Warning: This chapter contains physical abuse- please stop right here if that's a hard limit for you.

Chapter 15: Echo

Three weeks since I've laid eyes on her and she looks more beautiful now than before. Her hair picks up, billowing in the wind. I like the way it dreamily brushes against her soft shoulders. Light glows all around her as her eyes burn bright. She has the face of an angel; a true angel.

She doesn't say a word as I come closer. Standing still, she smiles softly while I make my way, the pull of her luminescence drawing me in. Her light shines brighter and brighter, illuminating further out from her core, with each gravitational tug that brings me in to her. It's taking so long to get to her.

So long.

Her hands lift to meet mine as I come within reach. Her eyes express that she is peaceful and happy with our transcendence.

Ten fingers reach out to touch hers and I'm taken over. One soul hijacked by another; we are now two made one.

I hear her thoughts, feel her feelings and the love, the love overwhelms. Just like in my room, she still overwhelms me as her beautiful soul is laid out for me to see.

The sweetest, most delicate laugh sounds aloud and inside as bodies collide for an embrace.

No need for words. We won't need those anymore.

Not here.

But I speak and she says the words as well. And I want to hear it always. I want to hear her say it everyday, everyday of this infinite life we've been given.

This is our forever, no matter how we got here, it's essentially what we've always wanted.

To love and to be loved, forever.

This is our forever.


I whizzed past the Port Angeles sign in record time; just thinking about seeing her again added weight to my foot. The new ride not only drove great, but it was comfortable too, and though I was tired as hell from the drive, I couldn't wait to get to her. She'd sounded so sweet on the phone. I missed her small voice, her soft touch and goddamn, I missed her lips. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't hoping to get it in tonight. My pants tightened as I imagined pressing a long, slow thrust into her, feeling her squeeze around me as I pulled out and then thrusted quickly, deep inside. I wanted to be inside her again. Give it to her good and remind her of what we have, how much time we've missed.

I decided to stop by the house and shower just in case we made it that far. I figured that I should at least smell decent for her since I didn't look so hot.

The sun was going down as I pulled into the driveway. Emmett's car wasn't there so I figured he was at Rose and Bella's. It felt good to be back. Port Angeles was home and I was finally cool with moving on from Arizona. It felt amazing actually, to have all my options open for me.

I parked as close to the garage as I could so that if Emmett did come flying in, not expecting this truck to be here, he hopefully wouldn't hit it. And then I decided that maybe I should just text him a heads up instead since he doesn't pay attention like he should, I shouldn't just trust him to notice a bigass new vehicle in our driveway. Fucker looks at his phone way too much while driving.

I hopped out, grabbing my bag, and punched in a text to Emmett letting him know that I was home, not to rear end the new ride if he came home.

The screen door screeched as I pulled it open to stick my key in the lock. I stepped into the house and couldn't see shit, save for the fading daylight coming in from where I stood. I tossed my bag onto the table and let the screen door swing closed behind me. I took heavy steps through the dark house to the staircase. I could smell the trash. It was obvious that Emmett hadn't been here much either. I didn't feel like fucking with the trash so I just left it and climbed the dark stairs leading straight to my bedroom to grab some clothes.

Even in the dark I could see that my room was still a mess, clothes tossed over my chair, messy sheets on the bed, empty liquor bottles and ashtrays all around. I needed to clean it up, but that would have to wait. My only agenda was getting back to Bella. I reached for the knobs of the closet doors and watched as they scrolled open. I felt around for the string hanging from the ceiling to turn the light on.

Empty hangers and clothes half on them dangled in front of me as I contemplated what to wear for her. I pushed hangers aside until I found a soft, black v-neck and quickly jerked it off the hanger. I reached above to the top shelf and grabbed a pair of folded jeans before going to my dresser for some boxers.

I scooted some of the glasses and bottles out of the way to make room to lay my clothes and made a mental note to hire a maid. Stat. I couldn't bring Bella back here with my room like this. Jesus, I'd really let myself go in the last three weeks. Time away from her had really done a number on me. Thank God, I'd get to see her again. Thank God our time away from each other was over.

