Ex-Friends, Lovers and Brothers

The Weasley family and friends were all seated around the table of the magically enlarged Burrow kitchen. There was Bill, Fleur and baby Vikki; the little girl had inherited her father's Weasley hair but asides from that was all Veela. Percy and his wife Audrey were sitting Percy fussing over his very pregnant wife. Fred was seated with his boyfriend Oliver trying to avoid looking at his ex. Angelina was ignoring him in favour of George having finally gotten over Fred. Hermione and Ron were holding hands, Hermione showing off the new engagement ring. Ron was glaring half-heartedly at Ginny and Draco who were snogging in the corner. Ron was the only one of the Weasley family who had anything nice to say about the no longer Malfoy heir. Lucius having disowned Draco soon after Voldemort's defeat when he and Ginny announced they had been going out since Harry and Ginny broke up and the Malfoy Lord did not want a so called "blood traitor" for his daughter-in-law this pushed Narcissa away who divorced Lucius in favour of her only son. Narcissa was sitting in the talking to her Potions Master lover who was the polar opposite to the vindictive dungeon bat of their Hogwarts days. Luna and Neville were also there for once not visiting foreign places discovering new magical plants (Neville) and creatures (Luna). This was the first Christmas they were all here together. Well except for Charlie and Harry. They had both said they'd be there but for some reason they'd both not been there. Andromeda was playing with Teddy and chatting with her newly reacquainted sister.

Eventually Harry and Charlie arrived both looking flushed. Hermione blushed at the sight of them. Ron looked envious thinking that Hermione had feelings for Harry again. Despite what Harry had said when he'd returned the fact that Harry had never settled down with anyone made him believe that his best friend had a thing for his fiancé.

'We've got something to tell you,' said Charlie.

'I think you'd better sit down,' said Harry nervously eyes flitting to Ron.

He was sure the rest of his adopted family would be fine about it but he was sure that Ron would be less than pleased about his announcement. Charlie placed a reassuring hand on Harry's back. Harry smiled back at Charlie.

'Oh so you're finally going to tell us you're going out?' asked Mrs Weasley.

'How did you-?' Harry began.

'Its mum she knows everything,' Charlie laughed.

Hermione smiled at her best friend glad he was finally coming out. Luna and Ginny too looked unsurprised while the others looked surprised they didn't seem to mind. Until….

'YOU'RE A FAGOT!' Ron shouted.

'Ron!' said Hermione shrilly.

'But he's … my brother …'

'Why do you think we broke up?' asked Ginny. 'It wasn't working and then Harry admitted he was attracted to guys.'

Ron seemed to get angry and punched Harry in the gut. Harry gasped clutching at his stomach.

'Fuck,' swore Charlie.

'I have to get him to the hospital now,' said Charlie urgently.

Charlie Apparated away leaving the rest of the family confused.

'Ron what have you done,' Hermione said.

'You knew!' Ron sounded betrayed.

'Yeah I walked in on them months ago,' Hermione glared at her fiancé. 'You know the only reason they didn't come out was because they fought you'd react like this!'

'I didn't mean to hurt them,' said Ron deflating.

'What won wit Harry?' asked three year old Teddy.

'Let's go and see,' said Luna.

They arrived at St. Mungo's and asked which ward Harry Potter was in. They were surprised to find it seemed to be the maternity ward. They were just outside his room when they heard a scream. They'd all heard this scream it was the scream Remus gave for Nymphadora the second she was killed. It was the scream Mrs Weasley had given when she'd heard her husband had been bitten. It was the scream Dennis had given when he found Colin had been killed. But to hear the sound of grief after the war was horrible they just entered to see a sobbing Harry completely distraught in Charlie's arms. He opened his tear stained eyes just as the clan came into view.

'Get out! Get out! Get out!' Harry cried looking at his once best friend.

'Look Harry I'm sorry I hurt you I didn't mean to, I'm sorry' Ron said.

'Sorry? Sorry? You're sorry?' Harry's voice was getting more and more hysterical.

Charlie was trying, and failing, to comfort Harry his deep blue eyes with tears in them showing he too was hurt.

Ron wad getting annoyed it wasn't that bad surely.

'Look don't get worked up about it! It was just a punch you'll be up and walking in no time!'

'Yes I will,' agreed Harry. 'But … but … my baby won't be,'

He broke down into tears in Charlie's arms Charlie rubbing circles into Harry's back.

Ron couldn't believe it. Harry had been pregnant! That meant he'd killed his best friend's child … his niece or nephew … What had he done?

'What have I done?' Ron whispered.

This seemed to remind Harry that Ron was still here.

'Get out!' Harry ordered. 'Get out! Get out!' Harry began repeating again.

Mr Weasley took his son around the waist and pulled him out of the room. Ron had only seen his father angry a handful of times but this surpassed even the twin's Unbreakable Vow anger. Ron gulped.

'I hope you're very proud of yourself Ronald,' said Arthur deathly quiet. 'This was a shock for all of us but your behaviour was completely unacceptable! And now your actions have ripped the baby from Harry.'

Hermione had followed the two Weasleys out into the corridor as a Medi-Witch rushed passed into Harry's room.

'If Harry ever forgives you it'll be more than I expect from him,' said Hermione quietly. 'I can hardly look at you and it wasn't my child!'

'Hermione I'm sorry,'

'Sorry isn't going to bring our baby back!' Charlie said.

'How's Harry?' asked Arthur.

'He was getting over worked so he's been placed in a healing sleep,'

Mr Weasley and Hermione nodded.

'Ronald I can't even bare to look at you right now,' said Charlie. 'As of today you are no longer my brother!'

'Charlie,' cried Ron.

'Leave it,' Hermione said shoving the ring into Ron's hand.

'Mione,' Ron said.

'You can't expect them to treat you the same as they did before,' said Arthur quietly. 'Everyone's hurting! Go to your flat let everyone cool off for another few days. I should warn you while the others may forgive you Harry and Charlie have every right to hold this against you forever.'

'Harry will never forgive me,' said Ron. 'He'll forgive you for almost anything but harm someone he cares's about and he'll hate you forever.'

'That's going to be price to pay for my grandchild's life,'

Ron could detect a note of bitterness, anger, pain and disappointment in his father's voice. Mr Weasley turned around as he went to join the sleeping Boy Who Lived. Ron apparated away.

In time he would develop a cordial relationship with everyone but Harry and Charlie. He never did make it up with Hermione so ended up single and alone because Hermione had been the only one for him. Bill and Fleur had a set of blonde fraternal twins after Vikki; Dominique and Louis. Charlie and Harry had many children to accompany Teddy who lived with him along with Andromeda. There was James Sirius, Albus Regulus, Lily Luna, Remus Harry, Violet Belle, Henrietta Theodora, Jason Charles, Yvonne Starla. But they always remembered there would be first child. Percy had two girls; Molly and Lucy. Fred (the carrier) and Oliver had one daughter – June – who was the apple of her fathers' eyes. George and Angelina too had only one daughter – Roxanne. Ginny and Draco had there son Michael Harry with Harry as godfather. Luna and Neville had twin Lorcan and Lysander Longbottom. When Viktor Krum was signed to Oliver's team the two met up and were soon married; Rosetta and Hugo Krum were soon added to the extended family. At family gathering's at Christmas Harry avoided going anywhere near Ron despite all his attempted apologies.