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Wasabi 9:

Allen felt Kanda's ice cold glare on him as he tried not to look in the long haired male's general direction, which was kind of difficult considering that the Japanese man looked absolutely godlike with his long, black hair plastered over his whole – equally as drenched – hard chest and back. The bangs wrapped around the strong shoulders and made the frightened albino want to grip them.

'Why in the world is he even more handsome when he's wet? Usually, people look bloody horrible, with their nose running and flat hair and a stupid look that could make Goofy envious!', the teen thought, his heart faster and his blood rushing up to his cheeks. He bit his lip, not really sure if he was hoping to be executed quickly or if he expected something else. Like, something more… warm? He shuddered in excitement but tried to not let his Crown Clown activate. It would be too awkward if in fact he was going to be killed. Kanda would think that he liked the pain. And what if his erection wasn't gone at his funeral? What would the guests think?!

Allen halted, staring blankly before blinking a few times and shaking his head.

'I think of the strangest things sometimes, huh?', he mused.

All the while, the man of his thoughts stared at him. He smirked because his crush seemed all flustered and guilty. It awakened his sadistic side as well as shot a rush of adrenaline to his arousal. But even if he enjoyed having such a power on the albino, it annoyed him that the other wouldn't look at him. He wanted the attention to be on him, for once, and that would not work if Allen kept staring at the trees around them. So, finding no other effective way to bring the shorter male back to him, Kanda approached him slowly – Allen didn't notice anything – and just like every guy given the opportunity to kiss his crush, he put his hands his shoulders. Allen tensed but said nothing. For a few seconds, the Japanese student could feel the warm skin through the damp fabric and remember a bit what the muscles there felt like. However Kandick being Kandick, he gave those tantalizing shoulders a good shove, resulting in the lighter male falling in the pond with a splash.

Satisfied with his incredible wits and flexibility in awkward situations, the samurai-lookalike sat back and waited for his beloved, now literally wet dream to come up and yell at him with that sexy pout that made his blood boil. Yes, it was one of the reasons why he picked up a lot of fights with the Brit.

After thirty seconds and still no white mop of hair in sight, the smirk on his face vanished gradually before turning into a scowl. He couldn't help but feel a 'tiny' bit worried. His hands gripped the slippery grass at the border before he leaned further over the water to see where the fuck the sprout was.

"What the fu-…!", he yelled when a hand broke through the surface, gripped his wrist and pulled him in. Like in the fucking movies.

Months later, the raven would still wake up in the night, shivering and sweating in remembrance. Not that he'd ever admit that to anyone, even not himself.

Once he was completely underwater, he gave a powerful kick with his legs and managed to get back to the surface. He was still wearing his shoes and clothes that weighted a lot and made the swimming difficult as hell. He grasped the border then glared at his surroundings only to spot a smirking sprout who visibly had a death wish.

'Okay, the Moyashi's fucking cute but this look is goddamn motherfucking downright hot,' he cussed in his mind. The blood that had still been in his limbs and head rushed down to his boner, making it rock hard despite the water.

"How do you like that, Pretty Boy?" he heard the other saying while trying to get out of the lukewarm pond.

Asian eyes narrowed and their owner scowled:

"Wait until I'm fucking done with you," he snarled. 'And done fucking you, 'added Kanda the Tyrant from under his boxers. Kanda smirked and grasped Allen's T-shirt to make him fall back into the water.


Eventually calming down and exiting the pond, the two teenagers went to sit on the firm ground again.

Both dorm mates sat there, leaning on their hands in a similar fashion while pants of exhaustion escaped their lips. Allen laughed breathlessly, his cheeks hurting. Kanda looked at him and his smirk grew into something akin to a grin. Silver eyes slowly turned to the right to meet deep blue orbs. The first widened in surprise as they found something looking like humour in the usually guarded and hard eyes.

A pregnant silence settled down on them as the air filled with a heavy, crackling and enticing mood.

Kanda noticed it first and his grin-smirk vanished. The Japanese male came close to his crush again, sharp eyes flitting from silver eyes to plump lips and back. He felt nervous – scared to get rejected this time – but thought:

'Fuck this shit. Just do it.'

