We're Too Old To Play With Dolls

One day, mysterious packages are all delivered, each boy receiving an (historical) American Girl doll, and a letter prompting it's the 'beginning of a wonderful journey to find true love'. The letter informs them that a special 'scavenger hunt' has been set up at the local 'American Girl Place's, each city coincidentally a stop on their 'Music Sounds Better With U' tour. One by one, secret admirers join the boys as the tour moves from city to city. But what the boys haven't realized, is that by following your dreams and believing that you can do whatever you put your mind to, is when true inner beauty shines and stars are born.

Winners: (Congratulations!)

James Isaac Diamond33's Jared David Armstrong as rival #1

BTRFanatic2009's Nathan Joseph Diamond as rival #2, James' older brother

MissH20's Andrew Micheal Parks as rival #3

ClassyClarissa's Kazariah Chance Mitchell as Logan's sister

VictoriaRhude's Juliet Alison Ryan as Kendall's admirer

Fan of BTR's James' Krystyna Louisa Mitchell as Carlos' admirer

Franticfannatic's Abigail Ruth Williams as Logan's Admirer

And my OC, Riley Marie Schaefer as James' admirer

(Winners, if you'd like to work on this with me, PM me for details.)