Ten Feet Off the Ground.

Chapter 16 - Elizabeth

I stood there, packing up the house. Edward and Bella didn't live in it long, so they didn't have much in it. The past four years I've been to three funerals. Bella's mother, my beloved son, Edward, and his precious wife, Bella.

Bella was only 21 when she took her life. I held the note she wrote before she did so. I closed my eyes and remembered her lifeless body on the bench of Edward's piano, her head resting on the keys which weren't white anymore.

It was red with her blood.

They got rid of the piano, and the spot where it use to stand was bare. Cold.

Edward touched my shoulder. "Are you alright, sweetheart?"

My bottom lip trembled. "Never mind me," I assured him, packing more things into the box with a blurry vision.

Bella never called out for help to anyone, never said a word. I could tell she needed help, but she never let me. The poor girl felt like she had no one to turn to. Her funeral was two days ago, and we buried her in between Edward and Renee.

I spotted something on the shelf, a journal. Bella's journal. I only skimmed through it because I knew it was personal. Dead or not, it belong to her. I smiled a bit. It went all the way from when she first got it, way before she met Edward, to when they met, to after they'd married, to their adventures, all the way until the end. The last page was a dateā€¦the day I found her dead. I read it; it was the shortest journal entry in the book.

Dear Journal,

I cannot do this anymore. I am afraid we will be parting, and I will never write in you again. Goodbye.

I closed the book and packed it up.

The End.

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