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Summary: A plan goes horrifically wrong and five friends get caught in the middle of it. Will they be able to uncover the mysteries of their past and present? Or will they remain in the strange world the natives call "dreamland"?

A/N: So this first chapter is really short because it is an introduction. The other chapters will be longer.

Chapter 1: The Darkness Rises

Dreamland was normally a place of peace and quiet.

Normally the most dangerous thing to worry about was the stupid fat king, but other then that things were peaceful. Besides the troublesome king there were the people he ruled, the Cappys. They lived in Cappy Town at the base of the king's huge castle. The kids would play and the parents would work. These were normal, everyday things, but none of that was happening where our story begins.

Our story begins when Meta Knight, the Kings best knight and Kirby's trainer, ran off to fight a new evil that had appeared and was causing chaos in Dreamland. With Meta Knight done and Kirby nowhere to be seen, the king thought it was the perfect time to reek havoc on the poor Cappys.

Cappy Town was a wreck. Everyone was too scared to even go outside out of fear of getting stampeded by the waddle dees. One of the Cappy families lived in the castle with the king. Sir Ebrum and Lady Like had two children Tiff and Tuff. Because they lived in the castle they were safe from harm. They normally went out on adventures with Kirby, but with him gone they spent their days wondering where he was and praying that someone would put the king back in his place.

Lucky for all of them that help was soon on it's way to Dreamland.

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