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"Help help! Please somebody help!" Watari watched the young woman bang on the door of the building that was built solely for the Kira investigation.

"L, there's a woman outside shouting for help. There is an unconscious girl with her." Watari turned to face the raven-haired detective and waited patiently for an answer.

L spun his chair around and observed the situation outside. He pulled the lollipop out of his mouth. "Let her in."

Watari nodded. "As you wish." He pressed a few buttons and the door to the Kira situation building opened. Watari went out to escort the young woman up.

He returned a few moments later carrying an unconscious girl. A slightly older woman stood behind him.

"Please, help. I was on my way home from work when I noticed this girl," she pointed to the unconscious figure in Watari's arms. "Unconscious on the floor."

L stood up and walked over to Watari. "Hmm…" He murmured as he placed his thumb in his mouth and looked the girl over. He took in her raven black hair that was covered in snow, her pale complexion and her limb body. He took the girl's wrist in his hand and checked for a pulse. It was there, beating feebly against L's warm fingers.

"She is suffering from malnutrition. She hasn't been eating properly and it has taken a drastic toll on her body, leading her to collapse. She is underweight and extremely cold."

"Are you going to call for an ambulance?" The older woman stood beside L and watched as L placed a hand on the young girl's forehead.

"That is not necessary. We have the equipment to deal with this here. Will you please leave her in our care? I promise that we will look after her. You have my word and Watari's as well." L turned to face the older woman.

She nodded. After a pause she said, "I trust you. It doesn't sound too serious anyway. But, will I be able to drop by again tomorrow?"

"With the right equipment this kind of thing is quite easily dealt with. Feel free to drop by whenever you're free if you wish to check on her. She should be conscious again by tomorrow."

The woman nodded. "Thank you. I'll leave her here with you tonight. After seeing her lying in the snow unconscious I felt that I had to do something to help."

L nodded. "I understand. Watari will you please show her out?"

Watari looked down at the girl unconscious in his arms. "It's okay. I will take care of the girl." L held his arms out and Watari carefully placed the still sleeping girl into L's capable hands. Watari nodded and led the elder woman out of the building.

L carried the girl to the main area and placed her carefully down on a couch. He draped several blankets over the girl and dried her hair to get rid of the snow that had soaked in. He then proceeded to prepare a nutritional drip for her. L attached it to the bottom of her left wrist and hung it up on a stand near the couch.

"How is she?" Watari asked when he arrived back.

"She is stable. She will be conscious again in the next few hours."

"Are you going to give her over to the hospital?"

"Not for now. She is stable. If her condition deteriorates then I will have her sent to a hospital."

"I understand." Watari walked off leaving L alone to continue with his work.

A few hours later the girl awoke. Where am I? She thought as she sat up and looked around her. She was in a dark room on a couch. Her body was covered with several blankets. The only light in the room was coming from a computer screen on the other side of the room.

"You are finally awake." The voice startled the girl and she visibly jumped. She looked up to see the dark silhouette of a male. A light switch flipped on and the girl had to shield her eyes from the intensity of the light.

She looked up at the figure hunched over her. He had really messy light black hair that was the same shade as hers. It spiked off randomly in different directions and strands of it fell over the side of his face. He had dark coloured eyes that were like bottomless, empty pits; they were highlighted by the deep black bags under his eyes. He wore a basic baggy white shirt and jeans that were several sizes too big.

"What's your name?" He asked as he placed the tip of his thumb in his mouth and continued to stare at her.

The girl ignored the question choosing to voice one of her own. "Where am I?"

"You are in the building that was built solely to deal with the Kira case. Now, what is your name?"

The girl once again choose to ignore the question. She looked around and took in her surroundings. "You're investigating the Kira case? Finally, someone who has a backbone. It's about time someone tried to stop that psycho."

"Psycho?" The strange man questioned.

The girl nodded. "Kira has some serious issues. His sense of justice is completely warped. Two wrongs don't make a right. Killing people and using the fact that they were criminals isn't right. No matter how you look at it. It's still cold blooded murder. Kira is nothing more than a psychotic serial killer."

"Interesting." The strange man said as he reached a hand out to touch the girl's forehead.

She responded by taking his wrist and twisting it round and up his back. She held it there and he was trapped.

"I was only going to check your temperature." He said innocently. "It seems like you are recovering well."

Watari walked in at that point to see L on his knees with his arm up his back. Watari nearly tackled the girl down to the floor.

"Watari it's fine. It was my own fault. I went to check her temperature and she took it as a threat."

The girl shoved L forward violently and jumped backwards to land in a defensive position.

L held up his hands. "It's okay. We are here to help you, not hurt you. My name is Ryuzaki and this is Watari." Ryuzaki gestured to the old man who bowed.

"Since you have given your names I suppose I don't have any choice but to give you a name back. However, I believe that it is possible for Kira to kill just by knowing your name and face. So, I will not give you my real name. You may call me… Yuuki. The name you have given me is fake, isn't it?"

Ryuzaki's face didn't betray any emotion. If he was shocked he certainly didn't show it. "Yes. It is a fake name. How could you tell?"

"You're investigating Kira. It would be extremely stupid to give out your real name to people you have only just met. Scrap that, it would be extremely stupid to give out your real name to anyone."

Ryuzaki nodded. "Earlier, you said that you believe Kira can kill with a face and a name. How did you arrive at that conclusion?"

"I watch the news on a regular basis. From watching it I have been able to deduce several things about Kira. In the news, sometimes only a criminal's name and face were revealed to the public. Nothing more. No information about, location, job or family. Yet, those criminals were still falling victim to Kira's psychotic rampage. So from that I have been able to deduce that Kira needs a name and a face to kill. It is also very likely that he is in this area of Japan. So, I have decided that it is not safe for anyone to know my real name. Especially people in this area."

"Including me." Ryuzaki muttered.

"Precisely. You think the same way don't you? That's also the reason why you have given me a fake name."

Ryuzaki bit harder into his thumb. Deep in thought.

"Ryuzaki. You are thinking the same thing as me, aren't you?" Watari asked suddenly.

Ryuzaki nodded. "You are very intelligent Yukki and you have an extremely strong sense of justice. If your parents allow it, would you like to help out with the Kira investigation?"

"I would want nothing more than to see that psycho get the punishment that he deserves. I would be delighted to help out if I can. I will phone my parents." With that Yukki pulled out her phone and started punching in buttons. After a few minutes she hung up.

"My mum has said that it is okay so long as I return home every now and then just to show her that I am okay. I'm anemic so she gets worried easily."

Ryuzaki nodded. "I understand. Stay here for tonight and go to see your mum in the morning. Just to confirm that it is okay. Collect the belongings that you need and you can alternate from your home and here as you wish."

Yukki nodded.

"It's late. Get some sleep." And with that Ryuzaki and Watari left so that Yukki could get some more sleep.

"Watari." Ryuzaki said the second they were out of Yukki's hearing range.


"I want you to arrange for someone to follow Yukki around for a bit. I don't trust her yet. I just want to be sure of some things."

"I understand. As you wish. I shall arrange for that immediately."

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