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Summary: A plan goes horrifically wrong and five friends get caught in the middle of it. Will they be able to uncover the mysteries of their past and present? Or will they remain in the strange world the natives call "dreamland"?

A/N- Now we get to find out even more back story!

Chapter 43- The reveal

Richard's POV

"Lily! Lily wake up!" I shouted as I continued to shake Lily, with her screaming she will be able to wake up the entire town. She continued to scream, but would not wake up.

Eventually with enough shaking Lily finally woke up.

"Lily, good god what did you dream of that could make you scream THAT much?" I asked. "I was screaming?" Lily asked. "Yeah, and every damn loud might I add." Jackson said as he and the others walked in. Lily looked confused.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I sat down next to her. "I had this dream, no wait, it wasn't a dream." Lily said as she stood up. "Yeah it's called a nightmare Lily." Jackson said, he was irritated that Lily woke him up. "No it wasn't a nightmare either." Lily said in a serious tone.

"What do you think it is Lily?" I asked.

"It had to be a memory of mine. There is no way it was anything else." Lily said as she jumped down off of the bed. "What was the memory about?" I asked. Lily frowned when I asked this. "I have no idea. I would have to think about it for a second."

Lily's POV

I know for a fact that this is a memory to something. Something to do with the Nightmare guy Jen was working with before. But I'm not too sure on what about the guy exactly that this memory showed me.

I have to think about other things I know, but something instantly popped into my head, the pictures back at the ruins.

The pictures that showed five humans, a civilization being slaughtered, a base that could have been owned by the evil. Then the base that Jen said she was in during her time working with Nightmare. Nightmare makes monsters, in my vision me and the others were with other humans and we were fighting the monsters, but where losing badly, and there was five of us, me, including my friends, that seemed to be the more important people of this war.

All of this was beginning to make sense, but there were still some things that I didn't quite get yet. What was Nightmare talking about when he said something about a monster fighting scheme, how did I get a resistance squad in the first place, what happened to them after my death, and how did I live after Nightmare killed me? It made no sense but I needed answers right now.

"I need to see Kabu." I said as I walked to the door. "Hold on Lily, we are going with you." Richard said as he got off my bed. "Okay then, come on." I said as I ran out of the house to Kabu.

"Hey Kabu, I need-" "Lily hold on, we are not alone." I looked to see the fires that is normally in front of Kabu was gone, to show a hole under him.

I walked over out of curiosity to see that there was another Kirby in there, pale blue and floating, with angel wings and a halo. "Who are you?" I asked as I walked in.

"Lily wait up!" Richard shouted as he ran in, the others right behind him. The Kirby turned around and looked at the five of us. It floated up to me. "You are the one they call Lily am I correct?" I was surprised, how did this Kirby know my name?

"Yes, how did you know?" I asked. "You just had a vision about a certain memory in your life am I correct?" "Yeah, did you send it to me or something?" "No, but I sensed that you got it, I'm guessing you are curious as to what it was talking about?"

"Yeah, but who are you?"

"Ah yes I forgot to introduce yourself, my name is Angel, extremely unoriginal name yes I know."

"It's not that bad of a name you know, it could be worse."

Angel smiled at this.

"You are as positive as the prophecy said you would be, this is good." "Thanks I guess? But getting back on topic do you know what my dream was about?"

"I do, what are your questions?" "Well, first off what was Nightmare talking about when he said a resistance force?" "Hold on Lily, you haven't told me and the others what your vision was about yet." Richard said to me.

I explained the nightmare to the others only to see their expressions where as confused as I felt.

"Wait, we where leaders of an army before?" Richard asked.

"Well that explains all the nightmares I've been having recently." Jackson said.

"This still makes no sense, how did we, the five out of anyone, get an army?" Gino asked.

"Wait Lily, how old did we look?" Richard asked. "I have no idea, I guess like, young." I had to remember, but I had no idea.

"You guys are around fifteen to sixteen years old." Angel said, I looked to see she was sitting down, we joined her.

"How could us five get an army at teenage years?" Gino asked. "I have no idea, but that's not important really, Angel do you know anything as to what happened to them after we, well, died?" I asked.

"Sadly no, I only know about you guys not your resistance force, but judged by their position at the time of your deaths I would say they might not even exist anymore." I looked at the ground in fear, I was worried that would be her response.

"But there is one way to get you five back to check on them." "There is?" I asked, thankful there was still one way to find out.

"You need to enter the Mirror world and create a omega portal, omega portals have just the right amount of energy waves to teleport though dimensions, it even has omniversal travel potential."

"We needed to get to the Mirror world anyways, to both get rid of what is plaguing Dreamland of countless nightmares, and save Jen from Dark Knight, but where is this mirror that we need to find first?" Jackson asked. "I know where it is, I can teleport you five there when you are ready, are you ready?" "Yes we are ready." I said as I got up. "Okay then close your eyes, now relax yourself. And now you will travel, with your mind!"