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Chapter 2

Rapunzel stepped back from her bed room wall happily, she'd just finished another picture of her Mother. "What do you think Pascal?" The green gecko on her shoulder tilted his head to the side, then nodded in approval. "I think it looks good too," Rapunzel replied proudly. Her eyes scanned over the painting, they lingered for a long moment on her mother's bosom. She didn't understand why she loved this part of her so much. She snapped out of her trance when she heard a loud noise from down stairs. "Mothers back!" Rapunzel exclaimed excitedly.

She hurriedly pushed her dresser in front of the painting, then moved her hand in front of pascal; but he turned his head defiantly. "Pascal, you know Mommy will throw you out the window if she sees you again." The gecko nodded his head in understanding, then allowed her to place him on the bed.

"Flower! I have a surprise for you!"

"Really?! I have one too!" Rapunzel yelled joyfully. She rushed downstairs, her hair trailing a few inches behind her. When she finally reached their living room, she couldn't help but smile at the large bundle her mother was carrying. "Did my flower behave while I was gone?"

"Yes, yes!" Rapunzel replied happily, bouncing up and down to get a better look, but she was still too short. Gothel kneeled down, pulling back the blanket. Inside was a large jar of silvery white paint. Rapunzel's eyes widened as she lifted the jar with both hands. "It's so pretty!"

Gothel smiled as she moved over to her coat rack, and removed her cloak. "Well of course dear, I made it. Oh and I brought blue berrieees! We're having cobbler tonight."

Rapunzel set the jar down, then ran up and grabbed her mother's arm. "That's great mommy but I have something to show you!" Before Gothel could interject, she was already being pulled upstairs.

"Goodness Rapunzel! What are you-"

"Just wait right here," Rapunzel replied. She moved over to her dresser, pushing it out of the way to reveal a beautiful portrait. She turned towards her mother for her reaction, only to see that her attention was on her bed. Gothel was scowling over it confused.

"I could've sworn I saw something move..." Rapunzel glanced over to her bed worried, then walked over to her Mother and grabbed her hand. " Look Mommy, look what I made you!"

She watched her walk over to the painting and slide her hands over the outline of her face. She wasn't sure if she liked it, because of the shocked expression across her features. "D-Do you like it?" Rapunzel asked nervously. Gothel turned around and lowered herself to her daughter's level, embracing her tightly. "Oh flower, I love it. I didn't know you were capable of this."

Rapunzel felt her heart flutter as she buried herself into her mother's neck. She could feel her bosom pressing into her undeveloped chest and sighed. She pulled away slightly. "Mommy can I have a bath now?"

Gothel tilted her head. "Don't you want dinner first sweetheart?"

"No I want a bath - Please," she added once she noticed her mother's frown at her demanding tone. Gothel thought it over for a moment, then leaned in and rubbed her nose against hers. "Alright then, go run the water."

Yes! Rapunzel thought as she ran off into the bathroom. She loved it when mother would touch her, she wanted to do the same. But mommy says I'm too small to love her properly.." She thought despondently.

Rapunzel smiled up at Gothel, when she walked in with two towels. Then turned away quickly as she began removing her clothing. Rapunzel felt extremely nervous all of a sudden, she had never seen her nude. "Is the water almost warm dear?"

"Uh huh ..." She removed her clothes, before stepping into the water. Keeping her eyes downward. Eventually, she heard and felt her mother enter the tub. Gothel sighed and leaned back. "Mmm this is heavenly..."
Rapunzel looked up, feeling a strong tingle throughout her body. Her mother's chest looked even better like this, floating above the water. She wasn't sure what those things in the middle were, but she wanted to touch them. Gothel sat up and motioned towards her daughter. "It's alright dear, I'm still mommy just unclothed. Come." Rapunzel moved into her lap and looked down curiously. "Mommy what's that?" She pointed towards her groin.

Gothel looked down confused. Then chuckled pulling her closer. "When a girl becomes a women, she grows hair in that area..."

"I'm gonna have hair there too?" She asked in disbelief.

"Yes, and in time these," Gothel said as she motioned to her chest. Rapunzel stared there, then looked up at her. "Will mine be as big as yours?" Gothel laughed. "Most likely not..."

"Can I touch them?"

Gothel smiled and took her daughter's small hand into her own, moving it up to palm her chest. "You can do as you wish, but be gentle dear." Rapunzel nodded, moving her fingers over the soft mound. She continued exploring squeezing one and then the other, eventually she trailed her hands down her flat stomach. Gothel began to giggle, then grasped her daughter's hands. "That tickles dear,"

Rapunzel blushed before hanging her head. "Sorry.."

Gothel sensed her daughter's displeasure and cupped her cheek to make her look at her. "It's alright sweet heart, here." She moved her hands back up to her chest. "Keep your hands here."
She felt her mother wrap one hand behind her back, the other slipped down below the water. She moaned quietly, when she felt her fingers move in slow circles around her folds. Rapunzel rocked her hips with her hand, occasionally squeezing her mother's breast. Gothel's hand moved faster, causing her daughter to grasp her chest too hard. She squeaked, prying her hand off and stopped her motions. "Rapunzel! I said be gentle!"

Rapunzel looked up at her in lustful confusion, then groaned. "Mommy please don't stop..."

Gothel smirked deviously, as she rubbed her sore breast. "You want mommy to touch you?" Rapunzel nodded her head frantically. She was laid back into the tub, her mother towering over her. She closed her eyes and moaned as her hand returned to her core. She could feel the hard parts on the middle of her breast occasionally rubbing against her, bringing her even closer. She was caught off guard by her mother's deep moan. When she opened her eyes, she saw her other hand between her legs. 'Her hand – I wish it were mine...' Rapunzel's eyes clenched shut, as strong wave of pleasure went through her. It felt so good, but as quickly as it came it was gone; and only this weird bad feeling remained. She could feel her mother breathing heavenly on top of her, but eventually she sat up; pulling her up with her. Rapunzel hugged Gothel as she softly rubbed her back, this always made her feel better. She reached up and quickly pecked her cheek. "I love you mommy."

Gothel was surprised at first, but slowly smiled, "And I love you."

"I Love you more than that!" Rapunzel replied energetically. Which made Gothel laugh. She stroked her hair, her smile slowly turning into a despondent look as she locked eyes with her daughter.

Rapunzel shivered under that gaze. "Mommy?"

Gothel snapped out of her somber state. "Flower you finish getting washed, and I'll get dinner started ok?" Before she could even reply. Her mother had already jumped out of the tub. Rapunzel sat there staring at the spot where her mother was last confused. Had she done something wrong? There was so much she didn't understand.

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