (smiling) Hey. Come in.
Beks: Thanks

Leah, standing to the side in her stalking feet, points to a pile of shoes on the floor. Erica and I follow suit, ditching our shoes by the door, next to Bella's chucks, Leah's leather boots and Nessie and Jake's matching Jordans.

The scene that greets us was one that I had expected, but elements of it were still a bit shocking. I was accustomed to the smells of my building: food preparation, cigarette smoke and laundry detergent. We're greeted by the sweet smell of baby and cookies - snickerdoodles of course.

Leah: Can I get you guys something to drink? Water, breast milk?
Beks: (shaking my head, laughing) I'm good, thanks.
Leah: Erica?
Erica: Yes to the water, no to the breastmilk. I have been there, done that. That stuff is like liquid gold, you don't waste it on non-babies.

As Leah closes the front door I take a good look around. The living room has changed slightly. The large sectional is still there, reupholstered with a deep beige fabric. The ottoman is pushed up next to the wall. The center of the room is converted to baby-centric lounging space. An enormous round pillow sits on top of a thick blanket and atop the pillow sit Mary and Lily snuggled comfortably in monogrammed Boppies. A pink Hawaiian print for Mary and a deep purple for Lily. Both girls are sporting the Toki Doki oneies I bought them. I have to admit I'm flattered. I hate when I buy people clothes and they don't wear them.

Of course the twins aren't alone. Bella sits bottle in hand, feeding Mary, while Jake taking his first crack, clearly, at any attempt of parental responsibility, awkwardly offers Lily a pacifier, which she seems to have no interest in. Nessie is by his side watching him and Lily affectionately. All eyes drift to Erica and I as we quickly join the party on the floor.

Bella/Nessie: (smiling brightly) Hey.
Beks: Hi.
Jake: (smirking with a nod) Ladies.
Beks: Where's the puppy?
Bella: Ripping the backyard to pieces.

We are hugged and finally I settle on the blanket between Nessie and Erica. I try to hide my nervous excitement, but it doesn't exactly work. Time is on my mind. I know Jake and Nessie have a schedule to keep, but I can't help the draw I feel to these two adorable little angels. I can't resist. Seeing the twitching in my hands Leah, quickly shoves some wipes under my nose. After I carefully give my hands an impromptu scrub, Bella scoops up Mary then hands her and the small bottle to me.

Immediately I notice how well rested Bella looks. Sue must be helping out - a lot. Erica can't help but notice either.

Erica: (under her breath) Lucky bitch.

Thinking of the questions I'm about to ask, I laugh to myself out loud. Mary doesn't flinch, but stares at me as she suckles away.

Bella: What is it?

Beks: I have about ten or so really sexual really graphic questions to ask you guys and I feel SO wrong asking them - while holding a baby.

Leah: I promise. They will not remember a thing that is said here today.
Beks: I hope so.

I hand Mary to Erica and pull out my list of questions. Mary barely even blinks as she's shuffled off to the next set of eager hands.

Bella: They are so used to being passed around I swear. Every single one of our friends has changed diapers and had a hand in feeding.
Beks: Good to know - Bella I gotta say, you look good.
Bella: I do? Well I only have -

Sue: Me to thank. She can thank me.

I turn around to see Sue walking down the large flight of stairs. She is in all her domestic glory, sporting a "World's Greatest Grandma" shirt, strapped with a waist apron and holding two fresh diapers. Sue is here to work.

Bella: Mom. No one will ever argue with that.
Sue: Oh, the girls are doing great, but I know how much one baby girl can drive you to want to commit murder.
Jake: (under his breath) Noted.
Nessie: (takes the pacifier from his hand) Shut it.

Sue: Jake you'll do fine.

Sue hands Leah the diapers, squatting next to Lily, stroking her short black hair gently.

Beks: Speaking of Jakes - is this - uh
Leah: Is it weird meeting a clone of my best friend. YES.
Beks: Sorry for the confusion.
Leah: (laughing) It's okay.
Jake: Yeah thanks for the heads up at least.
Beks: Sorry. It was kinda hard NOT to duplicate you at every possible opportunity. But enough about my problems. - Sue since you seem to have a break in your schedule I have one question that I think you can answer.
Sue: Oh sure and then I'll let you all get back to your filthy talk - Oh I've I read your stories young lady. (shakes her head, teasing) Filthy.

