Title: Second Love is Best
Author: sarhea
Fandom: Naruto
Categories: AU, AR, gen, het, friendship, romance, genderbender, gender swap
Characters/Pairing: fem!Naruto/Itachi, Tsunade, Uchiha clan, Rookie Nine
Summary: AU, set in Modern day Japan. Narumi's first romantic relationship with an Uchiha didn't last or end well, but the second one did, exceeding all her expectations.
Rated: PG13 mostly, except where indicated R
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, Itachi or any of the characters in this fic, I'm simply playing with them. Narutoverse is owned/created by Masashi Kishimoto.
Status: Complete

Summary: The collapse of a high school relationship.

AN: AU. The Narutoverse characters are students in a modern day high school.

AN: Minor edits Dec 26, 2011


~ooO Partings Ooo~

Narumi stared at the handsome black-haired teen, his voice coming from a great distance away. She loved him and she had believed that he loved her as well. She was wrong.

"I'm sorry Narumi, but we aren't working as a couple. I thought you could change and fit in but you don't; you are too old-fashioned and you don't understand what it is like to be my girlfriend, to live in My world."

She could not speak. She simply stared at Uchiha Sasuke. She had not liked him at first, believing him to be a rich pretty boy, but her opinion changed and softened over the months she went to Konoha Prep. Enough that she had agreed to go out on regular dates with him. The other girls had cursed and hated her but Narumi had ignored their vitriol. She wished she hadn't.

Her voice was slightly rusty as she spoke. "Then why did you ever want to go out with me Sasuke? You knew from the beginning that I'm an orphan and a scholarship student."

Sasuke shrugged. "You were more interesting than the other girls who chase me." Then he smirked. "But it was a drag being with you, you are so uptight and old fashioned with your feudal era mentality."

Narumi blinked back tears refusing to let him see her cry. Her voice was colder than the voids of space. "Very well Uchiha-san." She removed the class ring he had given her, a symbol of their status as a couple, and tossed it straight in his face. "Consider us as mere acquaintances."

Sasuke fumbled but managed to catch the heavy ring before it fell to the tiled floor. A slight pang stabbed his conscience as he watched the petite blonde girl walk away from him clad in the traditional green-pleated skirt and white sailor-collar blouse of a Konoha Prep female students uniform.

"Sasuke-kun! Do you know there is a special Students Council Meeting after school today?" Haruno Sakura squealed upon seeing the class ring that Sasuke always gave to his current girlfriend. That meant he had gotten rid of the Uzumaki-bitch! "Is that for me?" She asked in artistically hesitant tones.

Sasuke glared at his pink-haired classmate and stuffed the jewelry in his pants pocket. "No. Tell Neji I'll be there."


A loud crash of a door slamming filled the apartment. Senju Tsunade looked up sharply from the copies of medical journals strewn all over the kitchen table. It would make more sense to do her reading in her study but the kitchen was more soothing to her nerves.

Concern hardened into worry when Tsunade saw her ward, her foster daughter stumble into the kitchen dropping her backpack without any care. The blonde hair was slightly knotted, blue eyes were bloodshot and the skin around them were swollen as though she had been crying very hard.

"Narumi-chan? What happened?"

"Sasuke broke up with me."

Maternal instincts surged to life. Tsunade got up and hurried over to hug the one who was the closest thing she had to a daughter.

"There there Narumi-chan!" The older woman murmured soothingly. "Are you sure it wasn't just a spat? I know Dan and I used to break-up and make-up on a regular basis when we were teenagers."

Narumi shook her head. "No Kaa-san. Sasuke was very calm and logical. I did not even suspect he felt like this. He just said that we weren't working, that I would never fit into his world because I was a no-name orphan." She choked on a sob. "That I was too old-fashioned! He said I was a drag; just because I didn't want to go all the way with him!"

Anger against the blood-proud snobby Uchiha scion filled Tsunade. Tenryu and his son Fugaku were snobs. It looked like the grand-son Sasuke was cut from the same mould.

Tsunade hesitated. "Do you want to show Sasuke otherwise? You can accompany me to one of my social events and stick your thumb up his nose."

Narumi blew her nose on a tissue and shook her head. "No Kaa-san. If Sasuke cannot accept me as I am he doesn't deserve me. It is best I found out what he truly holds important now than later, after giving more of myself to him."

Tsunade nodded slowly. Narumi was the friendly sort but she never gave any lee-way to wealth/class bigots. Those who held such beliefs were given the short-shaft and cut out of her life. Understandable given how her mother was treated.

"What do you want to do?"

