So the voting is close, there's a one vote difference between both I'm giving the first half of the each and then which ever you guys like better you can vote on...again. XD I don't think I gave you guys a good enough summary, so I started both...and there we go. This is the final little snippet before I start really writing. I left both on kind of cliff hangers, so they'll peek interest. ;)

Idea number 1

Wally's POV

I'm currently running laps around Central City as the Flash. My work as a super hero is never done. Right now it's about four in the afternoon and I can't wait for the day to be over. I have a date with Dick later tonight. I've been looking forward to this night for weeks and for a speedster that makes it ten times longer of a wait.

Suddenly my phone goes off. I pull it out running near the speed of sound and hope I can get decent cell service while doing this. "Wally, we have a problem," I hear Dick say from the other end. I swear if he's cancelling on me for work again, I might just kill him.

"Dick, if you're ditching me for work tonight, I swear," I threaten lightly over the phone and I hear him sigh. That's never a good sign. Am I missing something here?

"Wally, it's Tim, the cave's been infiltrated. I'm trying to get in now. I figured that you might want to come and help," Dick replies before hanging up and I sprint to the nearest zeta tube. No one messes with my birds! I get into the tube and hear it saying my name and manage to get into the cave. I see Dick getting into the cave through the front door. I peer around the cave to see it destroyed. There are burn marks, skid marks and a few blasts from a laser.

A loud shriek echoes through the cave. Dick and I look at each other horrified, that's Tim. "It came from the training room," Dick comments and I pick him and run towards the training room to where our little bird is being hurt. Right before we enter the training room I put Dick down and we walk in. We are greeted with the familiar sight of the villain, Warp. He's standing near the dimensional gate, it's been turned on and he has a sadistic smile on his face.

"Where's Robin?" Dick questions dangerously as he pulls out an explosive disk.

"I wouldn't try and blow this up. Your little bird is tumbling through this glorious invention to another dimension. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be making my escape," Warp explains and I pounce with Dick right behind me. Warps eyes go wide as my fist connects with his face. He staggers backwards and falls through the portal.

"Flash, it's starting to close. We have to go in and get Robin back," Dick orders and we jump into it without a second thought. We have to get out son back. I can tell that I black out part way through the jump because I wake up on the ground with Dick in my arms, out cold. The next thing that runs through my head is 'Tim' I look around frantically for Tim and find him on the ground not far from me.

"Walls, where are we?" Dick mumbles from beside me as he gets up and moves to check on Tim. I quickly follow him. It seems that Tim has a broken arm and possibly a concussion. It seems to me by the d├ęcor that we're in the young justice cave, except this on is actually in one piece.

"Tim, Bart, get back here right now and face me like the men you claim you are!" a young female voice yells. By the volume of her voice she doesn't seem to be too far away.

She comes into view a few seconds later with a red face and her bright blue eyes flashing with anger. She turns her head towards us and her eyes widen with surprise. Well, it looks like we've landed in Clare's dimension. This is a first, we've never managed to get ourselves here. They've always come to us.

"What are you guys doing here?" Clare asks surprised and then sees Tim, "we need to get him to the med bay. I'll get this thing sorted out." Clare runs out of the room and calls for someone to bring a stretcher. A few seconds later a rush of wind, a speedster and a second Robin greet us.

"Clare told us that you needed help?" The speedster questions and I point to Tim who's lying on the ground out cold. He nods and puts him on a stretcher. They rush Tim off to the med bay and Dick and I follow close behind.

Idea Number 2

Bruce's POV

Being captured by the Joker and two lords of chaos wasn't on my To Do list tonight. I was expecting Two Face to be at the warehouse tonight, but it seems like the Joker and his friends had an ambush planned. I'm currently tied in the corner of the room and waiting for the Joker and the magicians to finish their most recent argument.

The only positive side to this is the fact that they can't agree on anything, so I've been able to dodge a few blast, crowbars or the occasional spell. "Ah, Batsy, this is the end for you, prepare to be thwarted. I found this little device after your little bird dropped it," the Joker rambles. I look at the device he's holding and realize what it is immediately and my eyes widen. What was Tim doing with that?

I see the Joker giving the device to one of the magicians while whispering something to the other. The magicians start hooking up the device to a larger machine in the back. The larger device seems to be a ray gun or some sort. The Joker gives me a devilish smirk and a dramatic bow. "This seems to be your last performance, Batsy. Men, turn on the machine," the Joker commands happily as the machine begins to glow and the two magicians casting a last minute spell on the ray gun. The gun glows a bright purple and hits me square on the chest. I feel a tingling sensation and being pulled backwards, but I don't feel hurt. I try and fight unconsciousness, but it takes hold of me.

"Mami, Tati, there's a boy on the floor!" I hear a young girl shout to her parents. Wait, did she say boy? Last time I checked it wasn't a 'boy'.

"Oh, my, bring him over to the couch. I'll see if we have any extra clothes. Call Tim for that. I'll see if I can get him up," an older female voice orders and I feel strong arms lift my up and put me on something soft. I open my eyes to come face to face with a woman in her thirties at most. She reminds me a lot of Dick, but that can't be right, he's an only child.

"Where am I?" I ask and then notice something is wrong with my voice. It sounds a lot higher than usual.

"You're in my apartment, I'm Rachel Grayson. Are you Bruce Wayne?" She questions and I nod. So, this is Rachel's dimension. How did I even manage to get here?

"He's supposed to be Bruce? He looks to be about Clare's age. Last time we saw him he was Batman, not a kid in grade school," an older version of Conner comments. Wait, did he say kid?

"What does he mean by kid?" I ask and the girl, Clare, comes out with a mirror and some clothes. She hands them to me with a grin and I force myself to take a look.

I see a young child staring back in the mirror. I've been de-aged by more than thirty years! I see the young girl laughing at my shocked expression and I give her my best bat-glare.

"Don't laugh, it's rude," I chastises her and she covers her mouth to hide a smirk.

"Or you'll do what, try and beat me up? By the looks of it, I bench more than you weigh," she says breaking into another fit of giggles.

"Clare, behave yourself, just a little bit. Conner, go and call Bruce. I need to get in contact with Wally. We're going to need to rebuild the dimensional gate," Rachel orders while she gets up and leaves the room with Conner. This leaves me with Clare.

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