We all bust out laughing and I can't help but wish Sue was my mom, just a little bit.

Beks:(thoroughly embarrassed) Okay. Okay. First question - How did you and Charlie handle the fact that your kids are, well, married now?

Sue: I don't even think about it. It's happened a few times in La Push actually. People pass away. People remarry and sometimes with such a small group sometimes parents or grown kids fall for each other. It's fine. And anyway Charlie and I have decided not to get married.
Bella: (giggles) Not that they don't want to.
Sue: Hush. Charlie can't leave Forks til he retires and that's a ways off. And I don't really want to leave my house. I watch Claire's boys a lot when I'm home and I just do so much on the reservation - not planning on leaving. But yeah it's not an issue. The girls are happy. Charlie and I are happy. (shrugs)
Beks: Well that's that.
Sue: Yup and now I know someone who needs a diaper change.

Just as the scent hits my nose, Jake makes a face. Lily breaks a smile at winning the reaction from him.

Sue: (scooping Lily) Come to Ma, baby.

In suspended awe we all watch as Sue effortlessly reclaims a clean diaper from Leah and sweeps Lily into the other room. Out of the corner of my eye I watch Nessie settle herself comfortably between Jake's legs.

Bella: Okay. Here's your window. Let's hear it.
Beks: Right. I'll ease into some of the - riskier stuff. Do you guys think you'll have more kids?

Bella: Maybe one more. Two are definitely a handful and we kinda handled the sibling companionship thing on the first run. But I think at some point it would be nice to have a boy.
Beks: Leah, do you think you'll carry the next one?

Bella and Leah both start laughing, clearly sharing some sort of inside joke.

Leah: Nah I dont think so. Pregnancy looks good on Bella and I - uh - got my nipples pierced. I have no intention of taking them out.
Beks: Oh. Ah-
Leah: Yes I'll show you later.
Beks: (smiles wide) Thanks.
Bella: I liked being pregnant. I would like to see what is like with one person kicking the crap of out me instead of two.
Beks: Do you think you'll use - your Jake again?
Bella: Yeah, if he's willing.

Another noise on the stairs draws our attention. We all turn to see their Jake descending the stairs. Erica and I and I think Nessie try not to stare, but its a little hard cause he's just now pulling a shirt over his head and his jeans are slung a little low. Of course he's not wearing boxers. Erica shoots me a look. I forgot to mention he was in town with Sue. And yes I knew.

St. As Jake: If I'm willing to do what?
Bella: Beks was wondering if you'd be up for helping us produce more babies.
SA Jake: Ha - sure. I'm going to the store.

Sue emerges from the kitchen with a freshly changed Lily and hands Jake the keys to her Jetta. After a quick review of the grocery list, Jake takes off.

Nessie: We met him earlier, but it's still weird.
Beks: Again sorry about that. Uh- where were we?
Leah: You two have plans later?
Beks: I have no idea what you're talking about.

God bless her, Sue takes the attention off me by restoring Lily to Leah's open arms.

Sue: I'll be folding clothes if you need me.
Leah: Thanks mom.

She ducks back upstairs - leaving us to the more filthy parts of the interview. Before I launch in though, I notice just how Bella and Leah have settled into being such an affectionate family. Erica still has Mary in her arms. Bella cant seem to keep her hands off Leah, softly caressing the back of her neck while Leah gently rocks Lily in her arms. It's insanely cute. Then I remember I came here for a reason and it wasnt to stare at them and their adorable kids.

Beks: I'll get some of the raunchier questions out of the way. Favorite "sexual positions"?

Bella: Uh - I don't know. (laughs) The ones that make me cum? I guess. (looks at SO Jake)
Jake: Just pretend I'm not here.
Bella: Thanks. - I guess I like any position where she's behind me.
Leah: Same here.

Beks: Do you ladies prefer to give or receive?

Bella: Not that we exactly hate receiving, but I think we both get off on giving.
Leah: (nods) Yeah.

Beks: favorite type of undies? Or - commando?

Leah: I have a lot of lace boy shorts.
Bella: I got the impression that someone prefers that I wear simple cotton panties, so that's pretty much all I have.
Beks: Someone?
Leah: Sorry, but B in white cotton panties is sexy as hell.

