Stuck With You

Chapter Three – New Time, Same Place

By Crow Skywalker


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Author's Notes – Hey, its me again. I realize it's been a long time since I've updated. Life's been pretty busy, and I've been working on my other fics. So, here's the next chapter. Took longer to come out, so I made it longer. For those who like weird pairings, I hope you enjoy :) I have a lot of other weird pairing ideas these days, but they'll have to come later. I'd really like someone to do a Andrew/Buffy fic. I think that couple is so cute! But maybe its just me, lol.

Other notes – Rated PG-13 for normal violence. Later Buffy/Warren pairing. Of course it takes place before "Seeing Red". May contain spoilers for those who haven't seen up to there.

Chapter Summary – Buffy and Warren struggle to get along, and Warren scopes out Sunnydale.


Warren sighed as he sat back in a dusty old chair and stared at his time machine – or what used to be it. It was in some major need of fixing before it would become anything more than scrap again. Behind him Buffy Summers paced back and forth, unsure of what to make of all of this.

"Did you figure out what we need yet?" She finally asked, stopping to look at him.

"Several parts have been broken – expensive parts." He turned in the chair so that he was facing her, amused at the look on her face. "That, and the crystal – which will be very hard to find."

"That's just great." She sighed, slumping into the dust covered couch.

"I ordered the parts before...they had to be air mailed. Cost a bundle – although a small dent in our massive wallets at home." He mused. Him and his friends had first hit a bank when they started out in Sunnydale, and the money was still stashed away safely at home. But he wasn't going to let the Slayer know that tiny fact.

"So if we were able to get those parts ordered – would you have enough to pay it off?" Buffy asked, looking around the room.

"I doubt it. Those parts are state of the art."

"And we're stuck here unless we can get them?"

He nodded.

Buffy was silent for a moment. "Looks like one of us is going to have to go out there and get a job."

"We can't."

"What do you mean we can't?" She stopped studying the room and turned her gaze back to him. "Can't get a job? What? You've never worked before?"

She ignored her smart remark. "No, I mean, we can't go outside. Maybe I can, but not you. It's 1997 Buffy, and the last thing you want to do is screw up time. If one of your stupid friends, family – or even yourself saw you, you'd disrupt time."

"You mean I can change time like that?" She asked, before going on to herself, "Wow...maybe then I wouldn't die a few times. Or I could like, save people I couldn't the first time around."

"Not unless you want to return home to a totally different place."

Buffy shrugged the idea off. "Forget that then."

A silence followed as enemies sat with nothing to say.

"Not even..."

"No." Warren finalized it.

"So you're going out to get a job?" She asked, watching as Warren opened his mouth to speak, "And no, we are not stealing it. Or killing anyone." She added.

He closed his mouth and glared at her. They had been there for less than an hour and already he was fairly annoyed with her. "Fine."

Silence once again filled the room, and Buffy stared at her dusty surroundings. "We're going to be here a while, aren't we?" She finally asked, her voice soft. As much as she hated being stuck here with her so called 'enemy', she hated being trapped in the past and not being able to do anything.

"A long while." He replied, slumping down in his chair.

"Are we going to stay here?" She gestured to the filthy room around her.

"There's nowhere else to go." He answered simply.

She sighed, stretching out on the couch, not caring that she was getting full of dust. "Isn't exactly what I'd call home."

"Sorry it isn't good enough for you my Highness." He answered coolly. "No friends to wait on you hand and foot."

She turned to glare at him. "Do you really have to be such an asshole?"

"Of course – you're my enemy. Even though I'm stuck here and actually have to talk to you doesn't mean I'm going to be nice to you all the time."

Giving him a weird look she turned back around. "I'll remember that."

"It's all your fault we're stuck here, you know." Warren grumbled after a while, obviously starting to highly dislike the situation by the minute.

"My fault? I'm not the one who came up for the silly idea of the damn contraption!" She faced him once more, "If you hadn't of made it then we wouldn't be in this situation right now!"

"Well if you hadn't of barged into our house unwanted –" He started, the fight amusing him for now. Seeing the Slayer upset and angry with him pleased him somehow. Besides, just sitting here with her was annoying him – he wanted to vent some anger out on her.

