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Chapter 2: "Another day at Seigatsu Academy"

As a new summer's day cradled me in yet another heat up of warmth, I was thrilled to have met such great people. Especially Tsukiko, I'm glad I wasn't the only female that attending this school, and her friends : Yoh Tomoe, Kanata Nanami, and Suzuya Tohzuki. Then there was the archery club, the student council, and even the teachers.

As I thought about Tsukiko I remembered she's been here around them more then I have, "Perhaps they like her…" I began to think aloud since I was surrounded by trees and flowers. "Hmm, well it does make sense, I mean she's-"

"Are you talking to yourself?" a voice suddenly started me, causing me to shirk softly. "Ah, I didn't mean to scare you."

"M-Miyaji-kun, um. It's okay really, I was just kinda out of it plus I get scared easily…It's not your fault." I sighed after I told him about my worst traits.

"So are you going to the club?" he walked besides me when he asked.

"There's a club meeting today?" I thought hard and long when I asked him, he didn't answer me yet.

"Yea, I forgot to tell you before you left." he stated while glancing down slightly at me.

I nodded and slowly walked behind him, it was awkward walking with him sometimes. He stared back and waited for me to catch up, I did.

"Is something wrong?" he asked while I shook my head and gave a fake laugh. "Hm, well let's hurry, it's suppose to be important."

"Oh, right." I softly answered and followed his lead.

The atmosphere was tense and unwelcoming unlike the previous days we've entered into this room. It must've been the third years because they were talking about Inter-High and each other. Everyone's faces were filled with doubt and worry of their own abilities.

"I can't keep this up!" A grey-haired male complained as he shot up a glare.

"Besides we've never joined the Inter-High before, have we? So makes you think we'll be able to win against the other schools?" The crimson haired teen also added. "It's impossible. We should just quit."

"That's right, there's no way we could win right away after practicing…" Another remarked as he sighed and shook head.

"But let's work until the end, right?" Homare was optimistic as always when he advised them to keep on improving.

"What's the outcome going to be? We're going to lose anyways right?" The grey-haired male answered with annoyance. "Besides when the real deal comes, how will we -no you- act? I doubt you'll be optimistic and confident about in your skills."

"If you don't think you can do it then you should train up your confidence and skills instead of slack off." Miyaji recommended as the upperclassmen began to feel intimidated by his presence. "You all haven't been exerting effort at all…"

"We have, but the summer heats is drowning us." The crimson-haired teen implied timidly.

"You all just keep on making excuses in order to run away from this. If you didn't want to join Inter-High then you should've never joined archery club. We want to hone our skills and show everyone we can win, to show people what we can do." I interrupted, I was annoyed at how they could speak that way to our captain in that manner. "And you stand here and talk like you know more the Tomare-senpai? You don't know how hard he worked to get here."

" The archery club aims to win the championship, it's too early to give up!" Tsukiko announced as the others nodded in agreement.

"That's right. We've made it this far, so we can't waste our efforts." Inuka stated as he smiled at the thought.

"And if we win Inter-High…we can meet girls~!" Shiratori spoiled the mood as he flicked his hair in grace when he added his statement.

We all stared at him with wonder of how he made it into this club, but smiled relieved that the tension was gone. The third years smiled and nodded, each one shook Tomare's hand; not going to give up.

"I guess, we'll stick around and do our best." they smiled as everyone began to practice. "Please take care of us!"

"Of course!" Homare was glad that they were still going to continue to stay in the club. "Ah, right since you all came here I want you to introduce you to two new members."

I shuffled my hair down and accidentally wiped it out over towards Shiratori, who was creeping closer to me. He gave out a muffle of pain and placed his hand onto my shoulder, telling me he was behind me.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to hit you Shiratori-kun." I furrowed my brows and bit my bottom lip, worried he'll be mad.

"No problem~" he spoke in broken English and winked his sapphire eyes. "Suzu-chan, let's get along together 'Kay~? You too Tsukiko-chan~!"

