Stuck With You

Chapter One - Explosion

By Crow Skywalker


Disclaimer – Don't own BtVS or its characters. They all belong to Joss, etc.

Author's Notes – I've always been one of those ones that dared to be different...and now you'll see how. I'm not sure if this has ever been done (someone might have it done by the time I finish this fic) but I'll give it a try anyway. While sitting and watching Buffy (Seeing Red, to be exact) it kind of clicked on how evil Warren really is...and incredibly sexy. If anyone has ever read my stuff, they'll know I have a thing for evil guys...and I was thinking : what would it be like if Warren and Buffy got together? Knowing this'll most likely never happen, I thought it would be cool to try anyway. So here's my attempt at one of the first Warren/Buffy fics. And yeah, I know I have a lot of fics on the go...but don't worry, I'll get around to them sooner or later.

Other notes – Rated PG-13 for normal violence, and Buffy/Warren moments. Takes place before Entropy. May contain spoilers.

Story Summary – When the Troika gang have their sights set on a time transporter, things go wrong when Warren and Buffy accidentally get sent back to the time when everyone was still in High School. Now they must work together before history is changed and Buffy comes face to face with herself.


Buffy Summers, the one and only Slayer of Sunnydale, yawned as she padded into her bathroom wearing only her pajamas. A long night of patrolling had kept her up most of the night, and she still wasn't quite ready to leave the warm heaven she called her bed. However, duty called – and this time in the form of hamburgers, that needed to be grilled.

Getting into the shower she groaned as the warm water hit her and relaxed her tense muscles. Fighting baddies at night certainly wasn't as easy as it looked, and it sure took its toll on her. Especially after working shifts at the Doublemeat Palace, which was where she was headed this early in the morning.

Yet another day working in that greasy old place, Buffy thought as she headed for her room to get dressed. She could smell things cooking downstairs as she passed through the halls. Hmm...Willow must have gotten up early to cook breakfast.

Having dressed, Buffy quickly checked Dawn's room to see if she was up and ready for school. Seeing that the room was empty, she shrugged and headed downstairs. "Mmm...smells good! What's cooking?" She asked as she entered the kitchen. Peering around she found Willow standing over the stove and Dawn busily eating a plate of bacon and eggs.

"Hey Buffy! You're up!" Willow looked up and smiled as she put a plate on the table in Buffy's usual place. "I was about to send Dawn up to wake you, I figured you'd slept in. Better hurry and eat or you'll be late for work."

Buffy sat down mumbling thanks and started eating her breakfast. Glancing briefly at Dawn, who was finishing off and clearing up, she informed her, "I have to work until five tonight, so I won't be home when you come home from school. Do you want me to pick something up or will you cook your own supper?"

"Uhm, actually, I was hoping that maybe..we could have a nice cooked supper tonight? All of us? Maybe invite Xander – he hasn't been around a lot since the wedding mess.." Dawn suggested, putting her dirty dishes in the sink and picking up her book bag. "It's been a while since we've all been together for a meal."

"Hey, now that's a good idea." Said Willow, taking a seat with her own breakfast. "Xander needs his friends to help him through these times."

This brought a smile to Dawn's face. "Really? So we're having supper with everyone tonight? Maybe you can invite Tara over, Willow." She hinted.

Willow grinned at that. "Sounds good! I've been meaning to talk to her...maybe this is my chance. And maybe she'll help me cook supper – I don't think she has any classes today."

"Sorry I won't be much help." Said Buffy, finishing off her breakfast as well.

"Oh, it's okay." Dawn shifted her book bag. "You have to work. I'll help Tara and Willow if I can. We'll start eating as soon as you get home – so make sure you're actually here on time." She finished, turning on her heels and leaving the house for school.

Buffy sighed, leaving the table and putting her dishes in the sink to be washed. It was true – ever since she'd come back from the dead she hadn't been around much. But it was exactly her fault – she just couldn't spend all her time at home, and Dawn thought she didn't want to spend and time with her. Besides work there was her Slayer duties, and they kept her out and busy most nights, especially with Warren, Jonathan, and Andrew coming up with new evil schemes every few day.

Picking up the few things she needed, she bid goodbye to Willow. What a way to start a new day.


"So the transmitter thing hooks up to the crystal?" Jonathan asked, pacing around the advanced piece of technology that they were working on.

Warren sighed for the hundredth time that day. "Yes! We steal the crystal from Sunnydale Historic Museum today and place it in its holder – and the thing is ready."

"And we're stealing the crystal today?" Andrew asked, sitting back in his chair and munching on some chips.

