Chapie 2

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Xesa: Alright! On with the Story!


I opened my eyes to a dark unfamiliar room. I wonder how I got there. I sat up and looked at my surroundings. A painting of a water-bender hung on the wall opposite me, and a barrel full of scrolls laid in the corner of my side of the room. I was on a brown mat of some sort, and a blanket covered the floor by the "door". My outfit consisted of a yellow tank top, an elbow length red vest, and a red pair of pants with yellow flats. My hair had changed from the dyed blue color to my regular burgundy. I wasn't 16 anymore either. I looked like when I was at least 9, my hair only touching my shoulders.

I heard the "door" creak open while I inspected myself, and a boy peak his head in. He was bald, with gray eyes and lightly tanned skin. Wait, is that Aang?

"Hey! Your awake!" He said. I rolled my neck a little.

"I guess I am," I answered. He laughed a little at me before making an air scooter and riding over toward me. "I'm Aang," he introduced, sticking out a hand. I shook it.

"I'm Xesa, call me Xe." He smiled an Aang smile before grabbing my hand in his and leading me out of the room. "Come on!" he said. "I want you to meet my friends."

After 5 minuted of walking and talking, we arrived at a place outside where boys played a game with an air-ball thing. "Hey guys, I want you to meet someone!" Aang yelled enthusiastically. The boys stopped their game before rushing over toward us. As soon as Aang moved away from me, the boys stopped in their tracks and stared. "This is Xe! Xe, these are my friends." Aang had introduced us, but I wasn't really paying attention. That's when one of them invited me to play air-ball with them. "Um, I'll just watch. I don't know if I can air-bend yet," I answered. The guys looked a little disappointed, but shrugged it off and led me to a place to sit. "Now sit, and watch me kick their buts!" Aang whispered quickly to me before running off to join the others.

Fast Forward

2 years passed, and I was officially 18! Technically I was 11, so they didn't need to know that. Aang and I had become best friends in this time, and he had gotten his flying bison. One of the monks made us gliders, and we would fly together, all the time. I have started developing a crush on him, but he doesn't know. The monks let me keep my hair, thank the spirits, and Aang and I found out that we were Avatars. I learned a lot being here, like air-bending, and we traveled the world. Pretty cool, huh?

Well, one day, I was painting a picture of what would be Toph, when Aang came in with sad yet determined eyes. "Hey Aang, what's up?" I asked. He looked at me sadly. Then I remembered. He didn't want to be the Avatar, and now that he is, his life is kind of ruined. I looked at him for a second before he hugged me as tightly as possible. This made me blush a deep scarlet, but fortunately, he didn't see. "I'm running away," he said, but before he could continue, I said the 4 most powerful words I will ever say in my life. "Aang, I'm coming with you."

Later that night, we grabbed our gliders, hopped on Appa, and left the air temple without anyone noticing. "Aang, there's a storm coming!" I yelled, pointing toward the incoming storm. It was too late though. Before I could pull the ropes back, Appa hit a wave, making us crash into the water. I couldn't see, or breath, and I was exhausted. Before I left the Earth though, I saw a huge flash of light, then it went black.