I look over at you, unable to stop grinning at how happy you look. It's been five years since you were pulled from the Cage, five long, hard years that have seen you change so much. At first, you could barely stand to be with me, but at the same time, you couldn't be alone. During the day, you'd keep as far from me as you could in my house, or in the truck. At night, you'd have nightmares of Michael and Lucifer raping and beating you and wake screaming. I'd always crawl in beside you and hold you till you drifted off again. I'd stay up all night, to make sure your dreams stayed sweet. In the morning, you'd push me away, refusing to talk about what had happened. I always offered to lend you money to get to somewhere you wanted to be and you always refused. Finally, you told me that you wanted to be here, in my arms.

We started slowly, just holding hands and cuddling and I was happy. Happier than I can say I'd ever been. You'd stopped having nightmares but still spent the night sharing a bed with me. I stopped doing drugs when you asked me to and you helped me through the withdrawals. You gave me a reason to keep going and gave me hope to ending the days of running from zombies you used to know.

Now I'm 2 years and 4 months sober as I look over at you again. You're smiling, lounging back in the seat as you sing along with the radio. We're engaged, a month off from our wedding and I can't wait. To be yours and you to be mine. I'm so lucky to have you in my life and I wish we were in a safer time. I'll do my hardest to make it safer for you and our children. I love you Adam.