"That's the plan, my friends. Steal the crystal, complete the machine – use the time transporter to go back in time and kill the slayer while she's untrained. It solves all our slayer problems." Warren leaned back and smiled at his fellow Troika friends.

"And you're sure this piece of junk will work?" Asked Jonathan, peering up at the large machine.

"We'll find out soon enough now won't we?"

Jonathan frowned slightly and turned to look at the others. He wasn't quite sure how he'd gotten mixed in with this little group. Sure, he was involved in a lot of things in the past – but taking over Sunnydale and killing people wasn't quite one of them. However, here they were – the three of them, trying to take over Sunnydale – and only one thing stood in their way. The Slayer. Well, not for long if Warren had his way. It was true, they had built a time transporter to go back in time and kill the Slayer. It seemed like the only easy way to rid themselves of her. However, Jonathan always had second thoughts when it came to killing the Slayer. She had helped him many times, and he didn't want to hurt her. But Warren insisted that she had to go.

Clueing back to reality Jonathan noticed that the other two were gathered around a table with a map laid out. He quickly went to see what was up, and how they were going to manage to get the stupid crystal in the first place.

"I think the invisibility ray is the best way to go." Warren was going on, "Then one of us can just walk in there in broad daylight and just grab it without anyone noticing."

"Isn't the invisibility ray dangerous?" Jonathan asked, peering down at the map of the museum and remembering the trouble they last had with it. "I mean, too long invisible and the person kind of...dies."

"That's why we're doing this quickly. Now who wants to volunteer for the job?" Warren looked between Jonathan and Andrew, who looked away. Neither looked like they wanted to do it. "What? Too afraid the Slayer will show?" There was only silence, and he gave in. "Fine, fine...I'll go myself." He sighed and rolled up the map, having memorized all exits in case of emergency. "Let's do it."

Packing the newly made invisibility ray into their van and the few materials they would need, they soon found themselves in front of the large museum.

"Andrew, you take the wheel – in case we need to make a quick getaway." Warren ordered, leaving the front seat and crawling into the back of the van to where the ray gun was. "Jonathan, I need your help back here."


Buffy settled in to one of the hard seats in the restaurant and stared down at the burger thing she was calling dinner. The day had gone pretty fast, and she was already on break from work. She frowned as she took her uniform hat off and let her hair down, a wave of grease smell hitting her nose. She scrunched her nose and smelt her hair - sure enough, it was her hair that smelt that gross.

Ugh...I'll never get that smell out. She gingerly picked up her burger and studied it, before putting it back down. I don't think I'm hungry. She sighed out loud, and turned her head to look out the window as she lay it in the palm of her hand. As far as she could tell it was still a nice day out and the sun shone brightly. Peering across the street she could see the Sunnydale Historic Museum clearly, and watched as a few people entered and exited. Quietly she wondered why anyone would want to be in such a dank and dreary place on such a beautiful day. Well, at least they're not stuck in this dump.

Turning her attention back to the window, she watched as a familiar van pulled up in front of the museum, abstracting her view. She frowned slightly at the van, unable to remember if she'd seen it before or not. There was definitely something familiar about it, but she couldn't quite pick it out at the moment. Well, she thought, looking over the van, it certainly is a junk heap.

The back doors opened and Buffy watched as someone stepped out, who appeared to be talking to themselves. Squinting, she finally figured out where she'd seen the van before. It was Warren, Andrew and Jonathan's van! And, looking hard at the person, who now seemed to be standing guard and holding a phone close to his ear, that's Jonathan!

Buffy quickly gathered up her things and threw the uneaten hamburger into the garbage. She was going to find out what they were up to.


"Warren! Hurry up in there!" Jonathan hissed into the phone. The phone had been Warren's idea, so if things went bad he could easily tell them, and they could get away quickly.

"Shh! I'm almost done – I just have to finished cutting a hole in the glass." Whispered a voice back through the phone.

Jonathan looked around anxiously. All of a sudden he had a bad feeling and wished to God that Warren would hurry up. Standing out here in the light wasn't the best idea anyway – what if the Slayer spotted him?

"Got it!" Warren's voice said a bit too loud, and Jonathan wondered how the hell Warren was pulling all this off without being caught.

He shifted uncomfortably before answering back, "Hurry!"

"And what's the hurry?" Came a voice from behind him, and he froze, dropping the phone. He knew that voice – very well. Turning around he faced its owner, who was currently dressed in the red and white uniform of Doublemeat Palace. He tried hard not to laugh at how ridiculous she looked in that uniform. "Well, uh..Buffy! Nice to see you again!"