The first drawer I looked through was nothing but socks and shit I'd shoved in it to keep off of the dresser. I pulled the middle drawer open, praying I had some clean shit to wear and that's when I got the feeling that I wasn't alone. That's when the hair on the back of my neck stood and I heard the floor creak behind me while shuffling through the drawer.

He cleared his throat and without looking, I knew who was behind me.

"You think you've got her, don't you; that you two will be together."

His voice, paired with my sleep deprivation, made me irrational. Visions of ending him flashed through my mind. I could feel the bones in his neck pop as I turned and snapped it in one swift, circular motion. His voice broke through my crazed thoughts as he paced behind me. I stood still.

"How does it feel, to love someone that you'll never have, E?"

I turned around and leaned back against my dresser, propping both hands on the edge and looked him in the eye. "You forget how to use a phone or you just feeling extra stalkerish tonight, Jake?"

What was with this guy? I wasn't in the mood for his shit. I was all fine and despite the long ass day of driving, I was in a good mood, ready to go see Bella and then Jake decides to "pop in" and go all stalkerazzi on me. I didn't have time for his fake-ass shenanigans, so rather than arguing with him, I would just let him get out whatever he needed to so that I could get on with my night.

He took two steps closer to me and though only the light from my closet was on, I could tell that his eyes were red. He looked a little crazy, quite frankly.

"I'm just here to tell you that you'll never have her."

"I take that back, you're obviously feeling extra delusional tonight." I'd had enough. Short- tempered and impatient with his attitude, I took my hands off the dresser, grabbed the boxers that I needed, and side-eyed him while speaking. "Look, I appreciate your sweet gesture of waiting for me in my bedroom, but, I'm not interested. I don't swing that way and I've got plans. So, feel free to let yourself out, buddy."

I stuck my hand out, gesturing towards the door, willing him to get the fuck out.

I could see the hate in his eyes as he stood there and glared at me. We both remained still, eyes locked, one on the other. He wasn't going anywhere, so we just stood there, one waiting on the other to make a move.

"I fucking loved her, E." He punched himself on the side of his face as he said the words.

What the fuck? Is this shit really happening? I don't even know what to do with this right now.

"I loved her and you went behind my back and fucked her. I thought we were boys?" He lifted another balled fist to the other side of his face and pounded his other cheek. Then he looked at me with disappointment and betrayal on his face.

Besides the fact he was being insane, I, for some reason (probably because I was a little off due to lack of sleep) felt like I could convince him to save both of us some blood and just get out while he still could.

I stepped up to him remaining at a respectable distance and looked him straight in the eye. He needed to know that he was crossing the line. "At what point in this day did you think that breaking into my house, waiting like a lunatic stalker in my bedroom for me, and giving me a guilt trip, was a good idea, Jake? We aren't boys, we never were."

"Fuck you." He spit straight in my face.

I deserved it, but that didn't mean he'd get away with it. My patience was officially gone and I snapped.

I grabbed him by the throat and picked him up just a little, enough to get him eye level with me. "You've got about three seconds to get the fuck out of my house before I feed you your teeth." His face was turning purple as my grip pressed stronger and he struggled, trying to grab at my wrist with both of his hands. He was no match for me. His eyes were red rimmed and blood shot as they bored into my own and I added my other hand around his throat because he was a little heavy, I noticed a little bit of blood on his hands as he grabbed at mine, but I dismissed it with my next thought.

"I tell you what I'm gonna do for you. I'm gonna put you down and allow you to walk out of here. Make no mistake about this though, Jake," I brought my face so close that my nose was almost touching his, "I will rip your throat out if you say one more fucking word or make one wrong move." I let go, dropping him just the few inches back to the floor and giving him a decent shove backwards. "Get the fuck out."

He bent forward, grabbing his throat and gasped for air, coughing, once he inhaled. I walked away from him towards my bathroom. My arm shook from holding him up as I reached to turn the light on.

I heard him following behind and just as I began to turn back to him a sound ripped through me, so loud that my ears felt like they might be bleeding. The light flickered on as I bent over to brace myself against the bathroom counter. Everything was strobing.

Black and white.

