The Little Strudel Boy


Twas a cold night – parumpum pum pum
No food or bed in sight – parumpum pum pum
Just walking back and forth my guarding post
Make sure there's no escape's what matters most
Rumpum pum pum, rumpum pum pum
Wish I could go home – parumpum pum pum
This is just dumb

Who'll relieve me? – parumpum pum pum
My feet are killing me – parumpum pum pum
How come we always end up fighting again?
I'd rather be good friends with every man
Rumpum pum pum, rumpum pum pum
Those who start a war – parumpum pum pum
Must be real dumb

Halt! – Who goes there? parumpum pum pum
Do I smell Apfelstrudel? Yummy yum yum!
From barracks 2 appears my little French friend
A plate of steaming Strudel in his hand
Yummy yum yum, yummy yum yum!
Come and eat, he says, yum yummy yum yum
Fill your tum

You just promise – parumpum pum pum
That you'll see noth-ing – parumpum pum pum
When Colonel Hogan brings that plane into camp
You'll just enjoy your Strudel, won't you, my friend?
Yummy yum yum, yummy yum yum!
I see noth-ing! Yum yummy yum yum
Licking my thumb