"Answer my question Jonathan. What are you and the dork squad up to now?" She asked firmly, crossing her arms.

"Wh-what makes you think we're up to something?" He asked, his eyes searching the door to the museum. Where is Warren?? I told him to hurry! Now we're all gonna get our asses kicked!

"I don't seem to have a knack for being a new pain in my ass." She followed his gaze. What could he be watching for? She soon found out.

The door to the museum seemed to fly open by some unknown force, catching Buffy's attention for the slightest moment. It was then that something – or someone – pushed past her, knocking her to the ground. "What the hell?" She mumbled, from where she sat.

"Warren, did you get it?" Came a voice from the front of the van – Andrew, who had kept quiet the whole time the Slayer was near.

"Yeah," Came a voice without a body, "Jonathan! Get in here!"

Buffy watched as Jonathan followed the voice's order, still having no idea what was going on. A flash of light in the dark van soon brought everything to her attention – once where there had been nothing, now stood Warren, a strange smile on his face as he looked out at her. "Step on it Andrew."

The engine roared, and Buffy quickly got to her feet. They were getting away, once again. But before the back door closed shut, Buffy heard Warren's words : "We may be a pain in your ass Slayer, but you'll soon be gone!"

Buffy blinked, taking all the strangeness in. What did they mean 'you'll soon be gone'? Did they make another invisibility ray? What were they doing in the museum?

The last question was answered when an alarm inside the building suddenly went off, and a security guard came running out, looking in every direction. "Damn thieves!"

"Hey, Sir, May I ask what's going on?"

"The museum's most prized crystal seems to have been stolen, and recently." He stared, before asking, "Have you seen any suspicious looking people out here?"

Buffy decided against telling him – she wanted to find the Troika herself. She had some things to settle with them – besides, this was a Slayer's job. "No Sir."

"Thank you miss – and you seem to have dropped your phone."

Looking down, Buffy finally noticed the cell phone that Jonathan had dropped when she had appeared. Picking it up, she said her thanks to the guard and headed off across the street, watching until he was gone. Looking down at the phone she found that it was still on, and the number that had been called or had called recently was still on the small screen. She smiled at their stupidity – it would be easy to find them now.

A beeping noise made her realize that her break was up, and she entered the smelly old restaurant once again, planning on taking the rest of the day off. However, after being confronted by her boss, those plans were put on hold.

"You've been taking a lot of time off Summers – you can't afford to take anymore."

"But –"

"No buts, unless you want to lose your job! Now go on, there are more burgers to be grilled!"

Buffy groaned, slipping the phone into her pocket. It would have to wait a few hours.


"Whew...that was close." Said Andrew, falling back into his favorite chair after arriving home.

"Yeah...what took you so long?" Asked Jonathan, eyeing Warren.

Emptying his pockets and taking off his jacket, Warren smiled at them both as he held up a large expensive looking object with studded jewelry. "Came across it in the case next to this," He held up a red crystal that seemed to glow.

"Is that the crystal we need for the machine? Andrew asked in awe.

"This is it!" Warren grinned at them both. "Our solution to getting rid of the Slayer! Let's celebrate our victory early."

And so they did, sitting around a newly stolen large screen television and eating whatever they wanted. Hours later Andrew got up to refill his Pepsi when he heard a phone ringing. Looking back at the others he found that they couldn't hear it due to how loud the television was, and quickly went to find it. Picking up, he found that it was a young girl.

"Hi, someone there just phoned for pizza to be delivered? Well silly me, I'm new...and I never quite got the right address. Could you tell me again?"

"Oh, yeah...hi. Uh..Warren must have ordered it. Yeah, the address is 21 Roseivelt Crescent."

"Thank you, you're pizza will be arriving soon." She answered, and there was a click that signaled that she hung up.

Shrugging, he got his drink and returned to find that the movie they had been watching was over. "Damn! I hate it when you guys do this to me! I missed the whole ending!"

"Maybe next time you won't take so long." Warren replied, turning off the television and stretching. "How about we finish off the machine now? I think we've done enough's time to finally kick the Slayer's ass."


Buffy smiled as she put the phone in her pocket. Pizza indeed, she thought, congratulating herself on a good performance. Now that she had their address, finding them would be simple. And now that her shift was over, and she was free to go – she had work to do.

Grabbing her few things, she quickly left the grease smelling locker room and headed out the back door. It didn't take her long to find the address that she had been given.

Walking around the house, she peered in a few basement windows to be sure if this was the place she was looking for. Sure enough, she found the Trio working on some odd looking machine. Not bothering to knock, she quietly slipped in.


