Glenn hit the ground running. His legs pumped like pistons, and his heart was thumping in time. They had to make it out of this; there was no other option. The kiss had electrified him… Suddenly, he had something tangible to look forward to.

They had agreed on a plan. He would go first, Daryl would follow immediately after. Just run- don't look back or stop for anything. The walkers had cleared enough that they had a makeshift path, but it wasn't much, and it wouldn't last.

Murphy's Law was written for moments like this.

Daryl's foot slipped on the top of the dumpster as he jumped, and he skidded off of it. He landed hard on his ankle which gave way with a distinctly unpleasant 'pop', his head simultaneously slamming into the corner of the trash bin. The agony was immediate and blinding.

Glenn turned at the sound of his partner's yell of pain. His eyes widened on taking in the scene- Daryl struggling to stand up, the walkers turning and begin to converge on his location.



Hell no. Glenn sprinted back to Daryl, pausing only to crush the skull of a walker that stood in his path. He grabbed Daryl's arm and hauled him up. "Get your ass up, we gotta head now."

"We're both gonna be walker food, you tryin' to carry me outta here like this."

"Better to die together than alone, right?"

Their progress was painstakingly slow. Daryl limped as fast as he could, leaning heavily on Glenn for support. Each man had a hand free to hold their weapons, but that wasn't particularly comforting when they were surrounded on all sides.

"Shitshitshitshitshitshit." Daryl felt a hand grab at his pant leg and he instinctively kicked backwards, gasping as his injured foot made contact with a crawler's skull. His vision blurred, and briefly went black. Glenn's shout brought him back to the surface of consciousness quickly enough, but they just weren't moving fast enough.

"Come on Daryl, stay with me! We're almost to the truck."

"I can't. You have to leave me. We both know we're not going to make it like this."

Glenn groaned. It was true- they were being swarmed, and Daryl was on the verge of blacking out completely. He made a snap decision and turned abruptly, pulling them towards the nearest storefront. The door was ajar; once inside he kicked it shut, hoping to buy them a few minutes.

Daryl's head drooped, brushing Glenn's shoulder- he had passed out. Panicked, the younger man scanned the store before locating a utility closet. Partially lifting his unconscious friend, he dragged him to the closet and lowered him to the ground inside.


There was no response.

"DARYL. Please man, common."

His eyes fluttered before finally focusing on Glenn's tortured face.

"Daryl, I'll be back for you. Just stay here- I'll draw the walkers away."




Glenn grimaced, and fled.