The Asian felt his heart beat in his chest increasingly fast. His fingers prickled in anxiety and he felt as if he'd just swallowed two tons of sand because his throat and tongue felt parched. The muscle licked his dry lips before he stopped not a centimetre away from Allen's face. Their quick breaths mingled and silver eyes closed slowly.

You would think that since they'd already been further than a kiss, they'd be okay with this part. But it was really hard to get over with, especially because of Kanda' strange behaviour after their last hot time. The Japanese feared rejection and the Brit was apprehensive of the cold shoulder his love might give him afterwards.

Deciding not to think of the consequences, Allen was the one who surprisingly found the courage to close the gap between them. At first, their lips just touched lightly before Kanda snapped out of his trance and started nipping at Allen's moist lips hungrily. But feeling that his moyashi was not near enough yet, he gripped the thinner teen and made him sit on his lap.

Both groaned at the renewed contact and friction. Allen felt like he was going to burst in happiness and tension at the same time. However, anxiousness settled on his stomach since he knew that he had no real experience and therefore had no idea of what he was expected to do. So he decided to follow his instincts and did what made him feel good: he pressed himself harder against the rock hard chest in front of him while his hips slowly rolled.

However, in his eagerness, the pale teen pushed too hard, making Kanda's hands give in and therefore making Kanda's back connect with the soft grass. Allen looked at the lying man with a horrified expression on his face.

'Oh my god, did I just push Jerkanda to the ground?'

He tried finding the courage to apologize but blue eyes, dark with hunger and passion rolled and their owner pushed Allen against him. His lips covered the Brit's so that the unconfident teen wouldn't ruin the mood with his flabbergasted expression and apologies. Surprised, the albino didn't resist and let a warm tongue intrude his mouth.

The wet muscle roamed in the Takoyaki flavoured cavern without being pushed out. In contrary, the other tongue shyly pressed against it. Groans and moans filled the air as the both hormone-filled males rubbed against each other, Allen apparently a natural rolling his hips against Kanda's so that their arousals touched. Both of them shuddered, felt hotter and hotter as the friction became harder and the kisses harsher and noisier.

While running his hands over Allen's back, Kanda felt the goose bumps on the soft skin and suddenly became aware of their surroundings.

He broke off the dance between their slick tongues and whispered, out of breath:

"We can't stay outside in the cold. Let's go back to the dorm."

The Asian then proceeded to sit up, Allen following his motions albeit feeling sick in the stomach as he thought that Kanda wanted to stop there because he wasn't good enough.

Sharp senses immediately noticed the sudden change of the mood. Kanda looked at his gloomy crush and pretty sure of the reason, murmured in the teen's ear:

"Don't worry, we'll continue in my room, Allen." He hadn't meant to let the actual name of the teen slip off his tongue but seen the reaction it brought, he thought he could live with it.

Allen smiled at him, his eyes darkening, as they stood up and prepared to leave their secret place. Kanda gathered his purchases (from Old Man Zû's) as well as the white haired male's hand before pacing towards the dorm which actually was conveniently situated right at the opposite entrance of the woods.

The lust-filled teens almost ran to the fences, climbed over them quite easily though their boners were giving them a hard time – no pun intended – and soon they found themselves in the unguarded halls of the ancient dormitory.

As they now sprinted, feet dashing across the stone floor, none of them wondered why the heck the back door of their 'home' had been unlocked. Neither did they notice the silvery gold eyes that followed them as they walked to the last corridor before Kanda's room.


Kanda closed his door quickly after Allen had entered and pushed him against it while kissing him fervently. The tension built up in his stomach and pants and apparently not only his, as he felt the blushing and groaning teen's erection against his tight.

Slightly tanned hands grabbed once again Allen and lead him to the bed, where he'd already been lying in a similar situation. The British male felt his heart beating so hard that he thought it was up in his throat. The bed sheets were cold against his still damp clothes and skin, making him shiver a bit. Noticing it, his Japanese "master" decided that there was only one way to solve that: taking off their clothes.

After all, didn't everybody say that naked skin against naked skin was increasing the temperature of your body? Or whatever they said.