Beks: My readers were hoping you would describe your kinkiest sexual fantasy? Please elaborate.

Leah: No. Next Question.
Beks: (ignoring a belly laugh from Jake) Bella?
Bella: It involves Leah. That's all I'm saying.

Beks: Fair enough. Do you two have any favorite sex toys?

Bella: (blushes like crazy) We have this dildo called the Curve that I love. We have have a lot of fun with that.
Leah: Yeah, I like that one. We also have a Feeldoe. That one's pretty sweet.

Nessie chuckles under her breath. We all look at her as she blushes into Jake's shoulder.

Bella: (smirking) What?
Jake: Nothing. She used that feeldoe thing with one our of friends. She made me run out and get one for her to keep.
Bella: Oh.
Nessie: Sorry, please continue.

Bella: ialwayshaveafewanalplugsilike.
Beks: Say what?
Bella: You heard what I said.

Beks: You're a freak Bella. - Are you two biters or scratchers? Side note. I think some of my readers have some fantasies of their own that involve you two.
Bella: Sounds like it. I'm a biter for sure.

Leah pulls the collar of her shirt to the side, revealing a light set of bite marks. We all leaned forward to look at the impressions.

Leah: My mom watched the girls for us last night. B, here got a little carried away.
Bella: (blushes) Oops.
Leah: Baby -

Leah whispers something to Bella which causes her to blush even more while fighting back a giggle.

Leah: Go on Beks.

Beks: Okaaaay - Bella, before living with the girls did you think you preferred guys to girls?
Bella: I think I preferred sleeping with women. It's more sensual than it was with guys. Guys are great and all, but I think on some level women just know how to touch each other better.

On reflex, my eyes flip to Nessie and her girl loving ass. I try to look away quickly, but I'm caught and Nessie glares at me.

Leah: What are we missing?
Beks: Uh- nothing. I don't think Nessie agrees with the whole lady touching sentiment.

Nessie: Of course I don't. I mean I love fucking girls, but as you can see I made my decision. (peers at Jake) I just hope our kids will be this cute.
Jake: They will be, Mama. Don't worry.
Beks: (pointing Jake) I'm gonna come back to that - Bella - I'm really sorry, but I did say they could ask anything: you, Edward and Jasper, DP action? Who goes where?

Bella: That's really gross. They'd both go nowhere cause I would never do that. (shudders) Yeah, that would never happen.
Leah: It's near impossible to be attracted to two guys you know have been ass drilling each other for years - literally. They're both very attractive - just - no.

Beks: Is there anything that is taboo for you as far as sex?
Leah: - Ah I don't know. (looks at Bella) we don't do anything bizarre. That's a weird question.

Beks: Okay. Moving on. This was not my phrasing (reads off paper) If you could keep a "sexbot" of your choosing for those times a pussy just won't do, what model would you pick: Jake, Emmett, Jasper or Edward? Or is there someone else? George Clooney, Brad Pitt…

Bella: What the hell? Your readers seem hell bent on us stepping outside of our marriage. Jake - how about that. Sorry I mean our Jake. We've been there done that and we're comfy with him. Next Question.

Beks: Leah was there something about Bella wearing glasses that always made you do a double take or pause to stare? Are you a nerdy girl lover?
Leah: Yes. And Beks I like your glasses too.
Beks: Why thank you (bats eyeslashes) Do go on.
Leah: B just has this really innocent look about her and her eyes are just so big and beautiful. Her glasses draw more attention to them and then there's just the whole fact that the teacher/nerdy girl who's a total freak is fucking hot.
Bella:(leans towards me) Some times she asks me to wear them while we're fucking.
Beks: Ha. Awesome! Glasses Rule!

Bella and I can't resist high fiving each other and ignoring everyone else as they calls us all kinds of lame.

Beks: Leah, that first night you saw Bella, who were you talking to on the phone and what exactly did you say?

Leah: I was talking to Rachel. She was asking me if I was more attracted to B then Alice and Rose and I said yes and it was driving me nuts.

Beks: Interesting. So what was going through your mind the first time you fucked Bella on the porch?

Leah : I was thinking I was gonna masturbate to death when I got back to my room.

Beks: Did you?