Black and white




My heart was racing, pain was searing and I was fading. My eyes struggled to see as my vision blurred. My knees failed to hold me up as I sank. I sank to the floor and grabbed my chest.

My wet chest.

There was so much blood. Fuck, the bastard had gotten me and I couldn't find the strength to fight for my fucking life. To fight for her. So sleepy. So cold. I was just. so. weak.


Hold on, don't let it take you, I told myself as I struggled to stay awake.


Don't close your eyes.

I let my head hit the floor, finding rest there and couldn't hold my eyes open any longer. My eyes fell closed as the life inside of me stilled.

Flashes of Bella, her angel face, flickered through my mind as all sound became mute, all feelings became numb, my body became weightless and my world faded to black.



My phone showed that two hours had passed since we spoke. I was nervous about seeing him again. It was a good nervous, though.

The kind of nervous that made my belly feel like I was free falling.

I was just so happy that he called. I mean, eventually I was going to call. I just didn't know what I was going to say. Because what we have is kind of strange.

I laughed at myself as I thought about us. I knew him better than anyone, but not at all at the same time. I mean, hell, we barely knew each other, to be honest. But, I love him already, I love him with a certainty, no matter how little we knew about each other. From the time we spent in his room that night, it sure felt like he loved me too.

Whenever I was around him I felt pure elation. To just be breathing his air, made me happy. I just wanted to be with him. That's all I really wanted.

I was so nervous about seeing him again that I couldn't decide what to do with my hair so I just let it air dry, to give it the beachy look, and grabbed a pretty black dress. Besides, if he wanted to touch me like I was hoping he would, I wanted him to have easy access. Three weeks felt like it had been so long.

I checked my phone again for the twentieth time, just to see if I'd gotten a text from him since we last talked. But there were just a few texts from Jake. Typical.




I wanted to wear lipstick for Edward so I looked through my makeup bag and realized that I'd left it in my car. I tip-toed down the hall, to the wash room and slid on my converse while opening the side door that lead to our driveway.

Stepping outside, I noticed that the flowers needed watering. A few were leaning, some of the leaves were wilting, and some of them were just slumping over like they'd given up on me taking care of them anymore. So, I decided I would be responsible, and I turned to go back inside to grab some water for them. That's when I saw him.

I was so caught off guard that I let out a scream and immediately his hand shot out to cover my mouth, his other hand reached to bind my arms behind my back and I was spun back around in a flash. I could feel blood pulsing through my veins. The blood pumped so hard that I was sure he could see the rising of my flesh from feet away. He brought his lips to my ear from behind as the fear seeped from every pore in my body.

"This won't take long. I just want to talk."

I breathed deep breaths from my nose as the panic rose in my chest. My arms were bound much tighter now as we moved closer to his car which was still running.

My mouth was released, the back door opened and he pushed me inside. My shins hit the running board before I lifted to get in and the pain shot down each leg. I felt my eyes watering as I lifted my knee to the floorboard.

His hands held tight to my arms as I waited, bent over in between the front and back seats. He pulled the door closed behind him.

I was shoved into the seat as the door slammed and he turned to look at me. My back burned against the seat and the desperation in his eyes was alarming when he spoke.

"Why couldn't you have just forgiven me, Bella? You know I didn't mean it."

The look on his face scared me; I'd never seen that face before. The fact that he'd been crying was evident, which added even more trepidation.

I tried to sound as calm and as nice as possible as I replied.

"Jake, you don't have to force me to talk to you. Y… you can come inside."

Where I have a phone to dial 9-1-1.

"Why don't we go in and talk?" My voice shook and I mentally scolded myself to get it right; not to show my fear, it would only escalate the situation.

Or make it more real.

"I could make you an ice cream float? Like you like?" I forced a smile.

He closed his eyes tight, bit his lip and leaned into me.

"Tell me you don't love me anymore, Bella. I wanna hear you say it." It wasn't even his voice coming out. He was vicious. He wasn't himself. Something was off. His hands moved to hold the sides of my face and his eyes were angry and searing into my own. His mouth was tight as he continued.

"Just fuckin' say it, Bella." He shook my head to pound his request into me. "Make this easier on me."

