The names have been called to end the graduation ceramony, the kids of South Park now young adults graduating from high school with nobody left behind.

" Ladies and gentlemen, proud parents I present to you the class of 2009!" The South Park superintendent announced.

" Fucking A!" Cartman being the first to toss his cap high in the air.

The other students proudly followed after Cartman tossing their caps and all came together for a big hug.

" We did it, we actually did it!" Red exclaimed.

" Well believe it, we're done!" Heidi shouted.

" Finally school's over, fuck school!" Craig raising his hands in victory.

" I second that!" Kenny said and gave a woohoo.

" Fuck yeah who's ready to rock out with ya cock out!" Clyde getting energetic.

" I'll rock out but not with my cock out, ya dig?" Token said.

" Ah c'mon Token!" Clyde playfully whined.

" Ha some people never change." Kyle observed.

" I can't believe after all those years, this is it." Stan recalling his past.

Stan began to wander off on his flashback and eventually his attention was turned to the one person he loved with all his heart, Wendy.

When Stan's attention was towards Wendy's, her eyes met with his and it was as if that was supposed to happen.

Though the two are no longer together, they always shared such chemistry and it's as though everybody wants those two together once again but for good.

Both Stan and Wendy walked forward to meet each other in the middle with smiles on their faces.

" Hey Wends..." Stan smiled.

" Hi Stan..." Wendy also smiling.

" I just want to tell you congratulations and good luck to you." Stan maturely extending his hand.

Wendy looked down at Stan's hand and instead of shaking it, she hugged him.

" No congratulations to you, Stan!" Wendy resting her head over Stan's shoulder as they hugged.

" Why can't they just be a couple again?" Lola said from afar observing both Stan and Wendy.

" It isn't for us to decide, Wendy's going to off to a university in Arizona." Esther said.

" Yeah and from what I hear, everybody else is going their own way." Millie brought up.

" I just want to also say that whenever you get your college degree and start your new life, don't forget me okay?" Stan facing Wendy.

" Stan, after all we been through both as a couple or my friend for that matter, I'll never forget you... Ever..." Wendy smiled looking into Stan's eyes.

Two Years Later...

Two years have come and gone by since the day of graduation, everybody indeed has gone their own way since then.

The only people that remained in South Park was Stan and Kenny.

Stan only kept in contact with Kenny who still lived several houses down while other families replaced the empty houses that both Kyle and Cartman used to live in.

" Had any luck, Kenny?" Stan rose up from his bed.

" Nah, nothing." Kenny replied.

" Man it's hard finding a job these days!" Stan said.

" I know, I hear ya Stanny." Kenny sitting on Stan's chair.

" Well standing around won't do us good let's look again!" Stan said.

" All right!" Kenny said.

" Hey Ken, you ever think about how the others are doing?" Stan said while walking with Kenny downtown South Park.

" I'm sure they're all doing all right, most of them either went to college or moved out of state." Kenny said.

" Ha yeah while we're stuck here going nowhere in life." Stan said.

" Pretty much." Kenny admitted.

" Who do you miss, Kenny?" Stan asked.

" Pretty much everybody, I have no favorites and you?" Kenny returned the question.

" Same here, but only two people stand out, Kyle because he's my bro and well you know.. Wendy." Stan answered.

" Hell I even miss Cartman's fat ass!" Stan laughed.

" I wonder if we'll ever see them again." Kenny wondered.

" Me too." Stan looking up at the sky.

Stan's House

Hey check it out Ken, I think your parents are at my house." Stan pointed out.

" What for, my parents hardly visits yours?" Kenny walking up Stan's porch.

Stan and Kenny opened the door and was greeted by both of their parents and Kenny's siblings.

" Hey boys, how's it going?" Randy asked.

" Fine dad, still can't find a job." Stan answered.

" That's fine, you boys don't need to." Stuart said.

" But dad, you told I need to find a job." Kenny recalled.

" Nevermind yer pa son, we have a surprise for you boys." Carol said.

" Huh a surpri..." Stan said but was rendered unconscious by Randy and Stuart along with Kenny.

" Randy, you didn't have to knock those boys out!" Sharon screamed.

" Dad, why'd you knock big brother out?" Karen frowned.

" Sorry." Randy and Stuart replied.