Blue eyes followed the hands that took of the V-neck of Allen's lithe frame, darkening even more. Kanda let out a groan as his hands glided across the expanse of cool, naked skin under him. He then proceeded to unbuckle the albino's belt and shakily unbutton the wet pants. The Asian male looked right into his beloved moyashi's eyes before pulling off the skinny trousers of the long, pale legs. As he finally managed to take them off – the socks following - with Allen's eager help, the raven took in the general sight below him:

Allen was lying on his bed, face flushed, parted lips red from the bruising kisses, light silver eyes betraying his anxiousness and firm body waiting to be caressed. To say that the scene was breath-taking would be the understatement of the year. Kanda tried calming down as he let his rough palms run over the slightly hairy legs before reaching the teen's torso and rubbing in a circular motion.

All the while, his younger crush was staring at the ethereal creature that had taken off his clothing and was currently touching him. He had the feeling that wherever the other's hands had been, his skin was on fire.

And not only his skin, if you see what I mean.

Allen stared a bit longer at the perfect face that he had kissed moments before. His eyes followed the fine black eyebrows, before connecting with the dark blue eyes, trailing down the straight nose and the thin, nicely shaped lips to finally arrive at the first flaw he noticed: Kanda's clothes.

Blushing at the shameful thoughts invading his mind, Allen tried being honest with himself.

'If only those clothes could be on the ground rather than on him…' he whined internally while letting out a gasp at a particularly nice caress of the object of his desire. The teen suddenly felt courage rise in his chest as he lifted his hands and gripped the hem of Kanda's top. The other stopped what he was doing to let the whitet peel the annoying cloth of the tan skin and rippled torso. When the top fell to the ground with a wet noise, the older teen pushed the shorter one back down against the mattress and followed right behind.

As he felt the heavier body settling on him, Allen let out a sigh of content. Hot lips came upon his own, not wasting time to let a tongue slide out and push against them. The albino opened his mouth more before tilting his head a little bit. He couldn't keep in the moans and yelps caused by his Japanese lover's hands and skilled tongue. The latter broke the kiss to start nipping and biting on the down Allen's chin before stopping at the tender skin of his neck. There, he licked languidly before sucking in some of the soft skin between his teeth. He played a bit with the flesh before releasing it with a soft pop and decided to go back up for a kiss.

But Allen would have none of that. His long fingers intertwined with Kanda's long black locks as he pressed the other's mouth against his outstretched neck.

"More, Kanda…" he mumbled, eyes shut in pleasure. He lifted his head a bit more so that his neck would be even more accessible. Kanda was not reluctant at all to give him what he asked, especially because the scalp massage Allen was unknowingly giving him was driving him mad.

His mouth once again ravished the pale skin, and as red spots blossomed where he'd been, he went down to rediscover the flawless chest of his love interest.

To be honest, Kanda the Second was about to burst and wanted nothing more than to be wrapped in a tight warm place yet for once, his master could overpower him and go at his own pace.

The mood got even tenser as Kanda caressed Allen's nipples. As he pinched them slightly and took them in his mouth, he smirked at the louder moans and shivers he elicited from his beautiful kouhai*'s body. When the buds were perked and red, he blew lightly over them and smirked even more at the expression on Allen's face.

The silver eyes were glazed over though he'd only witnessed a tiny bit of the things that awaited him tonight. The Brit suddenly grew bold and sat up, not able to think clearly, to tug at Kanda's jogging pants in an attempt to get rid of them.

The other let him once again do what he wanted, especially since he loved the dark, entrancing look in those usually innocent silver pools. He stood up for a second to kick the loose pants away, now only standing there in his boxers where his erection was straining.

Allen glanced up at Kanda, frowned and bit on his lower lip. He really wanted to please the long haired student but the latter's hands pulled away his own before sitting down next to him on the bed.

For another moment, a deafening silence filled the air as they faced each other. Their eyes connected and even though both wanted to look away, they couldn't break the eye contact.

Allen gulped and felt sweat gather on his forehead and back when he realized something, that Kanda really realized too:

This was going to happen. And no going back.

The dominant male felt stress gnaw at his stomach as he panicked internally:

'What if I fucking hurt him? I've never done this before! I won't be goddamn good enough! What if I cum too fast? And worst of all… what if the pond water made my fucking dick shrink?'