I didn't understand what he meant. Was he finally going to move on? Was that all he needed to hear to get past this? I felt a small dose of hope find its way to the surface and it made my chest loosen just a little. I inhaled.


A tear fell from his eyes making my heart pang as his hands moved down, to touch the sides of my neck as he brought a knee over me to rest on my other side. Straddling me, essentially trapping me there in the backseat, where it all began.

Where Edward put his spell on me.

I wanted this all to be a bad dream. I just wanted to wake up and be excited that I would see Edward again soon. That he and I could start over soon, that we could finally have what we both began, in this backseat. I wanted to be excited for what we made, in his room.

Both of his hands rested on either side of my neck, with just the slightest grip and his fingers twitched as he waited for my words. I reached to wrap my hands around his arms, in part because I felt sorry for him, and thought that I might benefit from showing a little tenderness through my touch, and also because the combination of his hands on my neck and the look in his eyes was downright frightening.

I was scared and feeling empathy for his pain, all simultaneously. All the hate that I'd felt for him those last few weeks wasn't lost, but seeing him this way, having him near me in such a vulnerable, desperate state, and knowing that I was the cause of his grief, it moved something in me. Something that made my heart break for him. It tugged deep down inside and sprang straight to my heart.

I looked up at him, portraying gentleness in my eyes and tenderness in my tone. Speaking calm through the panic inside.

"Jake," I stroked my finger gently on his wrist bone, You know I loved you. What we had was real." I spoke in past tense, trying to get the point across without saying the words he wanted me to say. The ones that felt so harsh in the moment, a moment that called for mercy, although the words were true.

His grip tightened and his face came down, closer to mine.

"Fucking say it! Just say the words, Bella. Don't bullshit around anymore." He pressed my head back into the seat harshly with the word "bullshit".

His voice was raised, stern and impatient. So angry. I didn't trust that I could say the words without repercussions, so I started to cry. Tears welled up and quickly started to spill over.

I didn't know what he wanted from me.

I was so confused, and every move I made, every word I spoke, seemed to be life or death. I didn't want to make a wrong move or say something in error but my thoughts were clouded by my emotion and fear, and I couldn't think through a clear strategy.

And then his white teeth were bared and in my face. He looked like an animal.

"Don't you fucking cry, don't you fucking do it!" His knees pressed tighter against my sides. "You fucking whore! Don't" slam "you" slam "fucking" slam "cry! You fucking slut!" He slammed my head against the headrest with every word. When my head hit the headrest the third time my eyes landed on his side. I could see a gun tucked into his pants and absolute terror set in.

His voice broke and he started to cry as he wailed his next words.

"Do you love him, Bella? Huh?"

He was so close that spatters of his saliva landed on my cheek. Quickly, I was becoming more frantic, as I pressed upward with my body, trying to gain some kind of space, trying to get out of his grip. My movements never phasing, his thumbs moved their way to my windpipe as his fingers met at the back of my neck. His voice lowered and raised with intensity.

"Fucking say it! Tell me you don't love me anymore, that you love him!"

My chest was tight. My heart thundered in my chest and the tears spilled as I whimpered and plead.

"Jake," I could barely speak for his grip around my throat. My voice sounded strangled and small. "Please don't do this."

I could feel the warm wetness spread through my pants and it registered that I was peeing.

I could remember feeling like Jake wanted to kill me several times But mainly, only when he was drunk, really wasted. But this time he wasn't compromised, he was stone sober, filled only with rage. Pain, anger and the need for revenge were the only toxins he was consumed by. I could see it in his eyes. He wanted to hurt me. I could see in his eyes that he wanted my life. He wasn't going to stop until I breathed my last breath.

I grabbed and pulled at his hands, putting weight on my feet to try and move. Lifting my hips, trying to throw him off, but my efforts went to waste. He pressed with all his weight and pinned me to the seat. I was going nowhere. It was a fight that I wouldn't win.

I plead with my eyes for Jake to release me. It seemed to only encourage his rage. I clawed at his hands, trying to reach for his face, but he just held me steady.