Leah: Hell yes.
Beks: So why didn't you just have sex with her - like all the way?

Bella: That's a good question.
Leah: Cause I'm an idiot. I wanted to. Trust me. I'm not sure you understand just how stubborn I used to be. But yeah I masturbated to Bella a lot. A LOT!
Beks: I think I get it.

Mary finally starts to fuss and Erica is forced to hand her to the Mommy Bella. I get a little sidetracked watching the hand off. The girls is just so cute. Leah staring at me brings me back to my cause.

Beks: What about the phone conversation with Seth? What happened that made you so angry?

Leah: Jesus. Rachel and Claire had confronted Emily about our break-up and apparently Emily told everyone on the Res that it was my idea. Like I told her to be with Sam and that I was happy for them and I was happy that her and Sam were engaged. Which was bullshit. I was really frustrated about a bunch of stuff and that just pushed me over the edge.
Beks: That would have pissed me off too. Good thing Seth told you.
Leah: Yeah. I'm just sorry I took it out on the girls. It had nothing to do with them.
Bella: Well we forgave you babe.

Bella smooches Leah on the cheek. The cuteness is getting to be a little much. I turn to Jake and Nessie to make sure they aren't bored to death, but they seemed to be pretty enthralled with the conversation.

Beks: I'm getting to you guys soon. I promise.
Nessie: (smiles) It's okay Beks. Take your time.

Beks: Leah, the mix you made for Bella - what song the one that really conveyed her feelings for her the most?

Leah: (still rocking Lily in her arms) I'll Be Waiting by Lenny Kravitz
Beks: Why that song?
Leah: I mean its basically a plea for love and patience. I had been fucking up so much but I loved her - I do. I think that song captured what I wanted to say and the music itself definitely captured what I was feeling.
Beks: Bella, what about you? What song on that cd meant the most to you?
Bella: That's tough. (looks at Leah) You put some really emotional songs on there and I liked them all of course. I'd have to go with Love Me Still by Chaka Khan. I had never heard that song before and its sort of like I'll be waiting - you know asking for love and patience. But trust me I ran the whole CD into the ground. (smiles)
Beks: So did I.

Beks: Tells what happened with James
Leah: Emmett knew what gym he went to so we followed him home one day. It was not one of my finer moments, but you know (shrugs) he put his hands on my B.
Beks: Any brass knuckles? You beat him with your motorcycle helmet?

Leah: It was all fists. That was part of the reason i avoided Bella for a little while. I wore my riding gloves, but my hands were a little banged up, like my knuckles were swollen and shit. I didn't want her to see.

Bella's getting a little upset at this point so I decided to take the conversation in another directions

Beks: Are you and Emmett close now?

Leah: Oh yeah. I think now we're almost as close as me and some of the Res Boys.

Bella: It's hard not to love Em.

Beks: Text messages seemed to be involved in a few turning point in your relationship. That first text you sent to Bella in Spanish - what was that all about? Were you trying to get a positive reaction or were you trying to make her angry?

Leah: B knows this now, but yeah, I did it on purpose. I was trying to see how she would react. I had already kind of set the ground work for being an asshole so I didn't exactly know how just be like "Oh, Hi." I'm glad I did though. Those pictures were hot.

Beks: Bella I think people were shocked by the number of pictures you sent to Leah. 150? Really?

Bella: (laughs) It was 150 pictures over like two and a half months. I didn't take them all on the same day. And who says Leah didn't send any back.
Beks: Did you? How did I not know about this?
Leah: Cause you don't need to be all up in ALL of our business.
Beks: Well?
Bella: She sent a few yes. And yes they were racey. Moving on.

Beks: Fine. Leah, what was with the urgent texts to Alice the night the girls went to the Abbey?

Leah: Fuck - I didn't want bitches like Maria feeling up on B while I wasn't there. I know Rose wouldn't have let anything serious happen, but still, sometimes she and Alice can get a little caught up in each other. Last time I let my guard down at the Abbey Emmett ended up in our house.

Beks: When were you more jealous? When you saw Edward man-handling Bella or at the club?

