The day of the trial approached quickly the night before Charlie had to get Severus to force the Draught of Living Death down Harry's throat so he could sleep.

'Thanks,' smiled the transfiguration professor.

Severus didn't answer leaving without a word. Charlie wasn't worried not an insult was basically Snape's version of a "your welcome".

The morning came and Charlie dragged Harry out of bed and into the shower and then into smart black robes which hung of his skinny frame.

'I can't do this,' the wizard sobbed into his boyfriend's shoulder.

'Sure you can,' smiled Charlie, 'you've done plenty of other scary stuff before why should this be any different. Come on let's get to court.'

At half ten they arrived. Harry tensed and leaned into Charlie's shoulder as Ron was led in.

'It's okay,' Charlie rubbed Harry's back. 'It's okay,' he reassured the raven haired boy, 'it's okay,' he repeated.

Then the trial began. All of those there when Harry had miscarried told the Wizengamont. His healer informed them of Harry's mental state. Harry too told them what had happened trying, and failing, not to cry. Ron was soon sentenced to prison. And after he was lead away Harry did something he hadn't done in months. The Boy Who Lived smiled. It didn't by any means mean he was better but it meant he was healing.