Chapter 1

Kya! From reading this one invader Zim faniction I have been inspired to write another one..even though I haven't finished either of the other two I've done. Sowy. This one might be funner to type though. ONWARD TO THE BATTLE FIELD!

Dib awoke and found himself strapped down to a metal table. Things were still fuzzy so all he saw where blurred images; there was someone sitting in front of him, and a white light. Was Dib dead? He began to hear people talking.

"Aww C'mon Zipper let me set him on fire or something!" a girl's voice whined was that the person in front of him. There was a groan of annoyance.

"No Zodia, you can't torch him or anything." Said a male's voice, there was a sigh.

"Why the hell not?" the girl asked, Dib began to open his eyes wider and saw a girl with white hair and white colored eyes.

"Because," Began a man in a white lab coat he had darker colored hair and magenta colored eyes. "I'm going to dissect him." He said grinning the man had a large stitched scar over his nose. The girl huffed.

"No fair you get all the fun Zipper." She said.

"Who are you people!" Dib called out, the girl turned her white eyes hid some insanity behind them, she grinned.

"Oh looky Zippy! He's awake. Can I torch his hair now?" she asked. The man growled.

"No! now shut up." He looked at dib, "Oh now I'm sure you can remember Dib boy we met just this morning." He said, Dib thought hard trying to remember what had happened this morning.

"It was in that nice lady Miss Bitters class, member? You member right?" the girl said bouncing up and down. Oh great now he remembered.

~a few hours ago~

"Class I'd like to welcome two knew students; Zipper and Zodia." Miss bitters said, a girl with white hair and white eyes wearing some sort of school uniform light blue with dark blue trim and a dark blue tie around her neck. The boy next to her was taller than she was by a few inches, he wore a white lab coat over a red T-shirt and blue jeans, he had purple colored eyes, a scar across his face, and dark hair.

"Hiya! I'm Zodia, it's so nice to meet you all!" she shouted wide eyed and grinning. The boy only sighed looking lazily over the crowd of students letting out a low grunt. Then his eyes fell on Zim, he nudged Zodia she looked over, her grin getting bigger reveal sharp teeth.

"Alright take your seats, for you'll be sitting in them for the rest of your miserable little lives." Miss Bitters hissed, Zodia and Zipper took their seats, Zodia behind Dib and Zipper behind Zim. Dib looked at the two cautiously, the last time someone transferred to the Skool they were aliens and one was still here. He turned to look at Zodia, who was now drawing circles in the surface of her desk with her finger, grinning wide eyed and creepy. She shifted her eyes up toward Dib, her face still looking down at her desk. Grinning still.

"Can I help you?" she said sweetly smiling like a madman. Dib shook his head. "Good." She continued drawing circles.

Zim could feel Zipper's stare at the back of his head, he turned, only to come face to face with the new guy who's eyes were narrowed at him.

"Yes?" he asked awaiting Zim's response.

"Zim welcomes you to this school unit." He said then spun back around, Zipper raised his brows. The rest of the class went by slowly, dib continued to watch the two, they seemed normal, well except Zodia, she seemed to be missing a few screws. She was now singing to herself. Dib began to relax a bit, neither of them were shouting out nonsense, (well Zodia was whispering) nothing weird was happening, or anything Zim usually did. If these guys were aliens they were much better than Zim.

The bell rang, time for lunch. The class all began to herd over to the cafeteria. Zipper and Zodia were a little confused, but then again some new students probably would given how these guys acted. Dib walked up to them.

"It's lunch time. Say where are you guys from?" Dib asked, Zodia and Zipper exchanged glanced, Zodia, a little more mellow now leaning over herself, gave a big grin.

"Outta town." They said in unison, Dib shrugged. That was believable.

"And you are?" Zipper asked, Dib scratched the back of his head.

"Dib, my name is Dib." He said extending his hand in greeting, Zipper looked at it for a moment then shook his hand.

"Oh fair warning the food here will kill you." Dib said, Zodia and Zipper looked back at him confused.

"No seriously, last time some boy threw mash potatoes at a girl, now she's got a glass eye." He said, Zodia smiled.

"Thanks for the warning." Zipper said, as they began to walk away, Dib ran next to them.

"Do you two know Zim?" he asked, Zodia and Zipper stopped turning back up at him.

"And what if we do?" Zipper asked his eyes narrowing at him. Zodia's grin disappeared and was replaced by an angered look filled with hate, her eyes even went evil.

"Well-" Dib didn't get to finish his thought however because a blunt object hit him up side the back of his head. The last thing he heard was;

"Bibbles, bad boy we didn't say hit him!" Zipper said talking to a third party, Zodia giggled getting on the floor and watching as Dib's eyes fluttered closed.

"Heehee this guy's gonna be real fun." She said.


Dib groaned from how hard he had to think after something or someone hit him in the head. Zodia smiled.

"Don't worry boy you won't feel a thing I'm gonna drown you before Zipper cuts you open." She said, she was really close to Dib's face. Zipper grabbed her by the shirt collar dragging her away from dib.

"You aren't gonna do anything that will damage the body." He said, Zodia frowned.

"Aww come on! You like doing autopsies!" she said wiggling to get free.

"What? You're….you can't dissect me!" Dib said, the two, who were arguing now looked over at him in confusion.

"Why not? We can't let you leave after you've figured out what we are." Zipper said, Dib looked up at him in confusion.

"What are you talking about?" he screamed, struggling against his restraints. Zodia tilted her head to one side.

"Zipper I don't think he realizes what we are yet yaknow?" she finally said, Zipper raised an eyebrow.

"Perhaps you're right for once Zodia." He said then fidgeted with his watch for a minute and his form wavered like a bad connection to a TV station. Soon what stood in front of his was no longer human but a green bald alien with antennae, purple eyes and claws staring back at him. Dib looked over to Zodia she too was a green alien, only with white eyes and her face was covered in scars, and one of her antennae had a ring on it. she grinned her finely pointed teeth showing through.

"As you can see we're not from earth." Zipper said.

"See we told you we were from outta town." Zodia said, walking closer to him.

"Y-you're just like Zim!" Dib shouted Zipper face palmed.

"Yeah, you see? We're just like Zim." she said sweetly she then paused, her eye twitching. She grabbed a sharp object and throwing it at Dib just missing his face. "ZIM!" she shouted. Zipper sighed.

"Now you've gone a done it." he said pulling out a rag doll that somewhat resembled Zim in his alien form. He turned tossing it out in front of Zodia who grabbed it throwing it to the ground and stomping on his head shouting;

"Pay, pay, pay, pay, pay, pay, pay! He's gonna fucking pay!" she screamed. Zipper turned his attention toward Dib.

"How unfortunate you know our dear friend Zimmy?" he asked, Dib narrowed his eyes.

"It's not like I like him or anything." He grumbled. Zipper chuckled, Zodia still abusing the little doll Zim.

"Hey neither do we!" she shouted her short attention span growing shorter.

"Hate his guts actually." Zipper said Zodia clutched the doll tightly shaking it at Dib.

"Little fuck ruined our lives!" she screamed squeezing the doll until its head popped off.

"Say, how would you like to get rid of Zim?" Zipper asked Dib tilted his head.

"I'm listening." He said. Zipper and Zodia grinned evilly, letting Dib go as they planned.

Yes this time my first chapter will kick off with a bang. I hope you like it so far, the characters I thought up one day in class, yaknow I've realized that a lot of my female characters tend to be a little crazy….hm…you think I'm crazy? tell me in your reviews! Ja-ne!