My very first fic and one shot of AsuCaga, enjoy!

After all of the confrences of the day, being anounced that the war is over and everything is at peace, Cagalli was walking to her room, she had a lot on her mind. She was trying to hold her tears back, she was worried about a cerain blue haired man, because he has yet to come back.
She kept her tears to herself, until she steped inside her room. As soon as she entered her bedroom, she sat down at her dresser, and opened the second drawer. She pulled out a blue box, with a silver band ring with a red stone in it, given to her by a certain blue haired man.
She held the ring in her hand looking at it and thought to herself "He's not coming back, he's going to stay with ZAFT and stay with Meyrin,i know it."

Tears were falling down her cheeks as she stared at the ring in her hand, she huged it close to herself and said in a soft tone "Athrun, i wish you'd at least come so i can explain, because i only took the ring off, because i had a country to protect." More tears rolling down her cheeks, thinking of how she took the ring off, she knew Athrun understood but didnt know if he'd be coming back to her.

She noticed it was 9:00 pm and when she noticed how late it was, she decided to go outside to the pond in the back of the mantion to maybe help her relax a bit.
As soon as she made it to the pond,she bent down on her knees staring at her reflection in the water thinking "Athrun, i wish you'd come back" and squeezed the ring in her hand tightly. She held it very tight in her hand than moved it over her heart holding it very close to her. Tears were rolling down her cheeks twice as much now.
She stood up and said in a slight tone "To hell with him!"

She lifted her arm, getting ready to throw the ring into the pond until she heard an all to familar masculine tone say "Cagalli, why were you going to throw that?"

Cagalli recognized that voice, from anywhere, once she heard that voice she turned around and looked straight into his emrald eyes noticing that there were tears building in them.
She started to tear up a little more and said "Athrun, i...i'm sorry, i didnt think you were coming back."

He slowly bent his head down,tears rolling down his cheeksand said "Cagalli, i could never leave you alone again i already did that once, and i'm never doing it again."

Cagalli noticed the sadness in his eyes, when he was there, seeing her almost throw the ring into the water, she started to run over to him and he opened his arms.
She smiled slightly noticing this, and as soon as she hit arms length, Athrun pulled her to him, into a tight embrace.

They both held one another, and Athrun looked down at Cagalli striaght into her amber eyes and said "Cagalli Yula Athha, i love you, id never leave you, i do realize i did it once, but i will never do it again, i'm staying here with you forever."