Truth and Lies


You know, I was starting to think the world hated me.

Well, I guess I couldn't say I was starting to think that, but you don't need to hear about something that really has nothing to do with the reason you're here.

You're here to read about the Fullmetal Alchemist world, whether it be the original or Brotherhood. Trust me, I used to do the same thing all the time.

Why don't we go back to when it all started?

"How can you even think that? I mean, okay, seriously, he's good looking, but Greed is so not the best Homunculus! You're just being biased because you love Ling."

"I love Ling, because Ling is awesome. I love Greed, because Greed is awesome. Deal with it. You're basically a pedophile to like Pride."

"He's not really a kid! He's the oldest Homunculus! The first one created! You told me that yourself!"

Calista and I were getting some strange looks as we walked. Not that there was anything wrong with the way we looked or anything, it was just our conversation topic.

While Calista had wavy light brown hair and green eyes, I had straight black hair and black eyes. It wasn't uncommon though, seeing as I was born in China. Too bad I was a little girl when we moved to America, so I could hardly remember what it was like there. It was mostly just blurred people and faded memories. Family members on the side of Calista's mother carried a Roman heritage, and it's the same with her. "Calista" means "Most beautiful" in Latin.

"So then Pride's a pedophile?"

Calista groaned in annoyance.

We were, if you hadn't already guessed it, debating who the best Homunculus was. It was common topic that came up randomly in conversations. And although Calista hadn't watched any type of Fullmetal Alchemist, my ramblings kept her up-to-date on what was going on. She was more interested in Fruits Basket or DGM to bother with it.

"Hey you idiot!"

I snapped out of my thoughts when Calista pulled me back, my hand slipping out of my pocket from the force of her pull.


"Watch where you're going!" She gestured to the street light, which was now green and cars were racing past us. I blinked. "You almost got run over!"

I yanked my arm out of her grasp, slipping my hand into my pocket and turned my head away, muttering under my breath.

"Hey!" I was smacked upside the head. "Don't say things in Chinese! I can't understand you! It's not fair!"

"Life's not fair, kid."

Calista twitched. I could practically hear her thoughts: Don't explode in a 'short rant'. She'll only be amused.

After taking a deep breath, she spoke, "You're just freakishly tall."

"And you're just jealous of my long legs."

A pause.

"Why would I be? Most of the guys who've asked you out have to look up at you, even if it's only a little bit."

I stiffened. Turning to the street, I saw that the light had changed to red and pedestrians were now able to cross the road. I started walking away.

"H-hey! You know I didn't mean that! I was just grasping for something to say!" Calista called, running up to walk beside me again.

I laughed a ruffled her hair before slipping my hand back into my pocket. "I know. I just wanted to see how you'd react."

Calista stopped walking, and I kept going.


"Keep walking!" I called cheerfully. "Or else you'll get run over!" A smile was present on my face.

"Bitch! Get back here!"

"Now why would I do that?" I asked as I stopped walking and turned to face Calista. She was running towards the cement curb I was standing on. "You're coming to me."

Calista raised her fist, still running.


After I managed to calm Calista down, we went to my house.

"Hey, mind if I use your laptop?" Calista asked as we entered my room. I dropped my bag to the ground near my door and flopped down on my bed, slinging my arm over my eyes lazily. "I need to finish that essay."

"Sure, go ahead. Just don't download a bunch of shit onto my laptop."

"I won't."

My thoughts wandered as I stared blankly at the darkness my arm created. I felt like writing a fanfiction. That was rare. Maybe it was because of the debate we had today. Maybe they're catching up to me.

"Uh… Sugi?"

"What is it?" I pushed myself up using my elbows and off my bed, walking over to Calista.

"My essay's not coming up."

"How is that my problem?"

"Something must be wrong with your damn computer!"

Before I could answer I heard a voice.

"That's hardly the case."

Both Calista and I froze.

Where… where have I heard this voice before…?"

Slowly, we both turned to look at my laptop, where the voice had come from. The entire screen was a blank white.