Leah: Edward pissed me off more. I know Maria. She has her weird Domme thing going on with various girls, which is cool if that's her thing. But she is a lot of talk and I know she's actually afraid of me. She tried to take Alice home one night and I am I almost kicked her ass.
Beks: Is that why she didn't really test you with Bella?
Leah : Pretty much. Rose had to hold me back from fucking her up when she came at Al. It was different with Edward - I didn't know that he was Emmett's extremely gay brother and I knew how I felt about B, but I didn't know exact how over guys she was.
Bella: (coos at Mary) And that, Baby, is why communication is key.

Beks: (laughs) And what about those days when you slept together but didn't talk? What was going through your mind then?
Leah: I was pretty pissed at myself and pretty frustrated, but I didn't talk cause I knew what I wanted. She seemed so happy with Alice and Rose. I didn't really have to right to say anything - especially since I was being so inconsistent. I hadn't earned the right to tell her how I really felt. So I didn't say anything.

Beks: How was - emotionally speaking, -your first night with Bella?
Leah: On the porch or the nigh we went to the Abbey?
Beks: The night you went to the Abbey
Leah: Uh - I had a lot on my mind. I mean I'd been watching her with Rose and Alice and it was a kinda surreal to be alone with her like that. I wasn't exactly thinking straight.
Bella: What do you mean?
Leah: Well I was feeling pretty possessive still from the club and then I lost all touch with logic and reason when we were dancing, but then I kept trying not to think about the fact that in the morning or maybe even if they crept in later that night - I would have to share her with Rose and Alice again. So I just tried to make the whole experience as unforgettable as possible.
Beks: Did she succeed?
Bella: Oh yeah.

Beks: What was your breaking point in your relationship with Bella?

Leah: God which time. Ah - twice I guess. When I saw James touching her. I couldn't stomach the idea of her being with someone else and then they idea of someone hurting her when I wasn't around. I couldn't handle that. And then when she stuck up for me in front of Emily.

Beks: What was Emily saying to you - when Bella stepped in?

Leah: Stupid cunt was telling me she hoped I'd be as happy as her and Sam one day.
Bella: I'm sure you've cornered the market on happier though baby.
Leah: (laughs) She's pissed we have such cute kids.

Beks: Bella what is your favorite body part on Leah? Leah what's yours on Bella?

Bella: I have to pick one? Um - her ass definitely. My boo has a great ass.
Leah: (laughs) Thanks babe. I do love her pussy and her other lips, but I'm gonna have to go with her tits. I'm not hating how much bigger they've gotten.
Bella: Thank you baby, they do serve multiple purposes.

Erica finally comes out of her baby haze - or her fascination with Jake's biceps, long enough to ask a few questions.

Erica: On that note, how did Leah deal with your tits being so sore after the babies were born, Bella? I have breastfed an infant and that shit hurts!
Bella: It's not exactly the most enjoyable feeling in the world, but its nice to have two live in drainage systems. Leah's been very patient with me
Leah: I don't know how her body feels right now, so it would be messed up for me to be grabbing on her or begging her to let me suck on her tits (Jake is suddenly shifting in his seat. Nessie notices) if she's in pain or even a little uncomfortable. But even when I can't touch they are fun to look at.
Bella: I still let her touch though.

I think I notice Leah licking her lips, but I can't be sure or if I was just seeing things.

Erica: when is your birthday, Leah?

Leah: I don't know. Ask Beks. Just kidding. It's May 10th. I'm a Taurus and yes B is a Virgo. We're compatible. I checked.

Beks: What is your ideal birthday present Bella? Leah?

Bella: I already got mine.
Beks: What was it?
Leah: My nipple rings.
Beks: Makes sense. Leah what about you? What would be your ideal gift from Bella?
Leah: This is gonna sound mad corny, but whatever. She gave me the girls and that was the best gift anyone has ever given me.
Bella: (a tad misty eyed) Aww babe.
Leah: (wipes her own eyes) Okay. Okay - next question

Beks: Okay - We didn't notice the Yahama outside. Did you give it up or move on to something else?
Leah: I sold the Yahama - but Jake and the boys got me a Ducati for my birthday last year. It's in the back.
Beks: God I wish I had friends like that.
Leah: Well they thought it was a little early for me to hang up my spurs. I've kinda doomed myself though. I can't really tell the girls they can't get bikes when they're old enough.

