A light dragging sound accompanied the moving of Ron's queen; three spaces to the left, check mate. Having played six games in a row, Ron winning five and Harry forefitting once, the focus required to play the game was lessening significantly; simply because Harry was getting bored. Usually Ron was chewing on his lip, biting his nails, or tapping his feet with focus; but Harry was becoming so predictable he couldn't bring himself to get excited for a challenge that he knew wouldn't come.

About the time Ron was going to suggest they do something else, something more entertaining, a slight hum greeted his eardrums in the kindest of ways. He paid attention to the melody, focusing on how incredibly alluring it was; after what felt like a lifetime of a soothing serenade, it would deviate; abruptly.

At several points during his absorption, noting the changes in tune along the way, he began to firmly believe that it was an enticingly diverse tune altogether; prior to its re-attachment to the original beat, that is. Ron found himself so remarkably caught up in the melody, as though he had been in a trance, that he missed Harry talking.

"-fun and all that, but I'm really, really tired." His head was down to his feet but he looked up with a small wince, as if he awaited a blow to the head; when Ron met his gaze, Harry looked back down to his feet like a reprimanded child.

"What?" Ron finally inquired cooly; no longer hearing the sweet, sweet melody he had quickly become addicted to.

With a sense of ambivalence and the stature of an anxious boy Harry continued, "I'm just tired. It's been like three hours, can't we do something else?" Still hesitant Harry shifted his feet uncomfortably.

Nodding slightly Ron kept an air of nonchalance, "Sure thing, mate, I'm gonna stay here. You can do something else though." Silence sank in once again and Ron squinted his eyes under the pretense of it helping him hear better. Harry felt any uncharacteristic fear flow out of his body; Ron was acting strangely.

He narrowed his eyes at his friend's peculiar behavior, but stood nonetheless. A few glances were tossed casually over his shoulder, expecting a glare or two but, once again, he received nothing of the sort. Shrugging his shoulder to himself, Harry pushed the portrait open; with one last fleeting glance he noted Ron was concentrating on something on the floor. Puzzled, Harry left the Gryffindor common room to go find something more entertaining.

Ron hadn't moved a muscle since Harry had left, hadn't even emit a single murmur. He wasn't sure why the melody had been so entrapping, he felt himself craving more of the unadulterated bliss it had brought him. After what felt like an eternity, he heard something, a faint whisper almost. His jaw clenched in focus, he had to hear it again; just as he was about to lose all hope, he heard it.

It was faint, but growing louder. Leaning back in his chair he linked his hands together behind his head, ready to get comfortable; he could listen to this forever. Unanticipated, the serenade faltered; followed by a small, feminine gasp.

Ron sat up quickly and let his eyes drift across the room; must have been a beautiful voice, because he had been in one hell of a trance. Or maybe, it was a spell...

His eyes stil roaming, they met a shocked, and embarrassed, yet beautiful pair. He furrowed his brow and bit his bottom lip in confusion; "Hermoine?" He questioned, challenging the reality before his eyes.

"I thought you had left with Harry." She whispered.

Ron felt his head shaking of it's own accord; She sure is a sweet melody.