"If you hadn't of been so stupid to steal from the museum that was right across from where I work –"

"If you hadn't of ruined all our plans to take over Sunnydale –"

"If you hadn't of stolen things and killed people –"

"I didn't kill anyone!" He eyed her menacingly, "Yet."

"Is that a threat? Because I can seriously kick your ass."

"Whatever, Slayer." He got up from his seat, "You stay here while I go and scout around town."

She silently glared at him, watching as he crossed the room and left, slamming the door behind him. Great. Stuck here for only God knows how long with him – and he's trying his hardest to annoy me. This is certainly the crappiest thing that's ever happened to me – although I don't know...dying and all.. She yawned, cuddling down on the couch. The room provided very little heat, and she was glad the couch provided some warmth. Today's been such a long day... She closed her eyes. I need some sleep.


Walking swiftly away from the house and down the street, Warren kicked an old can he found lying around. The sky above was dark, but he figured it wasn't too late out. Checking his watch he confirmed this. It wasn't even ten o'clock yet.

What to do...where to go...he thought, taking in the neighborhood as he walked. There certainly were some changes from his time – for one, some of the houses on the street were new – while others, like his, were rather old. He silently hoped that the house they would be staying in was empty. But with all the dust and old furniture, he was quite sure it was.

His stomach growled at that moment, reminding him that he hadn't eaten any real supper – just a few snack items while he, Jonathan and Andrew were watching the movie. As he looked around for some sort of store or restaurant, he silently wondered what his two friends were up to right now.

Spotting a McDonalds, he started his way towards it. Micky D's may be gross, but I'm starving! Anything will do! He entered and quickly went to the counter, ordering a large meal for himself. Luckily he hadn't come to Sunnydale until recently in the future and didn't have the same problem as Buffy did – he could go wherever he wanted.

It was then a idea came over him – something he should have thought of before. They weren't entirely sure what time they were stuck in – and now was a good chance to find out.

"Hey," He turned back to the man at the counter, "Could you please me the date?"

The man gave him a weird look, before answering. "Sunday, September 14th."

"What year?" Warren pried.

The man looked at him like he had just landed from outer space. "1997."

Great, Warren mused, at least I now know the machine works right – or it did work right until now.

Taking his meal to a seat by the window he thanked God that he had brought his wallet – and the sum of money that was contained in it. Taking a bite out of his burger his mind seemed to turn to Buffy, and he wondered if she had had anything to eat. He shrugged that thought off – it didn't matter. He didn't care if she starved to death. She was only a nuisance to him.

Finishing off his food he sat there for a while longer, wondering how he was going to make it now that he was stuck in this time – now that he was stuck here with the one person he hated most. For a moment he considered going ahead with the plan and killing the Slayer of the past – but that meant that the future Slayer would disappear, and he most likely would need her help to get through all this. Damn, I really am stuck with her. He frowned, getting up and throwing out his trash.

Stepping once again out into the chilly night air, he was once again lost at what to do now that he was here. Checking out the Summers' residence would have been a good idea – but now that the future Buffy was with him and he needed her help, killing past Buffy would have to wait. He shrugged, wouldn't hurt anyway.

He headed in the direction he knew Buffy's house should be. Sure enough, it was standing there as it always was – although somewhat different. Getting closer, he spied in through the large front window. Unopened boxes were spread around the living room, and everything seemed to be bare. They obviously still hadn't finished packing from the move. She should be starting school tomorrow, Warren thought absently and ducked as someone entered the room. A lady he hadn't seen before – who is she? The Slayer's mother?

"Buffy!" He heard her call, "I found another box that belongs to you!"

A muffled answer and soon the Slayer appeared, a bright smile on her face. "How're things going down here?"

Buffy's mother looked around the room. "Well, it certainly doesn't feel like home yet...but once I get everything put where its supposed to be, I'll be a lot happier.

Buffy's smile seemed to fade. "Mom – I'm sorry about all this," She gestured around the room, "If I hadn't of...burned down the school gym and got kicked out of school and all, then we wouldn't of had to move."

