As a thank you for those that have helped me (and as an apology to those that I annoyed with a lack of story) here are a few short poems about BBCs Merlin.

Series of Haikus about different characters:

Sable hair, blue eyes

Turns golden to protect him

The secret is out

Prince of noble birth

A warrior among men

Is he ready yet?

Dark, inside and out

Betrayal burns deep within

No one understands

A blacksmith's daughter

Maidservant to a noble

She will become queen

A man not noble

Except that his heart is pure

Skilled beyond compare

Potions and strange herbs

A long lost past, his king gone

Watching over them

Strongest of them all

Now a friend, once a stranger

He won't desert them

Noble in disguise?

Finds honour, taverns, apples

Now a home as well

First of all the knights

Been there from the beginning

Survives when most die

Many tools are his

Family first, above all

Protect with his life

Magic, Courage, Strength

Many more will stand with them

Round table is born

Can you guess who they are all about?

Bonus poem

Red and blue

Gold and silver

Camelot is strong

The people love their king

He loves them back in return

Growing in wealth as time goes by

Life improves for everybody

But one lives in shadows

Protecting all, as is his destiny

One day he shall be seen

And Albion will be the greatest in the land

Prince Prat may be a simpleton

But there is none finer to rule

Long live the Once and Future King!

Long live his Emrys!