I struggled for air as the pressure became so tight that my vision started to blur. I thought about Rose and Emmett; hoped that they would pull in with the Chinese food. I imagined the look on Emmett's face when he saw Jake's car in the driveway. Then your face suddenly flashed through my mind.

Flashes of all the small moments Edward and I shared before that last long night we spent together in his room.

"Meet me on the golf course, by the boulder, in fifteen minutes." Edward whispered as I finally moved out of his way, from where I had hung backwards on the ladder, blocking him from getting out of the pool.

At first, I was just being playful. I was flirting too, but he was serious, ready to make his move. The soft little touches here and there... the sweet, curious and longing looks we'd given each other... he was ready to explore them. He dared to take a risk with me... by asking me to meet him. And I did. As soon as Edward left the pool that day I was a live wire, full of thrill and anticipation.

I told the guys I had to use the restroom and walked toward the clubhouse. They were playing volleyball in the water, had a good game going, they weren't paying me any attention. The score was seven-all and they were all serious about 'setting' and 'take that motherfucker'.

I ran as fast as I could through the clubhouse entrance and across the cold tile. I knew we only had about ten minutes. I didn't think about anything. About busting my ass if I fell, about what would happen if we were caught, about what would come of it, I just ran into the clubhouse, through to the other side, and opened the door that lead to the golf course. I carefully toe stepped down the stone stairs, onto the wooden walkway and down the sandy path, dodging the pebbles and pine needles as I padded my way, barefoot, onto the lush, green grass. I cut straight across to the edge of the green where the huge boulder sat, nestled in the tall tree line, and raised high above the course.

I breathed hard and gripped my towel while running under the setting sun just beyond me, out in the distance.

There were no golfers in sight as far as I could see, in either direction, just a few birds out.

Chills and excitement swam through my veins as the lush grass tickled the bottoms of my feet. I reached the edge of the green, where the boulder sat, heavy and huge, at least two stories tall. I looked up, tilting my head far back to see if he had climbed to sit on top, like we all sometimes did at night.

Edward wasn't there so I held the squeal of the anticipation of finding him inside as I quietly rounded to the other side of it where I thought he must be waiting. If he had jumped out at me, we would've both been found out, because I would have screamed so loud that the surrounding community and everyone in the pool would have heard. I was on sensory overload at that moment.

I continued to quietly make my way around, reaching out to feel the solid rock as I held my towel to my chest with one hand. A tiny little buzz ran through me as I came upon him. We were both now on the other side of the boulder, shaded from the sun, out of view from the course, from the clubhouse, from being caught. The large stone towered above us as I quietly came closer to him while he sat, fully clothed, towel dried hair, looking through his phone.

He looked up when he felt my presence and jumped up on his feet when our eyes met. No smile. All serious face as he walked to meet me.

Nervous flips. Circus in my stomach. Gulp.

I stepped closer to him and there it was. That smile that lit a fire beneath me, inside of me, all-the-fuck around me.


"Hey." I giggled and took a nervous breath. He stepped closer, towering over me, making my heart speed up, closing the distance between us.

His hands reached to grab my hands that were in the middle of my chest, holding my towel there, holding anything to keep me from crawling out of my own skin at that moment. Just holding myself inside of myself basically.

He took my hands in his, letting my towel drop, bringing my hands to his abs. Solid and warm under his soft cotton shirt, my thumbs unconsciously moved to rub over his muscles as his hands moved to my shoulders.

Wow. He's so assertive.

This is it.

This is it.

THIS is it.

I was psyching myself out.

Tingles everywhere

His eyes were soft and his smile made me feel safe as he spoke low.

"I just wanna try one thing." Nervous thrills bubbled up from my belly as his fingers lightly grazed from the tips of my shoulders down to the inside of my elbows while he spoke to me. My toes wiggled and I alternated my weight from foot to foot with anticipation.

"Just stay still," He licked his lips and it made me want to taste them so bad. He leaned down, closer to me, allowing me to see just how electric blue-green his eyes were. How the outer edge was just a bit darker, how it made a ring around his irises and how they sparkled with color. It hit me right between my legs. Something about the look in his eyes. I watched his mouth in slow motion as he leaned... "Stay very still."

