"It was a pleasure running into you, Miss Rianna," Hakkai said as she stood on the roadside early the next morning.

"Thank you for saving me. Thank you all," Rianna said and Goku grinned.

"Gojyo really liked playing with you," he said and Gojyo grinned.

"Hey for once I'm not arguing with him. It's been fun. Lots of fun," Gojyo said and Hakkai smiled.

"Please, take care of yourself, Miss Rianna," Hakkai said and Rianna smiled.

"I will. I don't have to run any more," she said and Gojyo pointed to his ring.

"Don't lose it. I want to find a babe wearing this when I come back. It would suck to find it on some old hag. I want a gorgeous redhead to be wearing this so take care of it," he said and she flushed.

"We shall meet again," Hakkai said and started the jeep.

"I won't kill him...yet," Sanzo said and Rianna smiled.

"Are you going to marry him?" Goku asked.

"Shut up you dumbass!" Gojyo snapped.

"You're too nice for a damned cockroach."

"Would you shut up you ape?"

"So much for a tender moment, huh Miss Rianna?" Hakkai asked and Rianna smiled.

"It's okay. It's kind of hard to forget all of you. Please, take care of him Mister Sanzo. You brought them all together so you must be doing something right," Rianna said as Gojyo grabbed Goku's face.

"You take that back dumbass," he said.

"Ow! Let go of me pervert!" Goku cried.

"Would you two SHUT UP!" Sanzo yelled and sharply smacked them across the head with his fan.

"We really must be going. Until next time, Miss Rianna," Hakkai said as Gojyo took out another cigarette.

"Later," Gojyo said and Rianna watched them drive off. She gazed at the ring on her finger and held her hand close to her heart. She would wait.