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Chapter One : "Summer is finally here."

Afternoon practices were more demanding than usual, Inter-High was going to be subsided due to our slackers, as we ran around the school. Summer's touch held my body under heat pressure and sweat but I continued to run ahead of everyone. Determination to win, to be the national winners, and to out run my past, I did not falter to the heat.

"Once we're done you may leave for the day!" Our captain's voice encouraged us to keep on pressing on forward. "You can do it everyone!"

"Do your best everyone!" a weak voice judging by the sound of it, since it was the only female voice other then mine, came from Tsukiko Yahisa.

"Just a few more steps!" I added as I gathered up my remaining energy bits into the last horrid steps that will seem to take forever.

A gloom shadow covered my own as I heard heavy panting coming from his lips. My eyes caught a glimpse of the Vice-captain as he ran besides me, perhaps a little inches back of me, when we turned for the last steps. His grey eyes caught a glimpse of my dull grey colored ones and nodded his head, suggesting that I do my best; I returned one as well.

"We're done! Finally!" A crimson-colored haired teen slumped onto the ground while announcing happily.

"I-I thought I was going to die!" Another teen stated while he laid onto the club's wooden flooring with exhaustion. "Captain, are we going to be doing this every day?"

"No, we're going to be doing this once a week." Our captain seemed to be doing fine, he was fit anyways. "Tsukiko-chan, are you alright?" He made his way towards our lovable teen.

I ignored what was going on after I saw them struggling to get up, Tsukiko nodding slowly, and our Vice-captain crouching to the floor with a damped towel over his eyes and up. My legs trembled as I tried to control my breathing to it's original sound and tempo, then my legs gave in. When I landed onto the floor it gave off a thump which caught everyone's attention.

"Suzume-chan?" Tsukiko scuffled to my side when she shouted my name out. "Are you alright?"

As I struggled to look up at the worried faces around me I noticed everyone was staring with worry, even Miyaji; who's towel was now in his hand and his eyes darting down at me with wonder. Nodding my head while managing to seem as if my legs never gave in, I smiled at them all.

"I'm fine. Thank you for worrying though, and sorry for making you guys worry." My lips were chapped and my throat was dry so my voice sounded strained.

"You should drink some water." his suggested as everyone nodded in agreement. "Do you need help?"

"No thank you." I softly spoke to conserve the bits of saliva I held in my mouth.

"Okay then." Tsukiko and Homare both replied with a worried expression.

My legs slowly began to move when I picked them up with no energy left inside of them. Takafumi Inuka, another male archer in the club, came and placed his generously large hand on my shoulders. His glasses were glimmering, I couldn't see his eyes, until he pushed them up to only reveal his yellowish colored eyes.

"You alright there Suzume-chan?" he smiled softly as he became concerned about me, I nodded. "Alright then, take care."

He left to talk to the others that remained laying on the polished flooring of the club, Tsukiko came along with me to change. Her slender body stripped off the white and black uniform before slipping into the summer uniform of Seigatsu Academy. Long and flowing in the breeze, her caramel locks were released from their hold as she pulled down the string.

"I'll wait out the door for you." she smiled, also showing her pearly whites.

I gave a slow nod before sighing with relief that the running was finally over. My body was slender as well, more curvy then Tsukiko though, when I stared at the mirror. The cold air that escaped from the air conditioning sent my skin popping with goose bumps as I unraveled my clothing. It's red ribbon that I've pulled to tighten it around my collar stayed in place as I shuffled to place the checkered skirt over my shirt's end.

"Okay…ready." I spoke to myself while dusting off the bits of crinkled lining on the skirt. "Tsukiko, are you- Opps, sorry." I felt the door nudge to a stop on something - or someone.

"Ugh…" this voice sounded familiar to me as he groaned while mumbling words. "That hurts…"

"Miyaji-kun? I'm so sorry!" I grunted softly as I knew that this wasn't going to turn out so well.

"…Oh, it's you, Suzume-chan." he spoke softly as he stepped aside for me to walk out of the changing room.

"Are you okay? I didn't mean to hit you or anything…" I stated while streaming the black locks into a loose ponytail. "Do you know where Tsukiko went?"

"No, but I did see her dashing off towards Kanakubo-senpai. Perhaps she went to help him out." he replied as he began to walk besides me, the boys' locker was just ahead.

"Oh…" I wasn't good at talking to people sometimes, so I answered shortly, then asked. "When is the Inter-High again?"

"Inter-High was going to be later in the summer, probably near the end." he gladly answered as he stood in front of the locker room. "Well, be safe when you're walking to the dorms."

