Their first kiss was on Christmas, Sam only sixteen. Walking back from the diner in the rain, Dean had snatched Sam by the good, pulling him close as they laughed. They found themselves staring into each other's eyes before their lips met in a soft kiss.

Dean's moans echoed from the bathroom, tempting the younger boy. Sam slipped into the bathroom, gasping as he watched Dean's long, slow strokes. The seventeen-year-old smirked as his eyes met Sam's, running his thumb teasingly over his slit and crying Sam's name as he came.

Sam pressed a kiss to his older brother's burning forehead. Dean coughed hard, a horrible hacking sound that worried the fifteen-year-old. Shushing Dean, Sam stroked his cheek, pulling the blankets tighter around him.

Giggles filled the air as Dean tackled the younger boy to the ground, tickling him hard. Sam squirmed, his hands clawing frantically at his brother's sides but he was not ticklish. One of the blond's hands found its way to the other's neck, pulling a giggled moan from his lips.

Sam whimpered, his hands digging into your carpet as Dean thrusted brutally into him. He'd fucked up, almost gotten them both killed and this was his punishment. Normally, Dean was gentle but this time he held nothing back, bruising Sam's deserving ass.

Dean couldn't help but cry as Sam would never hear him again. He'd never hear Dean's heartfelt 'I love you's' or even his teasing 'bitch's. Sam was deaf, and there was no hope for recovery and it was all Dean's fault.

Sam loved to watch Dean sleep, especially when the older boy went to bed sated and happy after sex. The seventeen-year-old looked so much younger, innocent and happy. Pain, suffering and guilt didn't exist in his brother's body, for just that brief period of time.

Sam had known that they shouldn't have played truth or dare. He'd said truth and Dean had asked him who he liked. Unable to stop himself, the younger boy had blurted 'you' and was currently hiding in the bathroom, afraid to face his brother.

Trembling, Sam had said, "Dean, will you go out with me?" Dean had said an enthusiastic yes before tackling Sam to the bed and proceeding to illustrate how into it he was. Sam now lay on the bed, in the arms of his sleeping brother, happy and sated.

"Sam, we're over." Dead had broken up with him though he still seemed to care. What had Sam done wrong? Was he just too young and inexperienced or was it the brother thing?