Tony had settled himself on the couch and was staring at the ceiling, feeling very suddenly wide awake. He guessed it was a good sign, at least he knew he wouldn't be going to sleep only to find he can't wake up again, although, that could be the cause of this bout of insomnia. Hearing voices approaching Tony quickly shut his eyes and faked sleep. Strangely for him, he really didn't want any more attention tonight.

"Thank you for the drink Jethro," Ducky walked to the door, "do call if you need anything and…"

Tony could hear whispering, his curiosity getting the better of him as always he leaned up and tried to listen in, after all whispering meant a secret and he was the only other person there so it was a secret from him. Tony just had to know what it was they didn't want him to know.

As soon as he heard the door shut and Gibbs' footsteps Tony threw himself back on the couch and stilled, the footsteps came closer… and closer… Tony risked opening one eye a slit.

"Why are you pretending to sleep?"

"False of habit." Tony deadpanned, seeing Gibbs' face hovering inches from his own. "You know that's the second time today I've woken up far too close to another man."

Gibbs chuckled and stood straight. "I don't want to know DiNozzo."

Tony sat himself up and pushed back the blanket he'd retrieved from the closet. Gibbs sat down in the chair opposite the couch, bourbon glass still in hand. Tony examined it.

"You can't have one."

"Beer?" He asked hopefully.


"This isn't very fun you no boss, when I tell McGee and Kate about this sleep over I'm going to have to invent some strippers or something."

Gibbs ignored him. "Why aren't you asleep?"

"Not tired?" Tony sighed at the glare, he thought it was a weak excuse too, "I'm tired, just can't sleep."

Gibbs appeared to think on that for a while. "You afraid to sleep Tony?"

Tony laughed nervously, "No, no of course not. Why… no... I'm fine… could sleep right now actually."

Gibbs nodded and stood up without another word. Tony started to mentally kick himself, looking stupid in front of his boss was not on his to do list today, it had to be the blood loss. Everything could be blamed on blood loss.

"Here." Gibbs returned and dumped a narrow dusty box on the coffee table. "Think you can make that work?"

Tony frowned and looked at it. "Boss this is a DVD player."

"Yeah, these came with it." Gibbs threw a stack of cellophane wrapped DVDs on top of it, sending dust flying. "What?"

Tony reined in his surprise as much as he could, he so wanted to ask, but… his boss was being nice to him and he kind of liked it, despite the weirdness, it made him feel a little less crappy and he didn't want to burst the bubble that was holding him together tonight. Under different circumstances he might not agree, but right now normal behaviour clearly wasn't working for him so different was worth a try.

"Can you hook it up or what?"

"I think I can manage it." Tony nodded smiling gently.

"Come on then, you know the only TV is in the basement." Gibbs grabbed the box and took it down stairs.

Tony picked up the blanket along with the white uncased pillow and followed.