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Japan, December 18, Year 1748, Mito Fuyu Cottage, Time: Afternoon

'Dango, dango, dango, dango, dango, dango daikazoku~

Yancha na yaki dango, yasashii an dango, sukoshi yumemigachi na tsukimi dango'

Natsu laid beside Lucy in their new house, with an little newborn baby boy between, listening to her singing to the little bundle. Natsu stroked his index finger on the boys head, which had thin strands of pink fuzz. Smiling proudly when the little baby grasping his finger in a strong grip. "Our little Hideki"

Lucy smiled tiredly. For just two hours ago, she had given birth to a healthy baby boy. They decided to name him Hideki, Hideki Salamander Dragneel. She chuckled when their little son started to suckle on Natsu's finger. She studied the pink haired man's fascinated expression. Hideki whimpered softly when his father took away his finger, he wanted the warmness from it back.

"You know, he was born on the day we met on, December 18th." Natsu said, patting the soft white blanket Hideki was wrapped in softly.

"It's has already been three years since then." she added. "Maybe it's was pure luck that we moved into the society." Lucy blinked tiredly, she had barely got any sleep. She went into labor for eleven hours, painfully eleven hours.

"Yeah…" Natsu glanced to Lucy but soon down to his son again. Hideki resembled his father, not just in hair color, but also how his eyes, black orbs. The little baby boy was just two hours old, but you could already see he had Natsu's facial features, slight tanned skin, and they were sure he's going to have small fangs like Natsu.

"Waah~" Hideki whined, he wanted more attention, not likening being outside the conversation.

"He's so like you." Lucy laughed. Natsu grinned to her, his eyes beamed with proud. When Hideki again did a sound, Lucy sat up and picked him into her arms. "Looks like someone is hungry." the mother of the baby said, pulled her gown down at the same time and started feeding her son. Happily Hideki suckled in the milk from his mother breast.

Natsu moved closer to look at the feeding process. "Is it really that tasty?" he asked, more to himself, but Lucy heard him and chuckled.

"Apparently Hideki thinks so. I think you thought so too." she said, glancing up to her husband. Natsu shook his head.

"I'm a dragon remember. I hatched from a egg, I ate in most cases raw meat and some plants."

Lucy gave him a wry face. "That.. Sounds tasty.." she answered in a sarcastic tone. Natsu frowned, what else could he have eaten? He was a dragon for god's sake.

"Well sorry for not being a original human from the beginning."

Lucy smiled. Natsu haven't changed this past three years, except that he looked a bit more mature, but otherwise he was just like himself. She craned her neck and kissed him on the cheek or tried, he had gotten a bit taller so her lips kissed his jaw instead. Natsu laid his arm around her neck and bowed his head so he could give her a kiss on the lips. "Love you, Natsu.." she whispered and leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Love you too, Luce."

Hideki uttered a light whine again when he was done suckling. "You wanna bump jim so he burps?" she asked. Natsu light up, carefully he picked up the baby from Lucy's arms and into his arms. Then he laid him on his shoulder, starting to bump his butt lightly. Soon a little burp was heard coming from Hideki. Natsu laid him back so he was facing upwards in his arms. Not so surprisingly the little boy had fallen asleep in his father's arms.

"Such a sleep-head." Natsu said, turning to look over at Lucy. Apparently she had fallen asleep too. She deserved to rest for a while, from what he had heard outside the room, it had been painful for her. But now their own pride was finally born, growing up to be a fine man in the future. Maybe Natsu could teach him Dragon Slayer Magic too. Nah, Lucy didn't want anything more to be burned down, but he could practice in secret.

"Welcome to the family, Hideki." Natsu whispered to his son, rubbing his palm on the little boy's head.


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