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Shattered Innocence

Gothel crossed her legs and leaned back in her chair, as she brought her wine glass to her mouth. Her brow furrowed annoyed as she finished her twelfth glass. No matter how much she drank, she could never become intoxicated. She had managed it a few times in her youth, but that was centuries ago. Many things have changed since then. Gothel pondered, as she looked over to the lit fireplace where her daughter laid resting on a rug.

My daughter, Gothel smirked maliciously. Sometimes she still couldn't believe she'd managed to sneak into the palace, and steal the king and queen's child right from under their noses. Taking the girl hadn't been her first thought. She truly had desired to take only one lock of hair, and continue living a life of solitude; but as soon as she watched the hair lose its magic from a single cut, she really had no other choice. Anyone in my place would have done the same, Gothel thought, before sighing.

Today is the twenty-fifth of October, one of her least favorite days of the year. She reached over the table for her wine bottle. When she finished refilling her glass, she held it up in front of her. "Happy Birthday," Gothel whispered somberly to herself. Then downed the wine in one swig. She laid the glass down onto the table, and held her head in her hands as she felt her emotions swell up. She hated her birthday, it always reminded her that she is truly alone.

When she was younger, and lived in her village. She had no problem finding wealthy men to marry her, but as soon as they found out she couldn't give them sons, they wanted nothing to do with her. "Beautiful but barren," Gothel spat out bitterly. Eventually she was cast out and ignored. She spent a short period as a midwife, but over time she grew tired of being mocked behind her back, and decided to live her life alone. Until the girl came along... Gothel stilled as her thoughts sunk in. The girl trusts me. I could make her do whatever I wish…

She slowly stood up and walked over to Rapunzel. She stopped inches from her and stared down at her small form appreciatively. Rapunzel was no longer a toddler, but far from a teen. Gothel's eyes darkened as she imagined all the wonderful things she could teach her. The girl is young; yes perhaps a bit too young. - But if I teach her now, imagine how skilled she will be later. Gothel made up her mind, but she would have to go about this delicately. She crouched down in front of her daughter, making sure not to wake her; then gingerly ran her hand up her tummy, relishing in the feel of her soft limbs. She rested her hand on the small buttons of her dress, unbuttoning one and then another.

" Mommy?"

Gothel froze worriedly, then slowly moved her gaze upward expecting Rapunzel to look afraid; but instead she looked up at her with trusting eyes. "Uh Mommy is just trying to cool you off dear. You're not too warm?" Rapunzel sat up, and closed the two buttons her mother opened on her dress. "No I feel fine." Gothel frowned, and quickly tried to think of a way to get her daughter nude, without making her feel uncomfortable. I've got it.

" Well it's very late in the night flower. Head up to the bathroom, and I'll run you a bath before bed," she rolled her eyes as her daughter started to protest. "But mommy I took one this evening! I'm not even dir -"

"I don't want to hear your excuses Rapunzel, upstairs now!" Rapunzel opened her mouth, but closed it frowning as she walked past her mother in a huff upstairs. Gothel smirked at her cleverness, then grabbed two towels out of the kitchen. When she walked into the bathroom Rapunzel already had the water running. She was sitting on a small stool, sticking her hand under the large valve testing the temperature. " Is it almost warm sweetheart?"

"Just about," her daughter responded as she stood up and began stripping her clothing. When she was done, Gothel took her place on the stool and watched Rapunzel step into the tub. Gothel then reached down and picked up a bar of soap to lather into a towel, only to stop as her daughter groaned loudly.

" Mommmy I'm not a little baby. I can bathe myself." A cross look spread over Gothels features for a moment, but then she thought of something. "All right then, you can have the towel and I'll just use my hands." Rapunzel stared at the rag for a second, then shrugged and took it from her mother's grasp.

"Ok ."

As her daughter washed under her arms and around her neck, Gothel took the soap into her hands and began washing up her legs. When she finally reached her upper inner thigh, she scooted her stool closer to the tub and leaned in more towards Rapunzel. Steadily she moved her hand up and began washing her center, eventually Gothel stopped using soap and was simply rubbing her sensitive area. When she felt Rapunzel try and push her hand away, she wrapped her arm around her back, and pulled her securely into her chest as she continued caressing her between the legs. Gothel frowned as she felt her daughter trying to squirm away from her, she leaned her head down and whispered into her ear.

"Relax sweetheart, Mommy would never try to harm you."

After a few more soft words, Gothel smiled as she felt her daughter calm down completely and lay against her. She moved her hand faster between her legs, until Rapunzel leaned back and moaned quietly. Gothel moved forward kissing her daughters ear . "That's my good girl," she whispered "release for your Mommy." As soon as those words escaped her lips, Rapunzels hips bucked forward roughly against her hand. Gothel grinned, as she took in the beautiful sight of her daughter experiencing her first orgasm. She pulled her into an embrace, and rubbed her back until she was down from her high. When she could feel her breathing was back to normal, Gothel pulled the cork in the tub and help Rapunzel out.

As she dried off her daughter, she noticed that her eyes stayed glued to the floor. She placed her hand under Rapunzels chin and made her look at her. "I'm so proud of you."

Rapunzel looked up at her confused.

"But I didn't really do anything..."

"You let mommy love you completely,' Gothel replied, as she leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her daughter's cheek. "I think you deserve to sleep with Mommy tonight. How does that sound?" Gothel felt her heart warm, when a large grin spread across Rapunzel's face "Really!?"

" Yes. Now go get changed"

Gothel walked into her room and changed into a sheer night gown. She laid out onto her bed with a smug grin, everything is going her way. Not only did she have youth, beauty, and a child; but in the years to come, she would have a well-trained lover. She sat up slightly as she heard her door creek and Rapunzel slowly walked in.

"Come here my pet." She grinned as her daughter happily hopped onto the bed, and into her arms. Gothel was tempted to show her child more, but honestly wasn't in the mood. Perhaps tomorrow. She laid them both back, wrapping her arms possessively around Rapunzel's waist. "Mommy?"

"Yes flower?" Rapunzel snuggled in closer. "I want to love you completely." Gothel smirked triumphantly, then began petting her daughters golden hair. " In time my flower, for now rest." Rapunzel nodded with heavy eye lids, then dozed off in her mother's bosom. Gothel stared down at her as she slept with dark eyes.

"Yes rest my pet. For I have much in store for you."

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