"I will, take care Miyaji-kun." I gave him a wave and soft smile before I left towards the hall's exit.

Before I curved the corner I saw a faint smile appear his always tense and intimidating face, making me smile softly. He's often showed a smile towards Tsukiko, I figured he liked her, as well as the captain, Inuka, Shiatori, and Koguma.

"I should take a look around before I leave." I thought aloud as I crept through the main building, looking for a coast clear. "I'll head to the nurse's-I mean- doctor's room."

The smell of tea exerted into my nostrils when I peeked through, I felt calm as of right now. A teal haired teacher stared at me with a group of other teachers, Haruki Naoshi, my homeroom teacher was in here as well. The glasses that slightly loosened down on the indigo haired color teacher were gently pushed back with his slim pale fingers.

"Huh? What are you doing here Suzu-chan?" My homeroom teacher came towards me, dragging me in to see if I held any type of wounds. "Are you alright?"

"Y-Yea. I was just wondering around school." I laughed softly when I answered towards my teacher.

"Oh! I could've showed you around if you wanted Suzu-chan." he was gratefully willing to give me a tour as he stood in front of me, just a half inch taller then me. "Oh, since you're here, I might as well introduce you to the other two teachers here. This is Iku Mizushima, and that's Kotaru Hoshizuki. He's the nurse-er I mean doctor-" he pointed to each one as they did some sort of greeting.

"Hello, I'm-" my lips were suddenly sealed shut when I stared at their smiles.

"We know, you're Tachibana Suzume." Iku stated while smiling, Kotaru was slouching down with a drink in hand. "Nao-chan, was gladly talking about you to us when he heard that he'll be getting another female student."

"That's right! I'm glad that Tsukiko-chan has someone else to hang around school with besides boys." Naoshi's grin widened as he stood be sides them.

"I'm glad she's here." I stated in a whisper as I smiled back. "Ah, well I shouldn't be here if I'm not in need of treatment or anything."

"Well then, take care of yourself." Kotaru, along with Naoshi, stated before I left through the door.

The hall ways were still quiet and sparkling clean, surprising that it's an all boys school too; then again not really. My eyes kept glancing at the signs once again, although I already knew where the student council was.

"Mou! Tsubasa-kun, would you stop playing around!" when I entered a red head spoke towards the laughing violet haired teen.

"Nu~! I couldn't help myself Aozora-senpai." he stated while suddenly bumping into me without noticing my short height. "Huh? Ah! Suzu-chan!" he caught my wrist before I fell onto the ground.

"Suzume-chan? What are you doing here? Do you need help?" Hayato asked as he placed his hands on my shoulder, gently pushing me into the room.

"No, I'm just making sure I know my way around here." I assured them both and looked around for someone, "Hm, Kazuki-senpai isn't here?"

"No, he went to talk to the principal about the summer camp program." Hayato stated as he gathered the fallen sheets of paper into a pile.

"Hey Suzu-chan, are you and Tsukiko-chan going to the summer camp?" I felt Tsubasa's head lean forward in behind me.

"Of course we are! We wouldn't want to miss out the fun events with you all." I replied, I felt comfortable with Tsubasa since he was cheery all the time.

He smile turned into a grin when he heard my answer, soon he came to jump around with his remote in hand, making Hayato sigh in worry. I laughed slightly before I bowed, they saw and waved back, as I left.

"Now, where should I go to?" I asked myself before I suddenly bumped into one, for the third time, my luck seemed horrible today.

"S-Sorry! I didn't mean to bump into you!" I heard her voice, it wasn't Tsukiko's, apologize to me as she looked up. "Ah! Another female, I'm so glad I'm not the only one."

"Ahaha, I know how you feel. Well where are you heading?" I greeted the new first-year before I met her clear blue orbs.

"Um, well I was trying to look for the archery club…" she smiled, well it seemed as if she tried too, when she replied to my question. "But before that I need to see the Student Council, the principal said I should get a map of the place. So…"

"Ah, well I just came out of the room, it's just around the corner and straight down." I gave her directions as I pointed behind me.

"Thank you so much! Um…." she bit her bottom lip as she tried to find out my name.

"Tachibana Suzume." I stated with a hand shake.

"I'm Yoko Ueno! Nice to meet you Senpai!" she was cheerful like Tsubasa when she bowed after shaking my hand. "Please excuse me."

"Take care." I noted while she waved before turning the corner in a hurry.

It seemed as if they're gradually accepting new students, mostly females, into this private school. This school did need some more females to help out with the awkward moments that were placed inside the classrooms. Soon this school might be filled with more females, who knows.

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