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Sick Days

Rachel's POV

"Mistress Rachel, time to get up. You have to be at the Young Justice Head Quarters in less than an hour and Master Bruce is looking for you," I hear an English clad voice say, taking me out of my slumber. Oh, wait, that's Alfred. I open my eyes and notice that I have a slight head ache, but then again it is allergy season…even the Robin, the Girl Wonder, isn't immune to seasonal allergies. Alfred sees that I'm awake and points to his watch.

Crap, I'm running late. I quickly sit up and jump out of bed, I regret that choice instantly. As soon as I get up I see spots in front of my eyes and I lose my balance and nearly fall on the floor if it wasn't for Alfred, who caught me by the elbow.

"Are you quite alright, Mistress Rachel?" Alfred asks politely as ever. I give him a weak smile. Something's up and we both know it, but being the stubborn Grayson that I am, I'm just going to shrug it off like it's nothing.

"Yea, I just got up too fast. No big deal. I'll see you downstairs in a few minutes," I reply and he gives me a skeptical look as he releases my elbow. He walks out of the room and shuts the door quietly behind him. I get into my civilian clothes and run down the stairs and make it into the kitchen in five minutes. I skid to a stop on the tiled floor and nearly lose my balance, for the second time today! What's up with me?

"You wanted to see me, Bruce?" I question my mentor/father figure, who is sitting at the small table reading the paper. We barely ever use the main dining room unless we're feeding Wally and need the table space. I think Bruce read something about family meals bringing grades up in school or something…stupid parenting books, don't they know sitting too closely to the world's greatest detective makes all your secrets meaningless?

"I was going to tell you that you had a mission with me today, but I've been informed that you're sick. I've set up someone to watch you at the cave. Conner will take over your position as Robin for the day," Bruce answers putting the paper down to analyze me and to make sure that Alfred told him the truth about my health. I'm about to give a counter argument when the dizziness hits me again, this time there's no one to catch me, and everything fades into black.

I feel myself coming back to the world of consciousness and open my eyes. What greets me sends me into a panic, everything is black. Either I've been kidnapped again or I'm over reacting.

"You're finally up, I thought you had died or something," I hear a familiar voice tease me. I let my eyes adjust to the darkness and realize that it's Roy talking to me. I must be at mount justice, so I look to the right and see that it's one in the afternoon. I've sleeping for quite a long time, about five hours. I must be really sick.

"Roy, what's going on? I don't really remember much from this morning," I admit to him and he just rolls his eyes.

"Batman brought you over here unconscious in his arms. He handed you over to me and told me to watch you. He then grabbed Conner by the ear and dragged him out to Gotham," Roy replies and I feel all the blood from my face drain.

"Bruce is having you take care of me? Is this some kind of sick joke? You can't even take care of a hamster for a day without having it die, nevertheless a human being," I comment and I see Roy's face to turn a light pink. I smirk at my little victory and try to get up from my bed, but Roy stops me.

"Nope, you aren't leaving you room. I'm here to take care of you, so what do you need?" Roy questions me with a mischievous grin on his face. Oh, dear.

"I'm just kind of hungry. I'm pretty sure that I can deal with that myself, thanks for offering," I tell him and he runs out of the room and locks me in. I look around my room for my costume and lock picking equipment, but it seems to me that Roy as taken it…he will pay.

It takes me about ten minutes, but I find an old utility belt in the back of my closet. For the first time today I'm having a stroke of luck because there's some lock picks in it! I go up to the door and take care of lock without a problem. I open the door to my room only to be greeted by the sound of an explosion. Don't tell me the base has been infiltrated…I go as quickly as possible to the noise only to find Roy covered in what looks to be soup.

My gaze goes from Roy to the microwave that has its door blown open and to the toaster next to it…the toaster is on fire. I pinch the bridge of my nose in irritation and grab the fire extinguisher and put out the fire. I turn to Roy and he still has a look of shock on his face.

"I'm going to mention this again, you can't take care of a hamster and apparently you can't take care of yourself either. I'm going to take over you little cooking adventure. Oh, clean up your mess," I tell him. I open the refrigerator to find that Bruce had Alfred make some soup for me, so I put it on the stove and heat the soup up in about ten minutes.

While I'm in the middle of eating my soup I hear the computer announce Batman and Conner into the cave. It took about ten seconds for them to walk in and see the sight before them. I'm eating some soup out of a bowl and leaning on the counter, utterly exhausted and about to fall asleep in a ruined kitchen that, Roy, my so called babysitter, is cleaning.

"What happened here?" Bruce growls at Roy who gives a sheepish smile and begins explaining. I notice from the corner of my eye that Conner is coming over towards me.

"Come on, you need to rest. What are you doing on your feet anyway?" Conner questions picking me up and bringing me to my room.

"Roy blew up the kitchen and I was hungry. He's almost as bad as Wally in the kitchen. He managed to take out the microwave and the toaster in one shot, it was pretty impressive now that I think about it…so what happened in Gotham" I ask him as I doze off in his arms.

"The Joker broke out and Batman needed backup. The Joker enjoyed my company thoroughly. He even tried to kill me. I don't know how you deal with him on a regular basis," Conner comments while he opens the door to my room.

I feel myself getting put on my bed and Conner lying down next to me. "Why would Bruce have Roy look after you? He can't even look after a hamster. You're too hard core to be a hamster. Now go to sleep, I'll be here when you wake up," Conner says kissing my temple as I drift off into a deep sleep.

I wake up later to see Conner asleep next to me with his arms wrapped protectively around me. I glance across the room to see Roy glaring at us from across the room. I mouth the word 'jealous' to him. He mouths 'no' and then sneezes. Looks like someone caught what I have. I smirk and then curl up closer to Conner.

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2. Bruce is chucked into Rachel's dimension de-aged and all the magicians are off world (yep, that's my excuse for a story line). Bruce refuses to go back to his dimension until he's cured, by the way, he's thirteen. This means he's Clare's age...XD Now the Kent/Grayson family has another teenager on their hands and this one is BATMAN...There will be dimension hopping, so my Dick/Wally quota will be filled for all of you who are freaking out.

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