He couldn't control the fears that decided to invade him now, when he really didn't need them. Even if he didn't seem like it, the Asian was just your average virgin teenager about to have sex for the first time.

The same thoughts flitted through Allen's mind as he observed the poker face Kanda was wearing.

However, before he could say anything, the Asian teen broke the heavy silence.

"You know, sprout, if you're not ready…", he mumbled, blushing. He didn't need to finish his sentence for Allen to understand.

The fears and anxiousness on the Brit's heart melted in the blink of an eye. He smiled fondly and reached for his handsome soon-to-be lover, caressing the sharp contour of his flawless chin. Of course, the stress hadn't left his chest, and the nervousness encircled his throat tightly like a snake but the white haired teenager felt ready to give the one he had feelings for his first time. His intuition told him that it was the right thing to do.

Kanda looked at him, puzzled in the sudden change of expression on the beautiful face but said nothing. He felt less worried at the sight of the fond smile painted on the porcelain face as it probably meant that the other was ready to go all the way – to the literal Kandick's delight.

"Kanda, I want to do it with you… I don't always get you and you are an asshole most of times-", he said, making the other one glare at him. "Yet, I think you're a really caring guy underneath… And I like you… a lot…" he finished.

His hands hid his tomato-red face as he waited for a reaction to his confession. After a few moments and still not a tone leaving the other male, silver eyes looked up to see another unusual sight:

Namely Kanda staring at him with wide eyes and a bright blush covering his whole face.

The sight was so endearing that he had to make inhuman efforts not to smirk.

"My, my, are you blushing, Kanda?" he grinned, one brow arched in fake mockery. At that, the raven teen popped out of the fluffy bubble he'd been in and pinned down his crush by holding both of the other's hands over his head. He then swiftly shed of the last piece of cloth off the lithe body, taking in the beautiful sight of a flustered and very very naked Allen Walker. Said male tried to cross his legs in order to hide his erection but couldn't as Kanda, on his knees, was keeping his apart with them.

"What were you saying, Moyashi? I couldn't fucking hear you." He murmured in the reddened ear before grazing it with his teeth, earning a moan from the other teen. As one of his hands kept the other's immobile, the other went down the toned chest and reached for the now protruding arousal. His hands first only touched the 'Crowned Clown' lightly, making its owner writhe and breathe quicker. Gradually, his movements went from sluggish to precise, and therefore the moans and groans resounding in his ear became louder and louder with each squeeze and stroke.

"Kanda… Hah… Please, I'm going to …ha…", Allen moaned breathlessly, trying to kiss the exposed neck of the man laying over him. His senses were going on overdrive thanks to the stimulation of various places of his body. A white-hot feeling was growing stronger and stronger in the pit of his stomach. He knew he was about to come but the idea of being the only one was dissatisfying. He managed to break free from the hold of the strong tan hand on his wrists and as soon as he could, reached for the tent in the other's boxers.

"Kanda… Stop… I… you too" his voice came out roughly.

At those words, the long haired raven thought his own erection would explode. His gut was filling with the excitement and lust he'd tried to repress for so long. The pale hand that now rubbed against it and played with the band of his boxers once again made him halt his motions as he tried to keep himself from collapsing on his 'slave' lying under him. His mouth searched for Allen's so that the moans and curses – caused by the warm hand wrapping around his length - could be silenced by a passionate and sloppy kiss.

The Asian teenager felt the lust in his chest roar in delight as Allen clumsily stroked his cock, varying the speed of the strokes instinctually and making Kanda wonder if he really was as innocent as he'd thought.

After another few pumps, the Japanese samurai-lookalike thought the iron-hot knot in his belly would snap and carefully took away the soft hand wrapped around his dick.

"Allen… do you wanna go further? Haaa… I won't do anything if you're not ready, okay?" he mumbled, trying to calm down his nerved and control his breathing. As the simulation around his crotch had stopped, he could think a bit more clearly. The iron-hot ecstasy in his veins calmed down a bit whereas the need for more contact roared in his chest.

He felt the white mop of hair against his neck move, meaning that Allen had nodded. Blue eyes looked for silver pools that were determined to not flee and leave their crush high and dry tonight.