"Sure." I plastered a semi-smile onto my coral lips and glanced to see Tsukiko smiling at me. "Excuse me Shiratori-kun." I brushed past him and walked towards her to see what was going on.

"Are you having fun here at the club Suzume-chan?" she asked as we stared at the baffling teammates talk and argue.

"Yeah, I guess…It's great here, everyone seems pretty nice." I replied in a soft tone and stared at the golden sun through my grey ones.

"Miyaji? What are you staring at? Miyaji-kun~?" I heard Shiratori's voice, as well as Inuka's. "Ah~! Could it be that - Mmfh!"

"Your faces are to close to me." Miyaji's hand was clasped over their faces as they broke away and stared laughing. "Seriously…Hmm?" he must've heard my laughter and stared my way.

"S-Sorry." I started to laugh, I was always amused on what they'll do next to tease Miyaji.

The door slid open, followed by Naoshi and two first years into the room. Her soft cotton candy locks curled just below her ear as she displayed her pearly whites with joy. While the teen next to her gave a cocky and disappointed look to everyone with his dark blue eyes.

"Yo~! How's everyone? These are the two new members in the archery club, first off we have~! Yoko Ueno-chan~! And this guy right here is Azusa Kinose!" Naoshi placed a hand on each shoulder when he welcomed the first years into the center of the room.

"It's a pleasure to meet all of you! Please take care of me!" she presented a 90 degree bow as she greeted us with an energetic personality.

"Pleased to meet you all." Kinose slightly bowed with her and then rose up to stare at those who were beginning to practice.

"Tachibana-senpai! You're in this club too?" She took notice of me and rushed towards my side. "I'm so glad! O-Oh…Excuse me…"

"Oh, this is Tsukiko Yahisa." I gestured towards Tsukiko who waved at Yoko. "And please, call me Suzume. Well, I'm going to practice, Tsukiko-chan, can you help her out?" I asked, although I knew she'll say yes.

They were getting acquainted, I didn't feel like talking today, while I headed towards the equipment. I stood in the center row as I stared at the target through the sun rays. My eyes were at blur for a few minutes as I closed them and began to draw the string further back behind my ear. Emptying out the sounds of their voices I closed my eyes, imagining a memory of mine.

"Why can't you be more like your sister?" My mom's voice echoed through my ears as tears sprung loose from their hold. "I'm sorry Tanaka-sensei, she's so troublesome."

My teacher must've seen my tears and replied, "No, that's not.-I'm just saying that she was hurt from her curiosity, and she needs to be taken care of. However she won't go to the nurse's office."

"Yes, I know and thank you for telling me that she's alright." Mom ignored bits of what she said and shook her head furiously. "Well, then. I need to check up on your sister. Please excuse me."

"M-Mom-" She left through the door, I could feel her hate bouncing through the room before I said anything.

"Are you alright?" the teacher's hand were soft and loving, like a mother, as she rubbed the tears away with worry. "Don't do anything like that okay? You have to be careful, come on let's go to the nurse's…Okay?"

I was only twelve at the time yet it seemed as if Mom was always like that, hating on me. As I grew up I wanted to believe that she did care for me, but in the end she never once loved me. She ordered me around, like a slave, while she sat and sipped her tea with my older sister; Tachibana Suzuki.

"Why did I have the same name as my sister? Why did it have to sound just like her's?" pacing back into reality as the arrow stabbed through the third ring of the target making a thump sound. "Did Mom really love my sister so much that she had to give me a name that sounded familiar to her's?" My eyes darted with sadness and jealousy when I strung back the bow's string.

"Senpai's really into it…" I heard Yoko's voice softly whisper to Tsukiko.

"Yeah…But, it seems as if something's bothering her. She's usually not this tense…" Tsukiko commented in a low voice, I heard though.

"They're right…It isn't like me, I need to calm down." I thought to myself, while inhaling and exhaling, calmly before I released the feathers, I regained my composure as well as my vision.