"Buffy, we've had this talk before." Her mom gave her a smile and led her out of the living room and what looked like the dining room, "It's okay – everything's going to be okay. Now you can have a fresh start –" And whatever else was said could not be heard by Warren, who was clinging with interest to every word.

So the Slayer burned down her school, huh? Warren thought, moving away from the house and onto the street. He's heard enough for now. That's something I never knew – although there's a lot of things I don't know about the Slayer. Like, if that was her mother in there – where is she now? And where is the Slayer's pesky little sister? They hadn't mentioned her at all – and Warren could see no sign that the child even lived in the house. Maybe she lives with her father, was his conclusion.

Shrugging all of his questions off he headed down the street. It doesn't matter anyway. Looking at his watch he realized he'd been out longer than he thought. Maybe I should head back...although returning to that dust filled place with the Slayer doesn't seem very appealing to me. He thought, taking the long way back. A cold gust of wind caused him to pull his shiver. I should stop and buy some necessaries. A jacket, some clothes, a blanket...stuff I'll really need while I'm here.

Looking up from his walk he found a late night mall further down the street. Excellent..just what I need.

Stepping off the curb he made his way towards it.


Buffy curled up tighter, unable to sleep. Not that she didn't try hard enough, but a lot of things were keeping her awake. Like, at the moment, her mind was spinning. Question after question popped into her head, most of them ones she couldn't answer. Why did these things always happen to her? How would they get home? How was she going to make it through the night without seriously kicking Warren's ass? These were only a few of the questions spinning through her head.

With those thoughts she lay there for the longest time, staring at the wall across the room. She definitely wasn't liking any of this. Not only was she stuck in the past with her 'so-called enemy', but she feared leaving the house and facing her past as well. Xander and Willow are still in high school, she thought, before her expression turned sad. Mom is still alive...Dawn isn't here...Angel is still around...

She shivered from the cold and closed her eyes briefly. Maybe Warren was right – she should stay inside. Not only would people seeing her disrupt time, but she wasn't sure if she could take the pain that she knew she would feel.

She could hear the door open and she opened her eyes in fear that someone had found them. She eased slightly when she spotted Warren carrying s load of bags.

"Still awake, Slayer?" He lay the bags down on a nearby counter, "Thought for sure you'd be asleep."

"Why, plan on getting rid of me in my sleep, Warren?" She asked dryly, not looking at him. She really wasn't up to fighting with him.

Warren noticed her drawback but ignored it. "No, but that's still a good idea."

"Well you go write it in your little 'how-to-be-evil' book."

He chose to ignore that comment as well as well. "Look, we're going to be stuck here for a long time – from now on let's try to get along?" He said, wincing. Getting along with the Slayer meant that they would have to be decent and civil to each other – at least for a while.

"Fine with me." She answered, yawning and listening to the bags rustle as he picked through them. "Where did you go?"

"Out around – the store, your place –"

"My place?" She asked, shooting him a look. "Why would you go there?"

"No reason." He said quickly, but he could feel that she was still suspicious of his actions. He decided to change the subject – or at least try to. "Does your sister live with your dad or something? Never saw her around."

Buffy seemed to tense for a moment, staring at the ceiling in silence before rolling over to face the back of the couch. "I don't have a sister." She replied quietly, a sad tone in her voice. I'll never see her again...oh God...I missed supper...even if I do get back, she'll never speak to me again...

Warren was confused. "Yes you do – I've seen her and heard her on our video ca –" He stopped himself before he went any further. They had set up hidden video camera's in the Summers' house not too long ago, and as far as he could tell, nobody had found them yet.

"Forget about it. My sister is none of your business." Buffy snapped, seemingly not hearing what Warren had just confessed.


"Whatever." She grumbled, now in a bad mood. Turning to face the couch, she closed her eyes and forced herself to sleep. Anything was better than the reality she was in now, and she hoped to escape it by sleeping.

Trapped in the past with no one but this dork, she thought, yawning. And I can't even kick his ass because I need him to get home. Maybe when I wake up in the morning, this'll all be some kind of nightmare.

She sure hoped so.

To Be Continued...