Title: Yes, my Lord

Rating: T

Warnings: I guess, you could say, a Multi-personality!Harry! Um, past!Abused!Harry, and I guess a little OOC? Can't really tell.

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Summary: He was used to being ordered around. Without orders, he felt lost. Being in a new place, he felt the pull to safety. Even if safety was in the arms of the Devil and the feet of a young lord looking for revenge, Harry never felt safer.


He was used to being ordered around. It was a part of his life. Ever since he was left at his remaining family's house, he was ordered to be shut up and to stand to the side. He grew up obeying orders or punishments will be dealt. It was a part of his life. He knew, every time he left for school, he would return and he would be punished. It was the only normal part of his life. His friends were part of the dream he lived for 10, maybe 11 months of the year. But it was the return to reality that stabled his mind. It was the return to the house of his childhood, to a family who showed him exactly how they felt about him. It was the only truthful place he knew. Hogwarts was a dream. Number 4 Private Drive was reality.

Harry Potter knew he was a freak. He grew up with the label, grew up with the name. He thought it was his name until his first day in primary school. He was a freak, even in the wizarding world. After all, just how many babies managed to survive the killing curse when they were one? How many people managed to receive a prophecy before they were born to bring down the Dark Lord? He knew he was a freak, deep within his mind. He had occulemcy walls. His walls were the projection of Harry James Potter, Just Harry's thoughts and life, not the life of Harry Potter, the freak. The Freak's thoughts were hidden deep within his mind, never to be seen by the wizarding world. Because they didn't need the Freak, they needed the Boy-Who-Lived.

During the final battle, he had wanted to die. Yet, he couldn't even die correctly. Instead of passing into the beyond, into the abyss of nothing, he had to end up in the white King Cross Station. He had to be different, no matter where he went. He heard the cries of the deformed child under a bench but he ignored it. A rule he was told by his Aunt, never do things that will draw attention to him. The Dursley could do whatever they want, draw as much good attention to themselves as they can. The Freak, however, had to stay in the shadows, ignore anything that will stain the reputation of his cousin and his parents. He looked up at the entity that was Dumbledore.

"Harry." With the same voice as his previous headmaster, the spirit guided Harry away from the crying babe.

Harry stared into the entity that was staring back with wizened eyes. "Why am I here?" His voice, soft but firm. He needed to know why he was in this form of Purgatory. Will he be judged for the deeds he accomplished in his years in Hogwarts? Will he be punished for the sins he committed in the past? Will he be able to move on?

The spirit appeared relaxed and calm. He stroked his beard and asked, "Ah, and where is here, my boy?"

The feeling of being stalled annoyed the boy. He answered curtly, "King Cross Station, why am I at King's Cross? Voldemort hit me with the Killing Curse. I should be dead." Logic states that he should be dead. Fate decreed that he will continue to suffer for being the Freak he was.

"Ah, but I believe not, Harry." Dumbledore's double explained how the Hallows came to be, how Harry was the unexpected seventh Horcrux, and how the Hallows came to be.

"That doesn't explain why we're at King's Cross, sir. Why are we at a train station of all places?" Boney shoulders slouched as the weight of recent events crashed down onto the boy. He had fought a war within the course of less than a year. His life was built up to becoming a living weapon. Yet, all he wanted was to be told what he had to do to stop fighting. All he needed was orders, the request, or the dream.

"This is your vision, Harry. I imagine it is here, where you could take a train… on." Harry's head slowly rise up. He could move on? He could leave this life, leave behind the dream, and accept the reality that he was dead? The Boy-who-Lived was angry, to even think of the possibility to leave his friends, his family, behind. The Freak was ecstatic, he could finally do something that was not freakish for once, moving on. The method was a little odd, but he did not mind as long as he could move on.

Within his mind and soul, two sides fought for dominance over one body. One wanted to go back, to end the bloodbath. The other wanted to leave the bloodbath into the hands of others. He wanted to leave this world and not look back. The Hero asked for the final fight, for the death of Voldemort to be his final gift to move on. Freak was hesitant; he knew the Hero was like him. The Hero needed the dream of a brighter future and the wishes for life to be the Hero. He had more backing than the Freak did. One last fight and he would follow the Dark Lord to the death.

With a tiredness that only the dead would understand, Harry was alive and in the middle of the final battle once more.

His trap for the man, who caused him to be who he was today, was a success. His final face off with the man was to begin. The Hero needed Voldemort to die. He was created to kill the Dark Lord. Freak added his power, his hatred for the man to the Hero's power. Combined, the explosion resulting from the joint spell off between two powerful wizards was enough to blow many combatants into the ruins of Hogwarts. In the middle of the explosion, Voldemort swore with his dying breath, he saw the most ecstatic smile on Harry's face.


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