The teenager rubbed the last of her tears away. "I want to transfer out of Konoha Prep. I don't care how academically renowned it is. I don't want to spend my remaining years in high school being miserable."

Tsunade bit back the protest on the tip of her tongue. She herself had graduated from Konoha Prep and she had hoped her children would be alumni as she was. She never had any children and Narumi was the closest thing she had to an heir. But Narumi had the right to choose.

"All right. I'll talk to Sarutobi-sensei about having you transferred out. Any preferences?"

"Any public school with a good arts or business program would be okay with me."

"Do some research and give me a short list."

"I have a list." Narumi hesitated. "They were my choices before you made arrangements for me to attend Konoha Prep."


Uchiha Sasuke frowned as he made his way down the busy hallways of Konoha Prep. The History teacher, Umino Iruka, had been unusually quiet that day without his usual lively attitude. Then something hit him, it was too quiet, someone was missing.

Black eyes narrowed before falling on the blithe face of Hatake Kakashi, the Literature teacher. He couldn't really be called a teacher. Most of the students just goofed off in his class. Secretly Sasuke believed the only reason why Hatake-sensei was hired was because he was an alumni and an award-winning poet.



Kakashi blinked as he stopped and turned and caught sight of one of his students. Sasuke was not the sort to approach teachers unless he needed help or information. Question was why was Sasuke approaching Him for information? Kakashi could not think of any reason why Sasuke would need help in Literature since he was already an A-plus student. He did not let any of these thoughts show on his face as he smiled and waited for Sasuke to catch up to him.

"Is something wrong Sasuke?"

Black eyes bored into him before the Uchiha made his move.

"Where is Narumi?"

Ahh. Sasuke-chan was missing his ex-girlfriend. Kakashi had heard of the break-up from an irate protective Iruka in the staff lounge. Of course given Narumis lineage and guardian the staff gossip could not be stilled. Sarutobi had accepted that provided private personal information was not leaked to the students.

Kakashi eyed his student. Sasuke was not going to let this go. He would dig and dig; like a dog after a forgotten bone. Perhaps a tidbit of meat to head him off…

"Uzumaki Narumis guardian requested a transfer out of Konoha Prep." Kakashi answered in mild tones. "Despite it being late in the term she was granted it."

Sasuke stilled. "When?"

"A week ago."

Just days after the break-up. Kakashi had laughed, hearing Sasukes reasons for breaking up with Narumi. A no-clan orphan who wouldn't fit in with high society? If only the boy knew the truth of Narumis lineage. But very few did.

"Wouldn't something like a late transfer need to be approved by the Principal and District Superintendents?"

"Usually. But Narumi is an exceptional student. She will not have any difficulty adjusting or catching up whichever school she transfers to."

"Do you know which school she transferred to?"

Ah. The reason why Sasuke was talking to him. "No. But even if I did I will not tell you. Neither will any teacher who knows." Feeling a bit compassionate Kakashi continued. "If you wish find out I suggest contacting her directly."

Sasuke stared at his feet. His response was mumbled. "I tried. Her cell phone is out of service."

Kakashi blinked. "Have you tried talking to Hinata? I thought they were pretty close."

Sasuke shrugged. "Hinata doesn't have her new number either. Her e-mail is still valid but she just ignores my messages."

Kakashi nodded slowly. "She doesn't want to have any contact with you. I suggest you respect her wishes."

Sasuke scowled and stalked away. Kakashi watched the teen and sighed.

"He will regret what he did." Kakashi looked down at the speaker, Umino Iruka. The usually gentle History teachers face was hard and filled with a vindictive satisfaction. "He will find out one day what a treasure he discarded and he will regret his actions."

Kakashi shrugged. "True. When he does he will have to endure the reality."

Iruka softened and sagged. "Now I understand perfectly why Tsunade-sama insisted on keeping the details of Narumi-chans past confidential. I know teenagers are fickle but what Sasuke did…!" Iruka shook his head sadly. "Narumi is a gentle girl. She would have been happy just being friends. He was the one who pushed to change their relationship. And then he dropped her after just a few months!"

Kakashi couldn't resist the urge to defend his student. "Sasuke is a teenage boy. They think with their gonads and hormones, not their brains."

Iruka laughed then sobered. "I just hope Narumi doesn't become defensive and deny any boys who might be interested in her. She deserves to have her own family."

"Tsunade-sama will look after her. Besides she isn't the first teenage girl to be burnt by her first love-interest. She'll find someone else."




AN: Kakashi is always reading Icha Icha so… he teaches Literature. Iruka is always trying to drill the rules and the basics into Academy students so he's teaching history.