I know this isn't a story

And I am really sorry

I know this is annoying but I need help

There are 2 stories that I have been trying to find for ages

I used the search engine on the website and Google but still can't find them

The 1st story has Merlin trying transformation spells and he is trying to become a cat with a red bell. Unfortunately he becomes distracted and is only half turned. He then has to go help Arthur and he hears the bell around Merlin's neck

The 2nd story is where Arthur has Merlin locked in a hut while his father is king to protect him. There is a spell on it so it won't open for 10 years. When Arthur becomes king six years into the spell he goes to free him and it won't work. When all of the time is up he finally manages to open Merlin comes out as an old man. Time passed faster for Merlin then Arthur.

If anyone out there can tell me the title of either of these fics I will be eternally grateful