"Stay fucking still, you slut!"

The realization of my whereabouts sank in. I wasn't at the golf course with Edward. I was in Jake's backseat, going in and out of consciousness. Everything was blurry.

I wanted to go back to my memory, I wanted out, out of this nightmare. I tried to block out the reality of what was happening. Tried to forget Jake's voice and replace it with Edward's melody. Wanted to forget Jake's grip and replace it with Edward's electric feel, his flaming caress.

I closed my eyes tight and thought about that kiss. How it felt when he leaned in, so slow after asking me to 'just stay still, stay very still' and if it was alright if he kissed me. I pushed out of the torment and blocked the pain as I thought about how Edward made me feel.

His lips were so close and I could feel his breath on my face. "Can I kiss you, Bella?"

I didn't answer, I just brought my lips to his and stood on my tiptoes to wrap my hands behind his neck- to feel that soft, damp hair there.

So plump and so soft. I had never kissed a set of lips so soft. And his silky tongue made me crazy. As soon as his tongue peeked out to lick at my lips I was gone. Ravenous and crazy for him. I gripped and pulled at him, just wanting Edward closer as I opened my eyes to see his eyes crinkling in the corners while he laughed at me, kissing me still. I couldn't help it. I laughed too.


I just wanted time to stop, right there on that golf course as we shared our first kiss. As he picked me up, and I wrapped my legs around his waist while he held my legs, wrapping his arm around my back. What he said to me when he leaned back to look at my face, while he spoke made my head spin dizzy circles of euphoria.

"I knew it, you know?"

"What?" I knew what you were going to say. I just wasn't going to admit it.

"That you wouldn't be still like I asked of you. Because you want me..."


His mouth trailed kisses from mine, down to my neck, to my chest as he continued, "Just as much as I want you."

I closed my eyes and reveled in his sweet words. They made me soar, made me want him even more.

He continued to speak soft as he peppered my collarbones with silk-soft open mouth kisses. "I've wanted you since the first time I saw you."

I leaned my head onto his shoulder and placed my mouth on his neck as I rubbed desperately through his hair. I wanted closer.

His kisses came back up to my mouth and our tongues tangled and hands roamed until we were both out of breath as he put me down, with my back facing the rock. Both of his hands stretched on either side of me, holding me against the rock.

"Give me your number. I want to be able to call you. Can I call you?"


I just wanted to kiss him. "Yes. You better."

Another kiss left me feeling lightheaded and then I was tossed back into reality as he handed me his phone and told me that I should be getting back, that he didn't want to cause trouble for me.

How could he even think straight after those kisses we shared? I mean, truthfully, it was I, who should have remembered that I had a boyfriend just across the golf course that thought I was using the restroom. But instead I was here, standing awestruck and love-stoned in front of a six-foot-four, giant-size mass of beautiful man. A beautiful man that made my insides flip, my heart smile and brought out a thrill in me that I'd never felt before.

My fingers shook as I pressed my number into his phone as the idea that anyone could walk up on us right then, settled into me and suddenly, I was a paranoid, lovesick freak.

I handed his phone back to him, but felt so shy to look him in the eyes. I gave myself away in that kiss. I relayed just how much I really liked him. I wasn't entirely comfortable with him yet and hadn't prepared to let him know it so soon. But now he knew. He knew just what he did to me.

"Hey." His finger lifted my chin as his body came into mine once more. "You're beautiful, you know that, right?"

I just bit my lip and smiled while wrapping my hand around his wrist as he leaned in to kiss me once more.

Soft sweet kiss

"I could kiss you all night. Mmmmm." He hummed and pressed his forehead to mine.

"Can I call you tonight?"





"Yeah, that's right, go to sleep bitch."

The weight on top of me seemed heavier now and the pressure so tight that my chest seemed to be ripping from the inside out. I felt as if I was literally coming out of my skin. Just when the pain was so great, so hot that I thought my threshold was met, I would feel more. More ripping and tearing from inside my chest where my lungs fought for air, my heart fought for blood.

My vision, my hearing, all of my senses caved as a deep exhale sounded. There was no fight left in me. The black closed in. Like looking through a lens, the shutter slowly closed, until there was nothing but black.