Beks: We know you model, would you be up for a photo shoot with Bella - have any ideas for something you'd like to try?
Leah: Actually B had some amazing photos take of herself while she when she was seven months pregnant with the girls. I'll show you guys in a little bit. I don't think I would have improved the images any.
Bella: Oh stop it. I'd love it if Leah got some pin-ups of herself done. That would be pretty sexy.
Leah: Really?
Bella: Yeah.

Beks: What is your idea of a "dream date" with Bella?
Leah: Does our honeymoon count?
Beks: Sure. Where'd you guys go?
Bella: We went to Puerto Rico. It was so freakin' romantic. We got this nice private villa on the beach and pretty much fucked and went swimming for two weeks.
Leah: Yeah I mean I enjoy anytime I get her to myself, but our honeymoon was amazing. Any time we can be alone and naked is a dream date for me.

Beks: What is the one thing about Leah you would change - and you can't say "nothing"?

Bella: Hmmm. I don't know. I wish she slept more. Even when the twins are out cold, she's always awake. I know its her "thinking/quiet time" for herself, but it worries me when she doesn't sleep.
Leah: I can't help it. It's just habit.
Beks: What would you change about Bella?
Leah: Sometimes she's too nice. Some lady totally cut her in line at the grocery store the other day and B just let her. Not that she shoulda punched her in the head, but still -
Bella: Not everyone can be as intimidating as you. (winks at Leah)

Beks: Speaking of Leah's more intimidating side - I'll have to apologize for this cause I may have represented one side of this story, but a couple of my readers commented that I may have forced you into motherhood. Please tell them how wrong they are.
Leah: Beks didn't force me - us into anything. I know I come off as a hard ass sometime, but there's a girlie girl on the inside who always wanted to be a mom. I'm just glad we had girls. There's so many freakin' men of the Res.

Beks: Okay I have one last questions. Bella, If you could do anything differently - what would it have been?
Bella: Hmmm - nothing really. There were some not fun times, but I think if things had gone differently - I may have ended up with Leah, but we wouldn't have had the twins. I wouldn't change a thing about my life or my family now.

Here ends part one. I put the links to Mary and Lily's Onesies in my profile. I'm going to try and post part 2 this week. We'll see. I hope it didn't suck too much. Sorry if the formatting is a little weird. FF was not working with me.

QUESTION: If I wrote one last one shot - Emmett and Jake having sex - would that interest any of you?

Chapter 22: Super Epi Part 2: You and Me

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer's characters. My weird ideas.

A/N: I'll be honest and say this isn't as great as Leah and Bella's Interview BUT here it is anyway. I know for a fact that I will never finish SO OBVIOUS so here's as much as I could fill in. I just totally forgot to post it.

For those of you reading this with So Obvious who haven't read St. Andrew's Place - just ignore all the Bella/Leah chatter.

General Questions for So Obvious:

Rhyadawn: Where does Jake's anger come from?

I wanted to manifest Jake's issues with his temper from the books in some way. Issues at home and a general quick temper seemed like a good way to portray it. And of course it only really comes out with something isnt right with one of his ladies.

Do the brothers ever find out about Ness and Rose?

No. There would be murder and blood shed.

Weasleyweakness: Does Emmett ever find out about the love of his love, doing his sister and his best friend?

No. Again I think in real life all of your secrets don't always come out. I think that knowledge would just unnecessarily hurt Emmett. Rose loves him and she does want to marry him.

Whitlock'sGirl: Is Emmett able to satisfy Rose's Daddy issues?

Yes. I honestly really don't want to elaborate on this, but I will cause I know i'll never sit down and write it. It was my plan to have Emmett fail miserably at dominating Rose in the bedroom. Part of the issue being that he wasnt taking any of it seriously. Seeing how much this bummed Rosalie out, Emmett was going to learn everything about being the perfect sub behind Rosalie's back cause hes just can't get into dominating her. Surprise - Rosalie likes the role reversal.

iamnotbambi: If Nessie didn't exist, would Jake love the girl he eventually ended up with as much as he loves Nessie?

I think so. In my mind Nessie is the only girl for him, but I think if he found something that he truly cared for her would care for them the same way he does for Nessie.

Interview with Jake and Nessie

After Lunch, Bella and Leah take the girls - and Meyer for a walk around the neighborhood. Erica can't resist the babies or the dog and decides to tag along. I don't waste any time getting right into my interview with Jake and Nessie. We decide to stay camped out in the kitchen.

