When Snow wakes up in her dorm she realizes something strange, she wasn't in it. Join Snow, Vlad, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Katniss Everdeen (Mellark ;) and Peeta as they join forces and try to save the future. This is a fanfic about ' Percy Jackson' , 'The Hunger Games', and ' The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod' and is my first so tell me what you think…. ON WITH THE SHOW!


I woke up in my dorm in Stoker U, as October likes to call it. Sadly, I didn't share my dorm with October, I shared it with the total opposite of me…Angelica. She was a cheerleader, always wore pink, lip gloss in her hand were ever she went, and always texted something with LOL. Ugh! She sickened me with much extent. Suddenly, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Something didn't feel right.

I turned to my side expecting to see a sound sleep Angelica but found no one. In fact I don't even think this was my dorm….. It sure didn't look like it. As I inspected the dark gray room with only one small window, which was perfect since I didn't have sunscreen, I saw something that made my lips curl upwards. Vlad. At least he was here with me if all else fails.

Trying to be gentle I stood from my bed and shook Vlad ."PSSST, Vlad wake up, where are we?"

"Not now Annabeth, 5 more minutes." He whined.

Annabeth? Who the hell is Annabeth? How come I've never met her? Does she even go to Stoker U? I'm pretty sure she doesn't, I mean I've never heard of her.

I heard a familiar voice, "SHHHHH Snow don't wake him, Vlad is sharing a dream with someone you will soon meet" Otis paused as if deciding what say next, " in the meantime why don't you freshen yourself up, the bathroom is over there in the corner."

I had so many questions for Otis because apparently he seemed to know lots of things. But I kept my mouth shut knowing he wouldn't answer my questions and headed to the bathroom. It blended so well with the walls and it was so dark that I bumped into the corner, making a small cut on my forehead. But thanks to my trusty vampire skills it healed quickly.

I turned on the shower and put the water steaming hot. Vlad said I would burn myself one day with the way I take a shower but I prefer hot versus cold. Especially, since my dad used to lock me in the large freezer… I shoved that thought away. I didn't want to waste anymore tears on that sick excuse of a dad.

Instead I focused on my reflection in the mirror. Flawless skin, like Vlad always says, except for the two pink scars on my neck. The ones he created and reopened again many times until I became a vampire. I honestly couldn't care less as long as I spent eternity with Vlad. While I brushed my hair, with a comb I found in the cabinet, I thought of all the times I've spent with Vlad. Especially the ones in college, one in particular that I don't like to talk about. My cheeks flushed a bright red. Damn it! Every time I thought about that night this always happened. Through the thick bathroom doors I heard an argument that involved lots of screaming from what seemed to be a girl, nah maybe a young woman.

" HAYMITCH! You better tell me what's going on, where am I? And who are these people?"

HAHA we found Katniss and her stubborn self.

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