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"Fiona?" A shy knock came to the bedroom door, awakening the sleeping girl. Fly groggily sat up to see her mother standing at the door.

"Yeah?" Fly whispered, being careful not to wake the sleeping Heath on the floor.

"There's some food downstairs if you want it, and we were considering going to see Liz in bit." Sandy said.

Fly went from being half asleep to wide awake in a split second at this news. She had completely forgotten about Liz, and that explained why Heath was in her room, or for that matter why she was home at all.

"Oh yeah sure, we'll be down in a minute." Fly smiled.

"Okay sweetie." and with that Fly was left alone again with Heath. She sighed and decided it was best to wake him up. That was a dilemma in itself. Should she shake him, or would that make it look like she liked him too much? She couldn't throw a pillow at him, that would be too friendly.

What she didn't realise was that while she was eagerly debating with herself Heath had awoken all by himself. He now lay with his hands behind his head straining his neck to look up at a stressed out Fly.

"Hey." He smiled as Fly jump at the sound of his voice, expecting him to be asleep. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, my mum just came and said there was food ready downstairs when we want it." She seemed to cheer up at the sight of him being awake.

"That's cool." Heath stifled a yawn as he sat up, ruffling his hair.

Fly tried her best not to stare a the beauty that was Heath in the morning, while getting out of bed.

"Do you want to go down and eat and then you can grab a shower before I go see Liz." Fly suggested as she got out of bed.

"Yeah sounds like a plan." Heath shot her that smile she loved as he followed her out of the room.

Family photos hung on the wall as they descended the stairs. Fly had to stop and tell the story of each one because Heath kept badgering her about them. A while later they eventually entered the now crowded kitchen, her parents, Josie, Jen, Kate and her husband Charlie, Neill were all crowded in the room.

"Oh good you're up, I hope you slept well." Fly's mother asked from the oven.

"Oh yeah thanks Mrs Watson." Heath turned his back to the rest of the people seated at the table to talk to Fly's mother.

"No problem, Heath, and call me Sandy!" Fly's mother responded.

Fly sat down at the table with the rest of her family as her mother started putting out the food, Heath sat down next to her in the only seat left. Fly looked at her sisters, who were all smiling mischievously down at their food.

To say Heath got on well with her family was an understatement, but then again Fly couldn't imagine Heath not getting on well with anyone.

After eating, Heath got up to have a shower and get dressed as Fly's Dad left with Charlie to do something on the farm.

As soon as all the males left, the kitchen erupted in squeals and laughter.

"Fly! You never told us you two were back together!"

"He is so gorgeous, the pictures you have don't do him justice!"

"When did you guys get back together?"

"How come you didn't tell us?"

Fly was bombarded with questions from the overly excited female population of her family.

"I like him, he's such a sweet boy." Her mother commented.

Fly blushed as she held her hands up for everyone to be quiet and came down.

"Guys! We're not back together! We're just friends, he just happened to find me after I got the phone call about Liz that's all."

"Yeah sure and pigs fly!"

"Have you seen the way he looks at you?"

"You two would make an awesome couple!"

"The whole couple thing would work way better now anyway now that you guys are older." Jen said pensively.

That one statement, it hit Fly hard. Maybe it would work better now that they were older and wiser…But he doesn't like me like that! Fly's head screamed, but her heart couldn't help but hope.

A little while later, a trail of cars left the Watson house to visit the hospital. Fly enjoyed taking in all the familiar scenery, and telling Heath all about the different places.

Unbeknownst to Fly her mother smirked to her sister, this boy is the best thing that has ever happened to Fly, she's really come out of her shell.

They finally arrived at the hospital, where Heath reluctantly followed the Watson's, as he didn't want to intrude. But Sandy was adamant that he come and visit Liz.

When the family, plus Heath, talked to the doctor they learned that Liz had not yet woke up from the coma but she was expected to in the next while.

Sandy and George went in first, while Fly waited nervously in the waiting room.

"Fly's she's going to be ok, stop worrying." Heath whispered in Fly's hear.

"yeah I know, sorry." She said as she lifted her head to give him a small smile. She couldn't sit still, she didn't know whether to be excited or nervous, she kept fidgeting with her hands.

On impulse, Heath gently took one of her hands, "It's ok Fly."

Fly looked from their intertwined hands and into Heath's eyes, there was something in, something she couldn't quite pin down. Yet her chance to deliberate was snatched away when her parents came out of the room, saying that Liz wanted to see Fly.

Fly got up, not letting go of Heaths hand and walked, trance-like, into the hospital room.

"Fly!" Her elder sister's voice no more than a whisper. "I'm glad to see you lil sis." Her eyes drifted towards Fly's preoccupied hand.

Instantly realising that she had been indeed standing by her sister's bed, hand still joined to Heath's. She blushed hard when she pulled her hand away. She appreciated the gesture of support but there's no point prolonging it when it means something way more to me than him, Fly thought.

"Liz! How are you?" Fly bent down to give her sister a gentle hug.

"I'm ok, a little tired but the doctors say I should be fine." Liz smiled. "Sorry, I've just hit my head, but you look familiar, I just can't think of your name." Liz focused her eyes on Heath.

"Heath Carroll, I went to solar blue with Fly." Heath smiled. "I brought Fly up here when she heard you were sick."

"Oh that's how I know you! Thanks for bring Fly." Liz looked intentionally at Fly "Heath."