Beks: So I think we should just clear this up right now - What happened with Kate and have there been any other girls since?

Nessie: Kate was with Jake and I for six months.

Beks: What happened?

Jake: (smirks) We took her to see Zee dance.

Nessie: Kate took one look at her on the pole and dumped us.

Jake: It wasn't that simple -

Nessie: They hit it off and started hanging out more and more and then Kate told us she wanted to see Zee on a more exclusive basis.

Beks: How'd you take that?

Nessie: I think I was actually relieved. For one we weren't dating her all that publicly so people thought she was like this permanent third wheel and then I started to see how much I didn't like sharing Jake all the time.

Beks: So I take it there hasn't been anyone since?

Nessie: Well I said I didn't like sharing him all the time - uh Amanda's been down to visit a few times.

Beks: So you're much happier with it just being the two of you?

Nessie: Yes. Definitely.

Beks: If Kate was a guy, do you think Jake would feel differently about sharing Nessie even just sexually?

Jake: Is that a serious question?

Beks: Yes.

Jake: I've always had ground rules. An unspoken rule is no other dick in the house.

Nessie: I wouldn't ask for it anyway. I'm all set. (pats Jake's leg under the table)

Beks: Jake when Nessie first told you she'd given you her virginity you seemed to shuffle through a wide range of emotions, what annoyed you about finding out you were her first.

Jake: I'll be real - I was annoyed cause I kinda wished she had told me before. It would have been a thousand times hotter if she'd done all those things - like suck my dick the way she did and knowing she was a virgin the whole time, well part of time. That's pretty much every guys fantasy - fucking a willing, hot - and legal virgin.

Beks: What's the weirdest thing you've fantasized about?

Jake: Uh - I mean I think most dudes will tell you the weird shit they fantasize about they would never want their girlfriend to participate in. I guess she could dress up for me - some school girl outfits or something. But I don't think I have any weird fantasies that involve her.

Beks: Nessie?

Nessie: We've done everything I've wanted to do. I can't think of any thing I've fantasized about that hasn't become a reality.

Beks: Anything recently thats been particularly exciting?

Nessie: We did fuck in the shop last week. That was pretty hot.

Jake: Fuck. Yeah that was.

Beks: What happened?

Nessie: I took Jake's truck to help Rose move some things from Edward's house over to her and Em's. When I came to pick Jake up - I don't know what came over him he just picked me up on one of the work benches and fucked the hell out of me.

Jake: I had a really annoying customer and I wanted to blow off some steam.

Nessie: Baby we have to do that again when we get back.

Jake: We will.

Beks: If Rose and Emmett didn't work out, Jake would you have left Rose eventually to be with Nessie?

Jake: Yeah. Pretty much the moment I found out Emmet had feelings for Rose I looked at the whole situation differently. I mean its hard to fuck someone you know your best buddy if in love with and then I'd been with Vanessa at that point - it was heading that way.

Nessie: (smiling) I would have fought for him anyway.

Beks: Jake tell us some of things you like most about your lady - physically and relationship wise?

Jake: (looks at Nessie) I don't know. Should I start from the top and make work my way down?

Beks: Sure.

Jake: I love her hair and her eyes, but its a toss up between her lips and her tits for me. As far as our relationship - shit she spoils the hell out of me and she's a damn good cook and she's fucking smart as hell. She's very sweet to her family too. It's hard not to love someone like that.

Beks: Nessie?

Nessie: Well I love his hands.

Beks: Those are some pretty big hands you got there Jake.

Jake: It would look kinda weird if they were small right?

Beks: Tru - Nessie, besides his hands?

Nessie: I think his size one of his most attractive features. His dick yes- but I mean I like how tall he is. When we go out people move out of his way and I love how safe that makes me feel. He's also a huge softy when its just the two of us.

Beks: I don't know hes seems pretty softened up right now.

Nessie: He gets softer trust me.

Jake: Anyway -

Beks: We know losing Nessie scares the crap out of you Jake, but what scares you the most Nessie?

Nessie: Now - losing him. I think Jake's always had a hard time with his family. I wanted to murder Edward for a while, but my brothers were the most important thing in the world - now its him

Beks: Seriously. You guys are going to make me cry.

