Chuck bit his lip as he watched the two hunters fuck. Dean was beautiful, gasping and moaning beneath the expert thrusts of the younger man.

For a long time, he had fought the visions but now he welcomed them, happy when he felt one coming on. They always started with a sudden wave of intense desire, followed by an equally abrupt erection. Now they were the only things capable of arousing him, but the Winchesters kept them coming as they fucked with the frequency of bunnies.

Chuck stroked himself furiously, loving Sam's huge length as it slammed in and out of the blond. He felt himself slipping into Dean's position, gasping as he felt Sam drive into his prostate over and over.

Chuck and Dean came together, both of them crying out Sam's name as their clenching channel pushing the larger hunter over the edge. It felt amazing as he filled them with his hot come but Chuck could feel the tug, knew his vision was ending.

As the brothers collapsed together, they faded from his mind and he came back to himself. He was covered in his own spunk, breathing heavy and feeling spent. With a soft grin, he closed his eyes and soon drifted to sleep.