I do not own the Baby-Sitters Club, Ann M. Martin does.

I was in my room writing up a book report on The Perfect Man that would be due the following Monday. Today was Thursday. I had just finished the rest of my homework.

I'm Kristin Amanda Thomas, but my friends and family call me Kristy for short. I'm 13 years old and an eighth grader at Stoneybrook Middle School here in Stoneybrook, Connecticut. I grew up on Bradford Court with my mother and three brothers, Charlie, Sam, and David Michael. My parents got divorced when David Michael was very small. I'd always felt hurt and confused over what had happened even though I couldn't really understand it.

A short while ago, Mom married a millionaire, my richest stepdad, Watson Brewer. He owns a mansion across town. So now, I have two stepsiblings, Karen and Andrew. Then, we adopted two-year-old Emily Michelle and soon after that, Nannie moved in with us to help out. Plus, we have a few pets.

Before all this, I grew up next door to my best friend, Mary Anne Spier. Her mom died a long time ago, when Mary Anne was just a baby. Her grandparents raised her for a while until Mr. Spier was ready to take her back when she was 18 months. He used to be very strict, but he's loosened up a bit since then.

Mary Anne has a stepsister, Dawn Schafer. Here's the funny part: Dawn's mom, Sharon, was actually Mr. Spier's old high school girlfriend. Dawn came from California. Her younger brother, Jeff, used to live here but left to go back to be with his father. Mary Anne and Dawn were already best friends before they became sisters, though I was kind of jealous of Dawn in the beginning.

I was halfway through the report when the door knocked and Mom came in and said, "I need someone to baby-sit for Karen and Andrew on Saturday."

"I'd like to do it, but I still had to do my book report," I said apologizing to her. "However, I can to check with the other club members and let you tomorrow."

"Okay," said Mom. "Thank you, sweetie. Charlie and Sam would be at a party, Nannie is taking Emily Michelle to the movies, and Watson and I are going to be out for the afternoon and won't be back until a bit later. David Michael is going to be at Lenny's for a sleepover, so you won't have him either."

"Mary Anne's going to be calling me tonight, so I can ask her to take over. I can see if she can sleep over as well," I said.

"That's a good idea," agreed Mom.

"I'll see if she can take them to the park so I can do the report peacefully," I added.

I went back to reading after she left my room when the phone rang and I picked up.

"Hello," I said.

"Kristy?" asked Mary Anne.

"Hi, Mary Anne, what's up?" I asked.

"Nothing much, I'm just making a handmade tie for my dad," answered Mary Anne.

"That's cool," I said.

"Yeah, I'm almost done," said Mary Anne.

"Are you free on Saturday?" I asked.

"I should be free. Why?" asked Mary Anne.

I told her what's going on that day and asked her if she can take over so I can continue the book report.

"I can take over," said Mary Anne.

"Do you want to stay overnight as well?" I asked.

"I'll check with my father later and let you know tomorrow. He isn't home. He has a meeting until nine," said Mary Anne.

"Okay, not a problem," I said.

After we chatted for a bit longer, I went back to my book report.