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Icy Depths
Coming Back to Horseland

Kimberly sat in the airport with her aunt and uncle, waiting for their plane to arrive to take them to their intended destination. As with other times of the year, the airport was filled with other people bustling to get to their Christmas destinations. The eleven year old kicked her feet back and forth, a pair of bright pink uggs on her feet. Her clothing was all set for the winter up at Horseland.

"Are you excited about getting to see the place again Kimmy?" Her aunt asked, a smile plastered on her face.

"I don't remember the place. I haven't been there since I was four years old Aunt Charlene." The small female reached up to brush her long blond hair away from her blue eyes, the smile not at all fading. "I just wanted to see Will and Bailey for Christmas this year. I don't get to see them very much, as they are very busy with the place, and they don't get to come an visit very often."

"It has been two whole years since you last saw either one of those boys." The male in the group smiled, letting out a deep laugh. "I think things have had a chance to heal, since the accident occurred."

"I don't remember anything about what happened." The small female stopped, glancing around at the other people. "Uncle John promised that he would have a horse ready for me, right?"

"Since you are going to be staying at Horseland now with John and Eva, you might as well have your own horse and begin lessons." The male let out a deep laugh.

"This decision of yours, to live with them is quite a big decision. If you ever feel lonely, you can call. If you feel you made the wrong decision, you can always come back and live with us." Charlene touched the top of the girl's blond head wirh her hand.

"I've liked living with you and Uncle Erik. I miss not being around Will though. Most of my friends at school have had to move because their parents got new jobs too." There was a pause of silence, and then she spoke up again. "You guys can get new jobs and move here too. Then we can be one big happy family."

"We'll honestly think about that Kimmy." Her uncle stated. "Right now isn't the time to be looking for a new job, as there are many people who are looking."

"I think Uncle John would give you a job at Horseland." The blond haired preteen smiled, glancing over at the window, waiting for the plane to get there.

She then pulled out a notebook, which was filled with scribbles and other such things and began to color in the book again. There were pictures of horses, with various colors in their coats. Each horse was stick figures. The head and body were circles, and they had triangular ears. The legs, neck and tail were all lines.

Suddenly, she began to sing her favorite Christmas song. "Jingle bell, jingle bell rock, dancing and prancing..."

"Now boarding for flight two-fifteen. People with children and first class tickets, please board first."

Notes – "Accident" was actually written at a lower reading level then this fanfic. I also wrote a different sequel to Accident which is AU to this story called "Horseland Christmas".

To note, the ages on the wikipedia have been changing, and when I wrote "Accident", it said that Will was fourteen, not fifteen, and Season Three's information about Bailey becoming thirteen wasn't there either. So, in this fanfic, at the time of the accident, Kimmy was four, Bailey and Alma were five, and Will was seven. The ages currently in this fanfic are Kimmy and Molly are eleven, Will at fourteen, while the rest of the kids are twelve.

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