"Wow! Senpai, that was a great shot." When Yoko complimented me, I stared at the arrow that was just an inch away from the center. "I can't wait to start shooting." her voice held a hint of admiration and excitement.

"Well, it was more like luck. I still need to practice." I stated with a small smile and sighed. "Tomare-senpai, may I leave early today? My head has a horrible migraine." I asked while brushing my bangs back.

"Ah, Suzume-chan, go ahead. Take care okay?" Tomare confirmed and nodded his head, "You don't have to come to today's practice if you still don't feel good okay?"

"I'll still come. I'm sure that the migraine will disappear soon, don't worry." I assured him as I headed to the girls' locker.

My head wasn't hurting one bit, I just hated on reminiscing about my Mom, so I lied to Tomare. Although I wasn't quite fond of lying towards my elders or friends I decided to just try it to get away from some memories that remind me of her. Suzuki, my sister, made me hate myself yet also despise both her and Mom.

"Typical problems…" I muttered as flicked my hair loose into the air and back down onto my back. "Well, what should I do now?" Talking to myself again, I was used to it, as I headed to the cafeteria.

"Suzume-chan, what are you doing here so early? Is practice over?" An old lady questioned as she came over to greet me with a hug. "Are you doing okay?"

"Yes, I am…Um, just little tired though. May I have the usual, Yamada-obaa-san?" I asked while she nodded and guided me towards a seat close to the cooking area. "How are you all?" the other helpers waved at me.

"Alive and kicking!" The mild aged women stated while she shot up her fist up. "Ahaha, well to tell you the truth, not really." she sighed as she slightly limped towards me.

"You should take care of yourself Kanaguchi-obaa-san." I stated towards her as I helped her sit down. "Maybe you should retire, you-"

"Now now, if I retired then those rowdy youngsters might do stuff to you and the other girls." she remarked and began to stroke my hair with her wrinkly fingers. "It's been a while since I've seen you, I remember you were always crying…Now look at you, you're beautiful and grown up now, and very mature." she reminded me and we gave soft chuckles.

"Yeah, I'm glad you were always there for me." I commented as I thought about a short little memory of mine.

"B-Baa-chan!" My tears trembled with my pouting lips as I ran towards a lady. "I-I got in trouble again, O-Onee-san broke the teapot but Mom didn't believe me!" she cradled me in her arms while rubbing my back.

"Now, now. Don't worry about it." she comforted, "Even if they don't believe you I will. Do you want to stay here for the day, just to stop crying. You know that your Mom wouldn't like see your crying face."

"Yea, because she hates me even more when I cry…" I commented although she ended up laughing. "Baa-chan! It's not funny!" I pouted once again but it soon broke out to a smile as she smeared the tear away from my cheeks.

"Well then. Do you wanna see Mochi-kun?" she held my fragile fingers with her dried palm, and guided me to the little pooch that snored in it's sleep. "He's a new born, you can come over anytime you want to meet him."

"Really!" I exclaimed as I felt my lips curl into a wide grin filled with joy.

The smell of chocolate waffles awakened my senses on food rather then my memory, so I dug into the freshly made breakfast with appreciation. I felt more at ease here in the cafeteria, it wasn't weird to me, than back home at the kitchen. Everyone's smiling faces, their generous personalities welcomed me; that's probably why I like this place, a place where I can relax and forget my worries.

After School:

"Suzume-chan, are you going to be at the club today?" Tsukiko's hands glided against the edges of my desk when she asked, she seemed worry. "U-Um, you don't have too…"

"Is something wrong?" I stared up when I asked her, piercing through her lie when she shook her head. "What's wrong? Did someone do something to you?"

"N-No, well…" Tsukiko mumbled as she trembled slightly. "T-The guys in the kendo club won't leave me alone…"

She was worried that she'll bump into one of them, I won't blame her for being freaked out. Those guys were quite the unusual group, they tend to be a little bit violent than the other clubs. Not to mention that we had to past their club if we want to go to our club.

