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Fly's Return

Fly blinked in the sunlight, she shielded her sleep worn eyes from the summer sun as she hopped off the bus. She picked up her bags and turned around. There it stood.

'Home' she breathed to herself. She smiled as she ascended the stairs to her old house in which she had spent the best year of her life and the year after that helping with the new recruits. Now two years later there she stood fresh from the world circuit. She knocked on the door. Bec one of the best friends she had made at solar blue opened the door.

'Fly!' she said and pulled the girl into an embrace. Bec had taken over the role of mother hen at solar blue for the last three years and had the house to her self for the summer so she had Fly over. The group had lost contact for a while, an odd text here or there but they had met up every six months. The last time they had met was the best day of Fly life. There was a major completion in the circuit and her little Fly had won a gold medal which she had added it to her prizes proudly. The whole group had been there to congratulate her and then four months later the accident happened. A huge swell and fly was doing amazingly, top of the points den bam another boarder knocked her and she had gone under next thing she knew she was in hospital after sustaining head injuries and injuries to her legs, nothing too major but she had to stay off the circuit for a year, she really didn't mind it was a well earned break from intense completion and rivalry and hardcore workouts. Bec had heard and invited Fly over for the summer, it was going to be brilliant.

'Wow nothing's changed!' Fly exclaimed as she looked around.

'Yeah I know I've just finished cleaning up after this years rookies'

'Aww Bec, I would have helped. Is it hard? Saying goodbye to new faces all the time?'

'You'd think it would be, wouldn't you? But I know that these kids have had the best time of their lives, and they're threatened to keep us updated every month!' Bec explained.

Bec had to run to a meeting, 'I'm so sorry Fly! Just make yourself at home and I promise we'll catch up later!'

'Honestly Bec it's fine! Please go it's for solar blue you have to! I'm not sixteen Bec honestly I can take care of myself. Now shoo!' Fly beckoned towards the door 'I'll go for a run or something' She had to push Bec out the door. When Bec had finally left, Fly decided to go for a run on her beach.

Running by the water never felt as good as during the summer it was still morning so the beach wasn't that busy. Fly took in her surroundings as she ran.

'It feels so good to be back' she thought to herself.

The see was so clear. Bam she hit something coming in the opposite direction. She wobbled back a few steps an noticed a walkman on the ground she picked it up and handed it to the person.

'I'm so sorry-' Wait she knew those eyes,

'Heath!' she exclaimed

'Fly!' he said as he accepted the walkman from the stunned girl. 'What are you doing here?' he asked

'Me? What about you?' Hr heart was racing she hadn't seen her first love since her win, and she wasn't sure what to feel, though it was Heath and her, she had always felt something. Her mind and heart were going crazy as she looked into those eyes that had caused her so much hurt, she finally realised that he had been talking

'-so yeah photography job. Brilliant huh ? What about you? He smiled that smiled that made her heart race.

'Fly! Snap out of it the sun must be going to your head he's your best friend, nothing more just a friend who played you and left then got with some girl' She told her self.

'ehh you know' she stammered and decided to use that defiance and backbone that she had acquired on the circuit to tell herself to get a grip. ' I had a bad wipe-out on the circuit so I've been advised to take a break from intensive competitive surfing for a year, so I'm here for the summer to keep Bec company.' she let out all in one breath. Then she saw a tall surfer girl approaching heath looking very interested. 'Anyway I better get going, stuff to do you know' she smiled, 'You've got company' she pointed at the girl then ran for all she was worth, hoping he hadn't seen the tears that had formed in her eyes.

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