"Kanda, please." The velvety voice begged.

With that, said male sat up, went for the lube and condoms he'd kept in the drawer of his night stand – in case of you-never-know – and settled back between Allen's spread legs. The small bottle of lube opened up with a click and the thick liquid coming out coated the long index and middle finger.

Allen shivered at the contact of the cold gel against his entrance but tried hard not to shut his eyes as he wanted to see his handsome lover as much as possible. It comforted him in a way he couldn't explain. His heart beat faster and faster in anticipation as long fingers circled his pink hole. Just when the lube had warmed up, one of the fingers pushed through the first ring of muscle. Allen flinched and bit his tongue at the still foreign contact.

"Moyashi, try to relax. It's going to be okay… eventually." The raven reassured the lying male, eyes hidden by his ink coloured bangs.

He really wanted to look at the whitet's face but he knew that what he'd see would probably make him want to take the teen at once. Which he really couldn't have, since it was their first time. When he felt the other getting used to it, he thrust in his whole finger, guessing that that would be less enduring for both.

It earned him a surprised gasp and yet again warm, wet muscles clenched around his intruding digit. After thrusting in a few times, he added the second finger and moved them in a scissoring manner to loosen up the already moaning and shaking teen.

The long, wet fingers then left the hot entrance and moved to grab the small package containing the condom. Allen whined a bit at the lost feeling but sat up swiftly, taking the small unopened square from Kanda's grasp. He stared into the dark blue pools in front of him and whispered:

"Let me do it, please…Yuu,"

The slightly older male felt a shiver course through him at that. His throat clenched, making him gulp nervously a few times. How much he'd craved for hearing his given name slip through those sinfully delicious lips. He bent down to kiss the smaller teen and let him unwrap the condom. The heart in his muscled chest – formed by years of harsh training and discipline – skipped a beat at the sensation of those fingers and the cool lubricated latex against the sensitive tip of his erection. Allen rolled the condom over the rather impressive boner in his hands, just like they had been taught in Sexual Education Class. He suddenly felt very grateful for having been forced to go through the embarrassment of putting a condom on a banana in front of thirty other blushing students.

All the while, his long-haired crush looked up, eyebrows knitted and teeth clenched at the sensation. His long black hair was hanging around his shoulders, back and firm arms and formed some kind of pattern that made Allen's eyes discover the whole beauty of his partner.

When he was done with unrolling the latex over the handsome man's length, he went to lick the outstretched neck. At first, his licks and nips were shy but then he grew bolder as he started copying the wonderful things the sadistic Jerkanda had done to him a few moments ago. His hand started loosely stroking the arrogant male's dick before once again being slapped away by a much pleasured Yuu.

They went back to their original position, with Kanda lying between Allen's long, toned legs. One of his warm hands groped the British teenager's thigh, the thumb rubbing the skin in circular motions as the other hand grasped the base of his own arousal to lead it to the tight, virgin entrance it faced.

Both held in their breath as Kanda leaned forward and pressed the tip of his cock against Allen's hole. The older teen closed his eyes for a second before thrusting into the burning hot cave. Allen whined at the intrusion – which was way larger than two slim fingers – and tears prickled at the corners of his eyes. He felt like someone was ripping him apart as he felt the length push in further and further. He tried breathing slowly and relaxing to make it easier for both of them like his blue eyed lover had suggested before. He kind of managed to do so, and cracked an eye open to catch a glimpse of the usually scowling Japanese frowning and panting as he seemed to refrain from thrusting into him as hard and fast as he could. The Asian felt like he was going to orgasm just by moving a bit. The feeling was way better than he'd ever dared to imagine: The tight, hot and slick insides were hugging his length from everywhere, making the knot of pleasure in his gut tighten and tighten so hard he knew it would snap if he didn't focus.

He finally managed to pant out a "Are you alright, Allen?" with sweat drizzling down his forehead and chest, making the long strings of black hair paste against a shining tan skin that covered tense muscles. All his white haired, usually polite and smiling crush could get out was a nod followed by a moan.