Time passed as the black calm settled and morphed into sky blue.

Little bubbles of blue calm lightly drifted down, sprinkling a layer to eventually cover and surround me.

Peacefulness whispered through me as the glistening calm bubbles lifted me up, making me weightless.

Thoughts of a past life sprang to mind as I thought about where I was and where I was going.

I'd always heard that in those last moments of your life, you'd see a light. And supposedly, if you followed the light, it would lead you to heaven.

I floated there, in the glistening calm, and waited for the light to take me.

I lied there waiting, with arms dangling to my side, enjoying the free feeling; how light my body was, how beautiful the feeling felt.

I lied there waiting on my light.

Slowly, ever so slowly, it inched closer. It appeared as just a glimmering star. Light-years away it seemed, moving slowly as it gradually got bigger, gravitating towards me.

I was so content lying there. No longer fearful, anxious or panicked, I was happy. I waited for my light as it neared, coming closer, so much closer now. So much bigger now. So much brighter it shined. I bent my knees and moved so that I was upright. So that I effortlessly stood.

The light, so close then, took it's shape just a quarter-sky away and I saw its rays. Its copper rays and its crystal blue-green hues. I saw its silky sweet pink smile. I saw my light.

My light inched closer and closer as my smile grew and his wind moved my hair. Happiness buzzed all around as he came into me.

His glow was warm and his love was heavy all around as I raised my arms to him.

Never had I seen a man so exquisite.

His fingers touched mine and two become one. Electrons exploded within us and all around as our senses and souls collided. A supernova of everlasting love burst in celebration of our unity. An infinite bond, now divine. A love, simply unimaginable and inconceivable, revealed to us as we stood happy and within our forever.

"I missed you." I heard myself say without speaking the words and he heard them. "I love you." I too, heard his words without him saying them. He knew my love, as well, as he looked at me. The feelings enraptured as I reached to bring our lips together.

I felt it all, I heard his thoughts. How much he adored me. How happy he was. How beautiful I looked right then. I watched him as he explored my mind, and I felt the elation as I searched his, seeing that he knew that I loved him as well, without my words, though I spoke them again anyway. "I love you."

"Promise me you'll say that, out loud, every day of forever." He smiled through a kiss as our tongues danced, our hands tangled and our hearts merged.

He squeezed my hand and we drifted closer to our destination. Together.

Closer to our forever.


A/N: Many thanks to Suzie55 and Surething302 for prereading this chapter and giving me the guts to proceed with this ending. I'll start off by saying that I know a lot of you won't be happy with this ending. I'm prepared for the flames, for anything really. I'll also let you know that I won't sell out on this, you won't find me loading an alternate ending because THIS is how it's always ended for me. Their love isn't fit for this earth, it just never was. I could have stretched this out and given you jobs, marriage, kids, the stresses of life, osteoporosis, arthritis, and old age that makes Edward limp but I'm not that dedicated and none of that stuff is sexy to me. To be honest, the middle of this story was written before the beginning or the end. The middle was written first for a reason, because it's the most important part-the only important part to me- their intensity- how they made each other feel- that's all it's ever been about to me, so dragging this out by creating an entire story of the rest of their life to get more reviews just doesn't interest me and it wouldn't be true to my characters. I only ever wanted to capture their intensity. This is their true happily ever after and I don't know how it could get any happier than being in a divine place, with your soulmate, for infinity, with no worries and only love to share. Cliché? Absolutely, but that's the joy of fiction. I want to thank each and every one of you that shared with me by reviewing. Your reviews make my heart rate pick up and they put a smile on my face, so thank you, thank you, thank you. To all of you who pimp this, tweet this and facebook this- gah, you guys, just thanks. If you aren't reading Blind Spot by FictionFreak95 or Dusty by yellowbella you are truly missing out on some of the best fanfiction/best stories ever written- Go read those if you want to have all the feelings. Again, thank you so much to all who have left love, alerted and fav'd and thank you so much for reading:) I'll just be over here, hiding from Nicffwhisperer *bites nails*- Thanks for reading, everyone. With love, - M