" Oh nevermind, Randy put them in the car and Carol can you take Stan's car and follow us?" Sharon requested.

" Sure Sharon, from the looks of it they're going to be out all night." Carol replied.

Randy and Stuart carried their sons and place them in the back of Stan's expedition.

" Come on, hurry up ya stupid bastard!" Carol yelled.

" I'm coming, you whore!" Stuart responded.

The parents drive out of South Park and soon the whole state and began to go south.

Miami, Florida

" Oh ugh my head..." Stan aching in pain.

" Where.. where are we?" Kenny still a bit dazed.

" Why we're in Miami, Florida boys!" Carol replied.

" Miami, what for?" Stan suddenly awoke.

" For y'alls surprise." Carol said.

" A vacation?" Kenny asked.

" Not quite." Stuart said.

" Where's my mom and dad?" Stan said.

" We're driving behind them." Carol said.

" This city looks bad ass dude, check it out!" Kenny doing some sight seeing.

" Damn no kidding!" Stan also marveled at the sight of Miami.

The joy riding came to a stop once the Marshes and McCormick's parked in a driveway of a nice huge house along with other cars.

" Your bags are in the trunk boys." Carol said.

" Hey dad, what's going on?" Stan demanded.

" Walk inside the house, you'll see." Randy said.

Stan and Kenny walked in the house with their bags and set them near the door.

" Holy shit!" A voice said that was very familiar to Stan and Kenny.

" Kyle!" Stan rushed and gave a hand shake to his missed best friend.

" How the fuck are you, man!" Stan shouted.

" I'm good, it's great to see you again it's been so long!" Kyle shouted.

" What's up, Kyle!" Kenny yelled.

" Oh shit what's up, Kenny?" Kyle shaking Kenny's hand.

" So I see the last two members of my group finally showed up!" Cartman said.

" No way." Stan said and then turned to see Cartman.

" What's up man!" Stan said.

" What's going on, dude?" Cartman shaking Stan's hand.

" God damn you haven't changed much from high school!" Stan said.

" Well I'll be damned, look guys Stan and Kenny showed up!" Craig appeared and called for the other guys.

Craig, Clyde, Token, Tweek, Butters and Kevin showed up adding more surprises.

" Holy shit, what are you guys doing here?" Stan smiled.

" Same reason you're here for." Clyde said.

" Yeah our parents told us they got a surprise for us all including the girls." Token informed.

" Girls, you mean they're coming here too?" Kenny asked.

" Yeah and some of them are already here." Kevin said.

" It's probably best you bring your bags to the living room and say hello." Butters advised.

Stan and Kenny grabbed their bags and followed the other boys into the living room to see some of their other friends and acquaintances.

" Hey look it's Stan and Kenny!" Heidi said.

" How are you, guys?" Red hugging both Stan and Kenny.

" We're good, nice place we got here!" Stan said. " You said it!" Esther agreed. 4

" Hey Kenny, remember me?" Lola said.

" … Lola Johnson?" Kenny asked.

" Yes." Lola said.

"Oh hey good to see you it's been a while!" Kenny hugged Lola.

" Stan, oh my God I haven't seen you in a long time!" Sally ran and hugged Stan.

" It's good to see my best friend too." Stan smiled.

" Trust me Stan, this girl doesn't stop yapping about you she always talks about how she misses the conversations you guys had." Millie chimed in.

" Millie!" Sally whispered harshly while blushing.

The boys and girls continued to talk amongst themselves catching up on old times still unaware of what the point was of their parents bringing them to Miami.

The door opened and came in was the last two girls who came together, Wendy and Bebe.

Kenny began catching up with Butters, Kevin, Annie and Lola while Stan was catching up with Sally, Red and Clyde until he caught glimpse of Wendy.

" Wendy..." Stan silently said once his eyes locked on to hers.

" Stan..." Wendy also whispered to herself realizing that Stan is here with all of her other friends.

Once the two whispered each others name it was as though they were the only ones in the house.

My this is quite the reunion, after two years of seperation the kids now young adults of South Park have all been reunited but only this time in Miami, Florida. Why have the parents decided to bring their kids to of all places, Miami? Could this have something to do with the surprise the adults have mentioned? Leave a review if you think I should continue as always ;)