Fly and Heath sat down on adjacent chairs to chat with Liz.

After awhile Fly got up "I've got to use the bathroom, can I use this one?" Fly pointed to the one ensuite to Liz's room.

"Ye- ah, em no, sorry, some health regulations or something, visitor's bathrooms are down the hall though." Liz explained.

"Oh ok, I'll be right back." Fly said as she ran out the door.

"So your Heath?" Liz asked coldly.

"Ah.. yeah." Heath shook his head, "I'm guessing she can use your bathroom, you just wanted me alone then?"

"Good guess." Liz said.

"You're very like Fly, and I can read her like a book." Heath answered. "Look I promise I'm not going to hurt her again, she doesn't deserve that. We're not even a couple. I'm just here because she wants me here, the second she wants me gone, I'm gone." Heath paused to take a breath, he had to explain that he wouldn't hurt Fly, that he could be a good, no great, friend.

"You love her." Liz smiled broadly, it was a statement, not a question.

"I guess you can read people well too then." Heath sighed, there was no point in lying.

"No, it's just the way you look at her. You should tell her" Liz whispered.

"No," Heath shook his head, "I don't want her to get hurt or to mess up our friendship."

"You won't hurt her again though will you?"

"No!" Heath protested.

"Then, there you go you should tell her, I think you're the best thing to ever happen to her." Liz smiled.

"Her friendship is way too important to me, anyway she's moved on, so we're never getting back together." Heath sighed. What he didn't know however was that the very girl he had been talking about had just heard the last few words of his sentence

We're never getting back together…

And it was a pity that she focused on the words said rather than the pained voice in which they were spoken.

Fly took a minute to compose herself outside the room door before entering.

"Hey." She smiled as she re-entered. "Uh Liz, I think Jen wants her turn now." Fly said.

"O okay." Liz responded, her eyes darkening with sadness. "Call soon, you promise?" She asked her baby sister.

"Definitely Lizzy, " Fly promised as she hugged her sister.

"See you then Liz, get better." Heath offered before he followed Fly out the door.

Liz sighed, Those two belong together, no matter what they think.

The family made their way home later that day where Fly's family busied themselves at various tasks.

Fly and Heath were on the front porch when the phone rang, Sandy came out with it, "Fiona sweetheart it's for you."

Fly disappeared indoors, as Heath answered his own, now ringing, phone.

Heath sighed as he answered the phone to reveal his new boss, Lana, at the end of the line. Heath cursed himself. How could he have forgotten? Today was his first job and he hadn't turned up, not even ringing with an excuse, he had been too rapped up worrying about Fly. He swiftly apologised, explaining that there was a family emergency. Thankfully, his boss had been ok with that and even gave Heath time off, if he needed it.

Fly came out a few minutes later, looking unusually downcast.

"Fly, you ok?" Heath asked.

"I.." Fly hesitated, "Yeah I'm great actually." She sighed.

Heath raised his eyebrows in question.

"I just quit the circuit." Fly sad casually.

"Really?" Heath asked, he was too shocked to think of any more words.

"Yeah, I've had enough,"

"Why?" Heath asked, confused. "You were just getting started!"

"Started? Heath I've been on it like four years and this is the first time in four years I've had time to come home. I even missed Kate's wedding! Don't get me wrong I had a great time but I really don't see myself doing that for another four years and getting like one medal." Fly ranted as she paced the porch.

"Ok Fly, once that's what you want, I'm happy for you." Heath offered.

"Yeah it is. thanks," Fly smiled. "So who rang you?" Fly asked, "Sorry I'm just being nosy, ignore me." Stop getting so flustered around him! Fly screamed to herself.

"Oh that was Lana, she was worried about me missing work is all." Heath smiled.

"Oh my gosh Heath today was your first day! I'm so sorry! Go right now! Maybe you can make it up" Fly said, Who is Lana?! She asked in her head.

"No Fly it's fine, I told them I'll get back to them, it depends on how long you need me for here, it's no big deal. Lana was worried about me though.." Heath explained.

"Oh no Heath I'm fine, please go, I don't want you to miss work because of me, think of Lana too." Fly ordered. Lana…of course he had a girlfriend, how could I have missed that…

Fly flew up to her room grabbing Heath's bag and bringing it out to the porch to him. She couldn't take it, that little piece of hope that she had hung onto, the tiniest bit of hope that he might like her back had been crushed, twice in one day. She wanted, needed him gone, needed time to get over him properly and find a job and sort out her life, now that she had quit professional surfing, and spend some much needed family time at home. Lana, that name, of the girl who had stole her first love, would haunt her for a long time.

But what she really wanted was for him to stay, she needed to have him near her, it was going to pain her when he left.

"Please go Heath." Fly begged as she handed him his things.

Heath stood completely still, what had he said that she wanted him to leave? But if it was what she really wanted him to leave he would, he would do anything she wanted. Maybe it was for the best that he left, give him time to focus on work and get Fly out of his head. But what he really wanted was Fly to come back with him, he needed her. He had gotten used to having her around, he needed her like he needed oxygen.

He sighed, "If you're sure Fly?"

"Yeah, take of yourself, and thanks by the way." Fly smiled.

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to stay here for a bit, get things sorted." She explained.

"Ok." Heath answered before enveloping the smaller girl in a hug.

Both thinking the same thing, I love you…

Fly watched as Heath drove away from her house, before going inside to make an important call…

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