"Wh-what's going on?" Calista stuttered.

"I'm going to give you the chance of a lifetime." The voice stated.

What was it? What was it?

Then, the screen wasn't blank anymore. A single eye had opened and made itself visible.

While Calista gasped, it clicked in my mind.


"Hm? So you do know of me. This side of the Gate certainly is interesting." The voice- Truth- sounded amused.

"Sugi? What is this?" Calista asked, unable to tear her terrified eyes away the laptop screen.

I ignored her and spoke to Truth. "What do mean, 'the chance of a lifetime'?"

I mentally sighed with relief that my voice didn't shake. I had to keep reminding myself; 'Survival of the fittest.'

"You'll see."

Suddenly, tiny black hands shot out of the screen and latched onto my upper arms. Calista screamed.

"Get them off! Get them off!"

I turned my head to face her. "Damn it!" I forced my arms to move, slowly raising them. It was hard to move. More hands were clinging to both of us. I shoved Calista away, making her stumble into my bed, which was to the left of both of us.

I know it's no use, but I had to try. I'm sorry, Calista.

There was muffled talking around me. That was the first thing that registered when I became conscious. My eyes were closed. My head was pounding.

Ugh…. What happened to me…?

I had no clue what did. It was just a blurred memory.

The voices slowly became clearer until I could make out what the people around me were saying.

"…not awake yet. Why isn't she awake?" A male voice said. It seemed somewhat childish, immature.

"Young Lord, we don't know what happened to her. We have no way of knowing when she'll awaken." This voice was female.

"But I want her to wake up." The first voice whined. There was a small sigh that I assumed came from the girl.

I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn't. That scared me. I had no clue who these people around me were, and I couldn't wake up.

"Lan Fan," The boy started. He sounded like he had an idea, which I didn't like. "Can you go get me a jug of water?"

"Y-yes, my Lord." There was a swish of fabric, then the room was silent.

One thing I was wondering about was why the girl kept referring to the boy as a "Lord". He didn't sound that much older than me, and I doubted that someone of high status would be as immature as this boy sounded.

"Ah! Thank you, Lan Fan." A smile was clearly heard in the male's voice.

"…If I may ask, why do you need the water?" The girl asked timidly.

The boy didn't reply, but he didn't need to. Goosebumps erupted all over my skin as freezing cold water was poured onto me.

I bolted upright with a gasp. My eyes landed on the smiling face of a boy, who had black hair that was tied in a ponytail and black bangs that covered his right eye- though both were closed.

"You're awake." He said, still smiling, and holding an empty jug.

My eye twitched. "Aren't you the one who poured water on me?" My voice escalated into a yell, "You little idiot!"

I lunged at him, but he made no move to stop me, or get out of the way. When I grabbed his shoulders, I froze. A cold metal blade was pressed to the side of my neck.

"I suggest you let go of the Young Lord." The girl from earlier stated coldly. I glanced at her through the corner of my eye, raising an eyebrow.

"Well that's a bit harsh, don't you think?" I said, but I sat back, letting go of the black haired boy's shoulders. The girl removed her kunai –as it turned out to be- from my neck, but it was clear she didn't trust me much. "I don't have any weapons on me. The worst I could do was hit him." Which I wasn't. I added silently. And it was true. I was only going to shake him a bit. "Nice kunai, by the way."

The girl stared at me. I think I might have freaked her out a little by mentioning I like her kunai, which she had just used to threaten me.

"Lan Fan, she's right." Said girl and I turned to look at the boy, who I still had no name for. "She couldn't do any fatal harm."

Lan Fan relaxed some.

"So," I said, looking towards Lan Fan. "You're Lan Fan, eh?" She nodded. "Nice name, I like it. And you," I turned my head towards the boy. "I have no idea who you are."

"You don't?"

"Nope. Care to enlighten me?"

"I'm Ling Yao, twelfth son of the Emperor of Xing."

"Okay then, Ling, Lan Fan. My name is Sugi Zhen."

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