Title: Yes, my Lord

Summary: [Freak wants out.]

Warnings: Foretelling of the future.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Kuroshitsuji.


Legend for when the personas are talking:

This is when Jay's talking.

This is when Ariel's talking.

This is when Raguel's talking.

This is when Michael's talking.

This is when Freak's talking.


Jay didn't stay for the show, no, he rushed back to his tent. His body, mind, and magic were still high-strung from the overload of power earlier. His heart was pounding in his chest, loud enough for him to feel throughout his body. It was intoxicating and Jay wanted more. He wanted so much more. The mere brush of power over his body, shivers danced over his body and through his soul. He dropped onto his bed and dozed off as his mind entered into the hub of their mind.

Out of all the alters, only Jay remained somewhat aware of the world. Ariel was cursing up a storm in his corner. The red flush on his face could either be from his anger or from the power surge earlier. Raguel sat in a daze, drunk off the dark sensation of power over him. Michael twitched. He never twitched before, even when Ariel's sailor mouth spewed the worst of things to say, he didn't twitch. Even when Freak did something surprising or frightening, he never felt the need to twitch. He was the one alter everyone depended on, he had the most control over himself. To see the one alter being affected by the powerful being, Jay wondered about the one alter most unhinged. Jay glanced over to Freak and stared.

Freak was jumping with joy. He was smiling, a manic, disturbing smile. Suddenly he turned towards Jay, saw that he was still awake and aware, and disappeared only to reappear an inch away from the other alter. The manic smile grew wider, until it stretched from one side to the other.

[Jay. Jay. Jay. Jay.] Freak's voice, childish and light, continued to repeat Jay's name. Each time jumping up and down, hands gripping Jay's collar. Jay didn't remember the last time Freak was so active. This was the first time Jay has ever seen the unhinged alter acting more manic than ever before.

[Yes, Freak?] Jay swallowed what little liquid in his mouth. The air turned heavy, different from the black man earlier. This was a suffocating type of air, condensed power, thick enough, it was hard for him to breathe.

[He's here, Jay. He's here.] The heavy feeling became overpowering. Jay heard several thuds around them but it was hard to hear when all he could hear was the blood rushing through his veins. Besides Freak's voice, it was the beats of his heart, the ringing in his ears, and the soft sound of his knees hitting the floor.

[Yes, Freak. We know he's here.] He couldn't say more but the air lightened. Freak freed the alter from his steel like grip and jumped around in a circle. He clapped his hands, squealing in glee. Jay fell back onto his feet, just sat there, and watched with scared eyes. He forgotten. Jay forgot the one thing all the alters knew instinctively. Freak wasn't just the first alter. He was the strongest out of them all. He was the most powerful, stronger than Michael, stronger than Raguel, stronger than Ariel.

[He's here. He's here.]

[What do you want to do now that he's here, Freak?] What else could he ask? Michael might be the leader, but if Freak wanted something, even the other alter would try to fulfill his wish. Freak never asked for much, he only wanted a few things. When he wanted something, if he wanted it bad enough, he will get it eventually.

[What do you mean 'what do you want to do now'!? We're getting the hell out of him, away from that guy!] Ariel yelled out from his corner. He didn't bother moving from his place. His voice was loud and raspy from overuse. He didn't like the way that monster made him feel. The hot feeling of dark enticing power surrounded him, filled his body with heat and want. He wanted to kneel before the man and that was something Ariel will never do for anyone, man or woman.

[NO! We are not getting the hell away from him. We are waiting FOR him.] One minute he was in front of Jay, jumping around happily. The next minute, Ariel was held against the wall, Freak's hands surrounding his throat. The insane smile was gone, a glare and snarl replaced the look. The heavy air returned with vengeance, only focused on Ariel. Ariel struggled but he knew he was powerless against the other alter. He closed his eyes and focused on breathing as much as he can through the air and through the tightening grip of the insane alter.

[Freak, he's what we have waited for?] Michael asked quietly. He watched as the steel like grip stopped tightening. Furious eyes focused their attention onto the only alter who might have a chance against him. The furious light slowly slipped away as his arms dropped down to his side. The earlier joyful insane light returned back into his eyes. He bobbed his head, up and down.

[Freak knows, Freak knows. He's it.]

[Say we were waiting for him. Say he is it. What are we going to do now?] Raguel asked as he shook off the warm drunk feeling of power. His face blushed lightly when he remembered the caressing feel the power had over him. It felt intimate, the teasing touch of a lover.

[He's it. He's it.] Freak fell back into his trance-like mindset. He bopped side to side, completely happy with the fact the man in black was 'it'. Whatever it was, Freak was ecstatic.

[Should I start packing then?] Jay casually broke the silence, ignoring Freak of course. The others gave it some thought, most agreeing with the notion. It was better to pack now, instead of rushing when it was time to run. Run to where, whether it was to the man or elsewhere, it was better to prepare for the worst then prepare for the best.

[Jeremiah, I believe someone is trying to get your attention in the real world.] Michael was the only one who called Jay his full name anymore. No one called him by his full name, not even Raguel, and he was the polite one out of the five of them. Jay looked over to the other alter and tilted his head to the side a bit, paying some type of attention to the real world. A slight shaking and noise made itself heard in the chamber and a look of surprise crossed his face.

[Huh? Oh, I guess someone is. I better go.] Jay moved slightly away from the rest and started to fade out when someone called out to him.


[Yes, Freak?] Jay warily asked. Rarely did Freak ever call him Jayjay. It was a name only Freak ever called him. Even Ariel, sarcastic berk he might be, never used the name to tease him. Only Freak used that name and if he wanted to keep that name for himself to use, then no alter would take it from him.

[Freak wants to go out.]

[What? You sure?] All alters blinked. Rarely did Freak want to go out. He was often forced out for a bit, if only for the others to rest. Ariel usually did the pushing, he felt it was hilarious how the carnies didn't know how to react to Freak when he was out. However, when Freak wants to go out on his own free will, all should be wary of what he might do. For he was the strongest in power, he was, oddly enough, the strongest in mental control as well. When he is in control of the main host, no alter had the power to take over until he was ready to return back to the hub. If all alters tried to usurp him, there might be a chance they would succeed, however it will take a large amount of energy to force him back.

Freak slowly allowed a smile to form on his face. The slow upturn of the corners, the closed lips, the lowering of his eyelids, and the sinister look in his eyes, it was too much. [Freak wants out.]

And what he wants, he will get.


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