Chapter Four

Isabella Swan P.O.V

You know that feeling when you're underwater, and every sound is distorted and undistinguishable. Well that is how the world felt when I met Edward's eyes. I don't know how long is sat staring at him, with my mouth hanging open like some gormless idiot. I was somewhat aware of Carlisle introducing me to his son.

"It's lovely to finally meet you, Miss Swan," the adonis in front of me said. He smiled at me and I think my heart stopped. I tried to formulate some kind of response, but unfortunately my brain seemed to have turned into useless goo.

Carlisle waved a hand in front of my face. "Bella? Are you feeling alright?" The genuine concern on his face brought me slamming back into reality.

Shaking my head and no doubt turning a startling shade of red, I manage to answer. "Um... yeah, sorry. I'm fine." I stood up to reach out intending to shake Edward's hand, but as I rose I succeeded in knocking everything on my desk flying. Impossibly I turned even redder. Kill me now. I quickly scrambled to restore order to the desk while mumbling apologies.

"Bella, don't worry about it." Carlisle smiled. "Sorry I can't stay, but I've got a meeting with a writer downstairs." He turned to Jessica and gave her instructions to hold all calls, and walked to the elevator with Lauren following on, not before she turned to smirk at me though.

"Miss Swan, why don't you come into my office and we can go over your responsibilities as my assistant?" Edward gestured into his office. Now I seemed to be stuck in a constant state of flushed embarrassment, this time caused by the inappropriate thoughts conjured by Edward's question. I was very interested in what responsibilities my new job might entail. What is wrong with me?

I walked into Edward's office while Jessica returned to her desk. He followed me inside and pushed the door closed.

"Please take a seat." I did, and he sat behind his desk. "It's my understanding that this is your first job after college?"

"Yes, Sir." I replied in a small voice.

"Ok. Well my father has only had good things to say about you." He smiled his panty-dropping smile. "I have no doubt that you'll be fine, this job involves pretty basic stuff. For example I will need you to answer the phone, do copying etc, accompany me on some meetings. Things like that. I trust that Jessica has shown you some of the online programs we use?"

"Yes, Sir."

He simply nodded at that. "As you probably know, I only started at the company a week ago. So therefore I will also need you to help set up a filing system." He gestured at the cabinets in the corner. "Why don't we start that first?"

"Yes, Sir." Well done Bella, is that all you can say? Jesus.

Edward showed me all of the paperwork that had already started building up in the drawers and needed to be filed. As I started to take the piles of paper out to my desk to sort them, he stopped me, telling me that as he was only using his computer I could use the space on his desk. And Oh my God! That meant that for the best part of an hour, I was in close enough proximity to him that I could smell the mixture of aftershave and soap coming from his skin. I thought I might faint.

At one point in the morning, Edward had passed me a document he had just printed and our fingers accidentally brushed against each other. As his skin came into contact with mine, it was as though an electric shock travel up my arm, and tingled throughout my whole body. I gasped in surprise and we both let go of the paper.

Our eyes met, and the look on his face reflected my own. A look of confusion and shock.

After that whenever Edward passed me anything, he seemed to be extra careful not to touch me again. Throughout the time I was working in his office, he kept the conversation polite and professional. Asking me about college and moving across the country. At least my brain seemed to be starting the function normally again, even if it did keep conjuring images of Edward touching me, kissing me...

"Miss Swan?" Edward's voice broke me out of my mental wonderings. Of course I turned scarlet when I looked into his face. "It's twelve thirty which makes it your lunch hour."

"Ok, great... um, I've pretty much finished here..." I trailed off.

"That's ok, you can finish after lunch. Jessica will show you down to the cafeteria." With that we both left his office and he locked the door behind us. With a parting, "See you in an hour, Miss Swan." He walked over to his father's office, and strode in without knocking.

As soon as the door was closed, Jessica ran over, practically bursting at the seams. "OMG Bella! You should have seen your face when he came in? It was priceless!" She laughed the whole way down to the cafeteria.

We paid for our food and Jessica lead me over to sit with a group of girls, all about her age. I recognised Lauren from earlier. Jessica introduced me to the girls around the table but like earlier I struggled to keep up with her fast talking. I think there was an Ashley and Brittany somewhere. It didn't take long for me to get completely lost in their conversation, given that they all seemed to converse at super speed.

"You'll come with us, won't you Bella?" Jessica asked and everyone looked at me waiting for my response. I had no idea what they were talking about.

"Sorry, what?"

"We're all going out on Friday. There's this new club we want to go to. You in?"

I looked down at the table to avoid the six pairs of eyes on me. "Well, I can't. I'm not twenty-one yet."

"What? How old are you then? Are you still in college or something?"

"I'm nineteen. I'll be twenty next week." I felt my face flaming at the attention. "I graduated college in the summer." I looked up at their confused faces. "I completed most of my credits at home, so finished in two years."

Jessica still seemed confused. "So, you didn't live in dorms? Why?"

"I have a two year old daughter so I couldn't go to college normally." I didn't look at their faces. I had learned quickly what to expect when you tell a bunch of girls that you got pregnant in high school.

I was glad when the hour was nearly up and I was able to leave the awkwardness surrounding the table after my revelation. While I'm not ashamed of my daughter, I know what people think of me. I left the table and walked back to the elevator. Talking about Riley had only reminded me how much I was missing her.

When I got back to my desk, the clock on my computer screen told me I still had a couple of minutes left of lunch, so I gave into myself and pulled out my cell.

"Hello, Little Wonders Daycare" a cheery voice answered.

"Um... hi, this is Bella Swan, my daughter is Riley. Today is her first day so I just wanted to check in, see how she's doing."

The receptionist put me on hold while she called Riley's teacher, and quickly assured me that she was fine. I thanked her and ended the call. I felt somewhat happier knowing that she was having fun, but I still felt as though half of me was missing.

"Miss Swan?" I turned to see Edward smiling at me from across my desk. "Is everything ok?"

"Yeah, sorry. I was just checking in on my little girl's daycare."

"How's she doing?" He asked, seeming genuinely interested.

I smiled. "She's doing great apparently. I don't really know why I thought she wouldn't, she's always been quite confident meeting new people."

"That's good. How old is she?"

"She's two and a half." After a few more minutes we both went into Edward's office and back to work. It only took another twenty minutes to finish the filing, so for the last hour of my day I was left answering the phone at my own desk. Despite Lauren and Jessica working across from me, I felt surprising lonely out of Edward's office.

At three o'clock Edward came out to say goodbye. "I'll see you tomorrow, Miss Swan."

"Yeah, tomorrow... oh, and please call me Bella."

His eyes twinkled as he smiled at me. "Ok, until tomorrow, Bella."

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