"I'm guessing they asked you out, and you said not. And then the turned to use force, right?" I stood up from my sit and patted her forehead. "Don't worry, I'll be with you."

"Thanks. You're the best." Her up beat smile was brought back to life as I returned one as well. "Let's go."

Nodding my head we headed out the main building that held our school activities such as studying and such, we headed towards the Archery Club. Tsukiko huddled besides me, closer and closer, when she heard one of them call her name.

"Come on, don't look back." I whispered closely to her when I gripped her wrist softly. "Just ignore them."

"Hey…Why don't you let your friend go, so I can have a little chat with her." A member announced as he bounced the bamboo blade on his shoulder. "Well, we can always have both of you chat with us."

"Um. Yeah, no thanks." I replied with smile, that held my frightened inner self. "Now, if you'll excuse-"

"Not so fast." Another one popped up behind him and near my face. "You're not that bad looking either."

My legs trembled as I backed up with Tsukiko, I've never been in a situation as bad as this before. Her hands reached over for my shoulder as she gripped them, fearing of what's to come. Right now I couldn't just let them do what they want with us, no way.

"Hey! What do you guys think you're doing!" Miyaji's voice lifted my fright away.

"Please leave them alone, they have done nothing relating to you all." Tomare stood in front of us and held his unusual glare that made them cower.

"Senpai-tachi!" Yoko came rushing towards us with Kinose. "Are you both okay? Did they do anything to you?"

"W-We're fine." My voice stuttered as I nodded and felt a hand on my shoulder. "Miyaki-kun…"

His lips pulled a smile on, a smile of relief, as he turned to the Kendo members on the side. Kinose stood besides Yoko and Tsukiko, who was feeling more relieved that the guys were here. I couldn't agree more, I had to admit that being a girl was a bit of a hassle.

"Please leave them alone." Tomare asked as he continued to hold his stern expression. "I understand if you talk to them, but please do not use force."

"What did you guys do anyways?" Miyaji whispered as I shot up a glare and pout. "W-What's with that face?"

"Why would we do anything to them?" I spoke in a contained yell and held onto his shirt. "They were coming onto Tsukiko -who obviously rejected them-, and I just walked her because she felt uncomfortable okay?"

"So, you guys want to use force huh?" Miyaji ignored my statement and darted down on them. "Having an impure intention and using force is pitiful! I'll make sure your guts are shaped up!" he stated as the Kendo captain slide open the door.

"What's going on? Takumi-kun, what's going on why is-" his eyes stopped to see Tomare's tense glare, "Tomare-kun…I apologize if anyone in my team being rude to your members." he bowed.

"B-But captain!" A member shouted in disbelief and walked up towards the crimson-haired teen. "We-"

"Do you think I would believe that Tomare would lie to me? Look at his face, it's not his usual face he has plastered on." The captain sighed and flicked the member's sweating forehead. "Everyone thanks to this little problem you're all going to owe me three miles! Non-stop running!"

"Are you kidding me? Three miles? I could barely do one!" Another member shouted as he earned a flick as well.

"Don't disobey me, if you do you'll be punished by me…Personally." he stated as they straightened their backs and ran. "Please accept my apologizes on the behalf of my members Tomare-kun."

"Thank you for your help Kato-kun. If you didn't come out it would probably be a mess." Tomare shook his hand before he let off running besides his members. "Ah, Kato-kun and I were best friend since Elementary."

"Tomare-kun, everyone thank you for help us." Tsukiko smiled as she inhaled a large amount of in and exhaled it out. "That was tense…I don't want to go through that again."

"I know…" we both slouched to the ground and laughed with everyone. "Thank you, I really do mean it."

The incident reminded me of myself, in the past; someone who can't do anything at all. I still held onto some sort of support to help me through my life, and here I thought that I wasn't anymore. Now, I might need even more support to hang onto in my time of need.

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