"Yuu… it's okay. Go faster, please, you're killing me…" he moaned. Their gazes connected and made the dominant male bend down to engage in a long kiss with his moyashi. At the same time, he gripped the slim waist and started rocking back and forth slowly. The friction was driving both wild with desire and soon, as the pleasure built up in their chests, desperate moans, groans and curses filled the void air. The sounds grew louder as the tempo rose until Kanda was thrusting so hard into Allen's welcoming entrance that the other wasn't sure if his head was going to stay attached to his shoulders.

Bending the long pale legs and making them fold over his own large shoulders, Kanda thrust in deeper and per chance prodded a spot that made the warm muscles around him clench and Allen see stars. The younger teen started moaning louder again, asking for more as he digged his hands into the long black hair he'd admire secretly on a daily basis.

The object of his admiration felt that he was not going to be able to keep thrusting in for long as the orgasm built up in him, making his limbs and the blood in his veins prickle. So he randomly started pushing into Allen's hole with renewed vigor: His dominant male pride couldn't allow him to be come first.

However, thrusting into the welcoming warmth without really knowing what he'd done made it difficult to attend to Allen's recent demand. So he grabbed the submissive male's neglected length and pumped it while angling his own a bit differently with every push. After a few wrong – but still very effective – guesses, he finally found the bundle of nerves that made the younger man arch his back and moan out his name louder than before.

The male on the receiving end of the treatment couldn't think anymore: His brain had turned into mush and left place to white ecstasy and void in his head. His senses were overstimulated by the hand on his weeping erection and the large cock thrusting prodding that wonderful place in his body.

A gibberish flowed out of his mouth and he could do nothing to prevent it from leaving him as all he could think of was the handsome male in front of him and the burning pleasure coursing through his body.

Finally, after another couple of well-placed thrusts and strokes, he felt the building pleasure unleashing in his body, making him cry out in bliss as long white strips of semen covered his own stomach and chest.

Over him, Kanda was moaning and groaning too, the clenching and unclenching walls making it almost impossible for him to move. His arms, which supported him, were shaking as he let out shaky gasps.

He could see stars appear in his vision, as if they were decorating Allen's beautiful and pleasured body. The look of absolute heaven on the face of his long-term crush made him stop resisting the burning embrace of his own climax. He felt his balls tighten and cum shot out of his dick, but was caught by the condom he was wearing.

Completely exhausted and overwhelmed by the pleasure, he collapsed on Allen before pulling out – which engendered a last moan from both – and rolling on the side to lie next to the drowsy white-haired student. Blue eyes stared into silver ones, way softer than they'd ever been before peach lips kissed plump, red ones.

At last, silence reigned in the room, only disrupted by the sound of even breathing.


Lavi was worried. As in very worried. He had searched for him in every possible room, thinking he'd gotten lost in the dormitory for the umpteenth time. The redhead really had no clue where he could look for the white haired poker devil. He hadn't seen his best friend and roommate since the young innocent teen had been with Ka-…

"That's it!", he yelled to himself, snipping his fingers. He had no idea why he was doing that but he thought it looked kinda cool.

As the stupid genius ran down the halls, he went through the interrogatory he'd make Kanda go through. He'd wear black slacks, a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a tie. His green eyes would be half-hidden by black shades and he'd have a lollipop stuck between his clenched teeth – cigarettes are bad for your health, okay? - and direct a huge spotlight on his other 'best friend' Yuu, asking him where he'd been between eight and twelve o'clock last night. Then he'd trust some evidence in his perplexed face.

'Do you think it's a coincidence that one of the customers of the bakery you often go to once went to the same city as the victim, namely Rome? I don't think so… So you better tell me the truth, buddy.', he'd say.

He put his delirious scenario on halt as he arrived in front of the not welcoming door leading to the 'pretty' samurai-lookalike's room. His hand grabbed the knob and with a flick of his wrist, the door opened.

Lavi entered the room, loudly yelling:

"Oooooi, Yuu-chan, wake up! Have you seen A-…!"

His voice died in his throat as he took in the sight of a visibly very pissed off Kanda who was giving him the deathglare and a sleeping Allen peacefully lying next to him, his pale body barely covered by the blankets.

He gulped and slowly inched backwards to the exit.

'Looks like the interrogatory will have to be on another day.' He thought, sprinting down the halls.


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