Nessie: (laughs) Shut up.

Beks: Sorry I have to step back to the sex for a moment - Jake would you ever offer advice to Emmett on how to dominate a woman sexually?

Jake: Sure? Guys don't really ask each other shit like that.

Nessie: Yeah think they know everything -

Jake: Or we just take it to the internet. It's not that cool to let your boys know you're not handling things in your own bedroom.

Beks: Do you miss being the dominate one?

Jake: (caresses Nessie's neck) Nah. I think Vanessa's got things pretty under control.

Beks: Okay a bit of a lighter question. How do you guys sleep? Are you guys snugglers?

Nessie: We're both cuddlers. He just so warm. Its hard to resist.

Jake: I enjoy a good spooning.

Beks: Jake, your feelings for Nessie seemed rather strong - are you in love or were there times where your feelings crept over to the side of obsession?

Nessie: He's not obsessed with me. He's in love.

Beks: Jake in your own words?

Jake: In love. Definitely. Obsessed would imply that I would some illegal shit to be with her or do some illegal shit to her if she didn't want to be with me and that's not how I roll. I just want her to be happy.

Beks: (smiles) Thank you. - You guys had pretty intense experience the night you got out the hospital. What was going on in your head then Nessie?

Nessie: Oh you mean the anal in the shower?

Beks: (laughs) yes the anal in the shower.

Nessie: At first I was thinking holy shit this is gonna hurt. I mean you've seen it. (eyes Jake's crotch) He is not small.

Beks: Right.

Nessie: After the initial blinding pain, it was great, but then I started to realize just how upset he was and that killed me. I'd never hurt anyone's feelings before. Jake's my first real friend and of course my first love so it was really fucked up to see just how much I'd scared him, but of course we moved passed that.

Beks: Speaking of moving on, Nessie I know that there is a chance you might not be able to have kids, some of the readers were wondering how you guys were dealing with that now?

Nessie: I can have kids. I've been back to the doctor and I got the baby seal of approval - but we're not really at the kids stage of things yet. Not that its super important but I think my mom wants to see us married first and I'm going to getting my master's in elementary ed. We have some time.

Beks: Jake do you want kids?

Jake: I do, but like Vanessa said, we're take things one step at a time. Miguel just asked me to be a partner in the shop - over see our expansion. Vanessa and I have a lot things we want to do before we become parents.

Nessie: Besides we watch Edward's little boy - Masen, plenty and Rose is due in four months you we'll have another little one to babysit.

Beks: Oh! Does she know what she's having yet?

Nessie: No they are waiting til he or she arrives.

Beks: And what's the new of the Alice/Jasper front?

Nessie: Still together of course, not married yet though. Alice and Bella moved down to Miami with us. Alice has a boutique on South Beach that is doing really well and Jasper is in his second year of Med-school.

Beks: Have you guys talked about marriage?

Nessie: You wanna tell her?

Jake: No, Mama. You go ahead.

Nessie: We're already engaged.

Beks: See I leave you people alone for a few months or years. Leah gets pierced. You two decide to get married. What the fuck? And wheres the ring?

I pick up Nessie's hand to double check. I admit at times I can be a little blind, but theres no ring on her left hand.

Jake: It's in La Push. We're going up so Vanessa can finally meet my dad and so I can have my mother's engagement ring.

Beks: Wow. Ness - you haven't met Billy yet?

Nessie: Nope

Jake: There hasn't really been a need til now.

I look at the clock and realize that I have quite literally run out of time with these two. It's bitter sweet to send them on there way, but Jake wants to drive to Washington and they want to get started. I walk with them back towards the living room where Leah, Bella, Eric and StAs Jake are playing with the twins. Hugs are given and goodbyes are said. I fight the urge to walk them all the way out to their car and settle instead for saying goodbye on the front porch.

Beks: Well Nessie you have to send me a picture of the ring and let me know what you think of Billy.

Nessie: Of course I will.

After a quick hug I turn to Jake.

Jake: I'll be in touch.

Beks: I hope so.

I'll spare you all the details of the weepy goodbye that was narrowly avoided. I headed back into the house for a few more minutes of baby fun before I ditch Erica for the date I have with my other Jake. :) Thanks for reading!