"Are you sure that goes there Andrew?" Jonathan asked, studying the handiwork his friend was doing.

"Well of course!" He answered, "It doesn't fit anywhere else!"

"Boys, boys!" Warren interrupted, "Please don't start fighting again. I've already heard enough of that today." He unfolded a large blueprint and looked it over, "That looks right."

"So we just put the crystal in the slot?"

"That's what it says to do." Warren folded the blueprint back up and stuffed it in his pocket, taking out the shiny red crystal as he did so.

Standing, Andrew dusted himself off. "Man, where's the pizza when you want it? Those stupid deliveries – they're always late!" He looked up to find Jonathan and Warren staring at him. "What? The pizza's late, and I'm still starved!"

"When did you order pizza?"

"I didn't...a girl phoned here on a cell asking for the address to deliver the pizza...I thought one of you ordered it..."

"I never ordered any pizza...did you?" Warren looked at Jonathan, who shook his head. "Then who ordered the pizza?"

"I did." Buffy stepped out of her hiding place, causing the Trio to gasp and turn to face her. "Although I'd rather deliver some knuckle sandwiches."

"How did you get our number?" Warren finally asked.

"Well, one of you were stupid enough to leave this behind." She smiled, holding out the phone, and all eyes turned to Jonathan.


"So what's this contraption?" Buffy asked, taking a step foreword, and them a step back. "Some kind of shrink ray? A ray to grow you boys some brains, maybe?"

"Its uh...none of your business..." Andrew answered, fearfully trying to escape the advancing Buffy.

"Yeah uh...nothing." Jonathan backed him up, and soon found himself being picked up by the collar.

"You know, I've never been the one to hurt anything that's not a demon, but maybe I can make a acceptation...just this once." Buffy smiled up at him, but soon dropped him when Warren started to laugh. "What?" She asked, giving him an odd look.

"Do you really want to see what this baby does?" He asked, taking a step back and into the machine, and placing the crystal in the slot. Immediately the machine started to whir and buzz, electricity crackling and shooting from it. "I'll show you what it does!"

Buffy let go of Jonathan, who quickly backed up out of the way, to watch what was going on. She was ready for whatever they had in store for her.

She machine continued to glow with bluish white electricity, and soon turned to red. She assumed that whatever was going to happen, it was going to happen soon...and found herself running towards it, leaping at Warren and catching hold of him...and somehow managing to end up on the floor on top of him.

There was a screech behind them, an explosion, and the machine totally stopped. Slowly looking up and into Warren's disgusted face, she quickly got off of him and stood on unsteady legs. "What the hell did you just do??"

"Me? What did I do? Look what you did Slayer!" He growled, picking himself up off the ground and hurrying over to the machine. "The stupid crystal exploded, along with half the parts!"

It was then that Buffy noticed a big difference – they were still in the same basement apartment, but there were a few things missing. One, Warren's two friends...two...all of the things that had been there before. Except for an old dusty couch, that was all that was left of the living room. "Uh...where did all your stuff go?"

Warren didn't answer – he was too busy trying to overlook the damage done to his precious machine. She sighed. She was going to have to do this the hard way. Stalking towards him, she grabbed him by the collar and swung him into the wall, grabbing hold of him and holding him in place. "I tried doing this the easy way but you don't seem to listen." She hissed, "So you're going to answer me now. What happened and where are we?"

"It isn't a matter of where we are, Slayer – it's a matter of when." He glared at her.

"When?" She asked, a confused look on her face.

"We made a time transporter, okay?" He finally pried her fingers loose of him, "And it seems that it wasn't working right and exploded."

"I don't believe any of this." She told him, crossing her arms. "So you and your friends made some kind of time machine, which is now broken, and I'm stuck in what time with you?"

Pulling the blueprints out of his pocket Warren tried to figure out what went wrong. " I shouldn't be telling you any of this, but since we're stuck here, we're going to have to work together to get home. I guess we're going to have to be civil to each other." He turned to face Buffy. "September of 1997."

Buffy stared at him in stunned silence. "September...of 1997?"

"That's what I said."

"I was just starting.."

"High school in Sunnydale that year." He finished, turning back to the machine. I may have to talk to her and work with her to get this stupid piece of junk working again, but there's no way in hell I'm going to tell her the original plan. And once the machine is working again I might just leave her here...that'll get her out of my hair in the future.

Behind him Buffy was still arguing over whether to believe him or not. "I can't believe this...of all the things that could have happened..and I'm stuck in the past. Stuck with you."

"I'm quiet sure the feeling is mutual."

To Be Continued...