The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt: 25, image

Pen Name: Vican
Pairing/Main Character(s): Bella/Edward
Rating: M

Photo prompts can be viewed here: thetwilight25[dot]com/round-5/prompts

I just need to give a huge thank you to the wonderful KiyaRaven, who read every single one of these and told me what she liked and what she didn't. She is invaluable to me, so thank you, hot-tits.

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"God, I'm starving," I groaned quietly.

Edward chuckled, but couldn't respond. His aunt stood before him, gushing about the ceremony. We only got small gaps between people in line – it felt like we hadn't talked to each other since we said 'I do.'

His aunt moved on after giving me a hug. Edward looked at me quickly.

"My stomach is about to eat itself."

We had to pause to laugh at his uncle's lame joke. He moved on. We turned back to each other.

"I can't fucking wait for that cake."

He nodded. "Let's eat all of it ourselves."